7 Super Easy Steps To Create An Easy Breezy Successful Life

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Modern life expects all of us to be efficient and hard-working all the time. No time for your own family or hobbies. For example, students, who usually must think not only about education, but about their jobs as well, must find resources to create elite writing.

Yesterday, I observed a family of nine at the beach enjoying a birthday celebration. It was an easy breezy kind of day.

It was a simple outdoor picnic at the Atlantic Ocean. They enjoyed plenty of sunshine and swimming under heavenly blue skies.

As the day ended, we watched as they all piled into one small car to leave Sombrero Beach. There were three adults in the back seat and each one placed a child on their lap.

Next, the mother climbed in the front seat and a smaller child sat down on the floor between her legs as the father drove away. They sped off without any crying from the children or complaining from the adults.

This is proof that no matter what your circumstances, you can live an easy breezy life and be happy.

Coming from a family of ten it brought back a lot of memories. My siblings and I used to pile into our 1957 Chevy when we rode from the farm to church together. We sat on each other’s laps for the 45-minute drive.

On the farm, my siblings and I spent our days working from sun up to sun down.
When we weren’t in the fields, we were at the Farmer’s Market selling our fruits and vegetables.

Difficult childhood!

And easy breezy as well.

Our lives were far from perfect, yet we learned how to be happy and have fun. We made forts in the woods and dressed the barn cats in our dolls’ clothes.

There were two ponds on our 88-acre produce farm. The ponds were used to irrigate the crops, but we used them for swimming in the summer months and ice-skating in the winter, as well.

Ease doesn’t always come from external things. Ease also comes from within.
Life is what we make it.

We’ve all heard this before. The problem is that too often we forget.

Give yourself permission to have fun

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. You decide how much you laugh and how often you play throughout your day. You decide how to make it, light and easy or intense and difficult. Each day ask yourself, “How can I enjoy today?” “What can I do to feel good?”

Live in the light

Let go of worry. When you find yourself in a dark place, do what it takes to flip the switch. Do what you can in any given situation and let the rest go. Remind yourself that 85% of what you worry about never happens. Put yourself in the present moment and move on!

Share what you have with others

My sisters and I shared beds, clothes, boots and shoes. We shared food, friends and toys. Share your time, talent and money. When you learn to share, you double your joy. Be a generous person. Live an abundant life.

Live simply

Take control of your finances. Get out of debt. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. Shop for clothing at yard sales or second hand stores. You can do this one choice at a time. Get a roommate. Eat out less or not at all. Choice by choice you can make your life easier.

Let go of anything that brings you down

End toxic relationships. Change a bad habit. Quit an addiction. Stop eating junk food. De-tech your free time. Spend time alone and reflect on the changes you need to make.


Contact a coach, therapist or support group. If you’re online, you have more help available than ever before. There are numerous places to get help that are completely free. Get over yourself and connect to the people who can take you forward.

Stop making excuses and move on

You have only one life to live. Drop your excuses.  Begin to create your easy breezy life today. Choose a life of happiness and joy. Help others do the same. It’s what we’re here for!

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