7 Strategies to Suck The Marrow Out Of Life

It’s easy to feel like your good life is lacking in every area when you dwell on the visions of the false reality portrayed on social media and television.

The downfall happens when your mind becomes obsessed with all of the fame, money, hype and glamour that you think you need, but don’t have. You become paralyzed by fear, worry and anxiety.

The downfall happens when you become stuck in feelings of lack and loneliness and believe that you have failed greatly.

The downfall happens when you believe in this faux reality and you begin to see yourself and your life as small, unimportant and meaningless.

Don’t be fooled! Memorize the Anasasi quote, “No matter what you think, you have no idea what is really going on.”

What you see on social media and TV isn’t the entire picture: it’s a snapshot of the best moments of one day. It’s not real life!

Life isn’t perfect

It never was and it never will be.

There will always be cars that break down, jobs that are lost and relationships that come to an end.

There will always feelings that get hurt, emotions that get stuffed and many necessary losses.

There will always be small children that get sick, people who die unexpectedly and unpreventable tragedy that is part of life on earth.

Don’t dwell on the negative, below are seven strategies to suck the marrow out of life:

Stop obsessing on what is missing from your life

In every second, you have the opportunity to change your perception. When your world seems lacking, focus on and appreciate the gifts within you and the blessings that surround you.

When you fall back, bring yourself to the present moment and choose a positive state of mind and an energy of positivity, wonder and joy. Practice this often.

Begin where you are

Use your gifts, talent, energy and time to make a meaningful difference in your day and our world. Every positive action you take matters. Every small move counts. Have fun!
Acknowledge what’s right in your world.

Every day, you have the opportunity to live with passion, be open to possibility, and reach for the stars. You have the freedom to live boldly, laugh, and love. Use your fingers to note your abundance. Count ten reasons why your life is good right now. Make this a practice.

Release the ache to want and have more

The quality of your life today and the choices you make determine the quality of your future. Choose to feel blessed. Shift quickly out of fearful thoughts and patterns. Stop comparing your life to the lives of others.

Let go of striving, envy and greed. Stay in the present moment where you can feel safe and alive.

Believe that the universe has your back

The best is yet to come. Act like a there’s enough to go around. There is an unlimited potential for happiness, joy and uncommon unexpected surprises. Anything can happen. Everything is possible.

Don’t wait for permission to begin. Live without limits. Let go of your fear, get gutsy, and get going.

Design your happy life

Create good times for yourself. Think of them as “Life’s Coming Attractions.” Do good and serve others. Take time to enjoy and appreciate family, friends, food, music, children, your elders, blue skies, sunshine and ordinary moments.

I believe the five most beautiful words in the English language are, ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you.’ Nothing is more important than the love you regularly give and receive.

Create your own health care plan

In order to live an adventurous and grand life, commit to a healthy lifestyle. Make a plan; get active. No one is more responsible for your health than you! Your emotional and spiritual health are just as important as your physical health.

Get help and support if you need it. Make feeling good a priority. Live in the no excuse zone.

Today is the best day of your life

Write that book, take that vacation or call that date. Life is difficult and tragedy happens. It’s what makes us interesting, human and capable. Celebrate your imperfection and your mistakes. Don’t die with your music still inside of you! Choose to live on life’s edge.

Change happens now – not tomorrow, not someday. Nobody is coming to save us. There isn’t a magic wand that can be waved.

The future is magnificent and it’s in your hands. As you change direction and choose a different route, you’ll discover a new destination. Consistently make the clear choice to appreciate what you have, shift your perception from negative to positive and believe that life will only get better!

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