9 Crazy Awesome Bold and Courageous Blog Posts 2014

You can make 2015 the year to live your bold and courageous life. These popular posts will guide you to take action in spite of your fear.

Let’s be  the self-confident and fearless people we know that we are deep down!

It’s time we own our magnificence and soar!

33 Ways Successful People Overcome Fear & Live A Bold Life

It’s time to think and do something different, deep down bold and courageously, different. When life stops working for you, it’s the perfect opportunity to grow forward, one small step at a time.

Create a plan that you’ll stick to, no matter what. A plan that will rock your world, open your heart and place you on a daring adventure for your one crazy and wild life.

How To Triumph Over Fear

You have access to more opportunities and you have time to do what matters the most.

When you are willing to face and embrace fear, breakthroughs happen. You notice unlimited good. You keep going even when things become difficult. You become willing to live with uncertainty. You own your brilliance and greatness. Your opportunities and abundance expand.

Overcoming Your Fear Using Boldness and Courage

Life is like a puzzle. All the pieces fit gloriously together and create one amazing picture. When you pull back from doing your part, a piece of the puzzle is missing.

If you don’t embrace fear and commit to action, the puzzle will never be complete. You’ll drown in self-pity, envy and boredom. You’ll die a slow death, unable to breathe.

You become the living dead.

Southwest Quest: How Bold People Live Through Fear

When you’re paralyzed by fear it’s easy to come up with reasons about why you shouldn’t do things or why a good idea can’t possibly work out. You get in the habit of betting against yourself and betting against your dreams.

If you don’t learn how to stop your negative self-talk, you can quickly cheat yourself out of a beautiful and adventurous life.

Life Is Good: Mantra To Live By

Live gives us what we expect it to. I can live in fear and experience more fear or I can expect the best and get what’s best for me. Life can be that easy, if we allow it to be.

If you want a good life, create one. It’s yours for the taking. Nobody is stopping you but you.

10 Practical Tips To Quickly Build Self Confidence

Living in your comfort zone for too long will make life dull and keep you in a rut. Taking a risk in spite of your fear will keep you on your toes. You’ll improve, grow and feel more alive.

The best thing that you can do to overcome your self-doubts is to take persistent action. It’s the quickest way to build self-confidence. 

11 Ways to Handle Naysayer, Non-believers and Doubters

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Whatever you do, you need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there will always be someone to tell you that you are wrong.”

When you choose an uncommon path you’ll push the buttons of people who won’t step outside of conformity and who want to stay stuck in mediocrity. They don’t question, they condemn.

Some non-supportive people lack joy, love, passion and meaning in their lives. Free spirits push their buttons.

You Must Strengthen Your Courage Muscles And Build Confidence

Courage and fear are choices. They begin with your thoughts and beliefs. Be aware of what you think and what you believe about yourself and the world.

If you want to be confident, think confidently about yourself. If you want to feel confident do things that scare you.

With Unstoppable Courage Create Your Bold New Year

How do you see yourself in the future? What vision are you holding for the bold New Year? What if you did have unstoppable courage?

You have the power to see yourself in a beautiful light. You have the power to design and create the bold life that you deserve!

This year what I want for you is unstoppable courage!

Please help me create a more courageous world by sharing this post on your favorite social media! Happy 2015! We’re going to do bold things! Tess xo

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