Amber landscapes: beauty and subtleties of production

Amber is a natural material that is used to make various products, including landscape paintings. These works of art have a unique beauty and can be a sophisticated decoration of any interior. Amber landscape paintings are unique and unique works of art that amaze me with their beauty and originality. In this article, we will consider the history and features of amber paintings, as well as find out how artists create such beautiful and realistic landscapes with the help of this material... [Read more]

100 Essay Topics for Literature Students to Ace Their Assignments

Are you struggling to find the perfect essay topic for your literature assignment? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide offers 100 essay topics in a range of categories, including Genre Studies, Literary Criticism and Theory, Author Studies, Comparative Literature, Literary History, Literary Form and Style, Literary Themes and Motifs, Adaptation Studies, Children's and Young Adult Literature, and Popular Literature.[Read more]

How to Take Care of Your Amber Rosary Beads: Secrets to Longevity and Beauty

Amber rosary beads are not just beautiful religious artifacts; they are also cherished heirlooms that hold deep spiritual significance for many people. Whether you wear them daily for prayer or keep them as a symbol of faith, taking proper care of your amber rosary beads is essential to maintain their beauty and longevity. [Read more]


Baginskiy’s Philosophy: From Fashion for Everyone to Conceptual Art Hats

Ruslan Baginskiy is a well-known designer of hats from Ukraine. He smoothly combines traditions of his motherland, the recurring stand-out features of conventional hat fashion, and his unique creative approaches that would resonate with both casual lifestyle and extravagant show-offs... [Read more]


A Bold Move + A Bold Farewell

a bold move + a bold farewell

For the past eight years, since moving from Michigan to Arizona, I’ve had the opportunity to create, write for, and coach amazing, brave readers, clients and friends from all over the world. I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to go in, both on- and offline, for months now. That direction might surprise you. ... [Read more]


Moving to Alicante, Spain - Things you need to know

Moving to Alicante, Spain - Things you need to know

According to recent stats, the number of expats living in Spain is around 5.6 million. Still, that figure is going to increase given the warm climate, laid-back lifestyle, and all the opportunities that Spain can offer after the coronavirus pandemic. Generally, now Spain looks an appealing and attractive destination and place for living... [Read more]


Amber and silver

In ancient times, amber was well-known as the material used for the manufacture of various decorations. Currently, the oldest processed amber was found in Germany, according to the approximate data processed he was 30 000 years ago... [Read more]


7 Things You Need To Know For A Fearless Future

A Fearless Future

Fear is future-oriented. It’s imagining what could go wrong but hasn’t gone wrong yet. Fear is hiding under self-judgment, comparison and envy. Fear holds you in a pattern of self-doubt. Fear is running a mental movie of the worst-case scenario repeatedly in your mind. What kind of movie do you play? Is it a horror movie? ... [Read more]


How to Conquer Your Fear of Change

how to conquer your fear of change

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. – Elizabeth Appell I have felt this pain, this fear, a number of times in my life. When the fear of leaving a “good job” was overcome by my need to find out what ... [Read more]


Beat Anxiety And Depression By Changing Your Brain

Debbie Hampton recovered from decades of unhealthy thinking and depression, a suicide attempt, and resulting brain injury to become an inspirational and educational writer on brain, emotional, and mental health. Enjoy our interview! Debbie, what part has fear played in your life? Fear was the predominant guiding force in my life for four decades. I’ve ... [Read more]


Byron Katie end all suffering

End your suffering with Byron Katie Byron Katie, speaker and author teaches a method of self-inquiry known as “The Work.” The Work is a way of identifying and questioning any stressful thought. It consists of four questions and a turnaround. The four questions are: 1) Is it true? 2) Can you absolutely know that it’s true? ... [Read more]


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