5 Steps To Make Space For Your One Wild And Precious Life

Make space for your future,” is lovely quote from Danielle LaPorte. She posted it on Facebook several months ago. I fell in love.

In order to make space for your wild and precious life, you need to do something different today. If you want something new, you have to let go of something old. You have to move through your fear.

Facebook bombards us with beautiful memes. But it’s not enough to be inspired by words. We have to take the inspiration to the next level. We have to take action.

Knowledge isn’t enough to change anything. But knowledge with action brings results.

The thoughts, words and actions you choose today are creating all of your tomorrows. If you dislike how your life is unfolding, you can make space for your future by making some impactful changes today.

your one wild and precious life

What do you want your future to look like?

Dare. Risk. Act.

If you want a loving relationship, what action do you need to take to make space for it?

Do you need to forgive or let go of someone who is currently in your life? Or do you need to learn how to love yourself in order to really love somebody else?

Do you want a new job or do you want to begin a new business?

What action do you need to take to make space for it? Do you need to make a plan or update your resume? Or do you need to make better use of your free time?

If you want to lose weight, what action do you need to do to make space for a healthier you?

Do you need to begin an exercise habit or cut out sugar? Do you need to drink more water or include more vegetables in your diet?

Do you want financial freedom?

What action do you need to take in order to make space for it? Do you need to ask for a raise in order to earn more? Do you need to stop all recreational spending? Or do you need to get rid of some stuff and downsize?

You don’t need to do epic stuff in order to create an awesome future. You don’t have to travel around the world or create the next best thing.

You don’t have to build an online empire or construct five new schools. Those things are wonderful and work for some people. 

But the real magic lies in making small changes and creating new habits. That alone will change your future from black and white to living color!

How to make space for your future, today:


Release toxic family members and friends. You are worthy of love, time and respect. You can love difficult people from a distance. You don’t need to be in their physical presence.

When you feel worthy, you’ll attract people who believe in your worth. Your future will be filled with supportive and genuine people.


It’s easy to become an addict. We live in a culture that encourages us to numb our emotions and pain. Too much of anything is a problem. Are you addicted to gaming, porn, alcohol, drugs, fame, work or money? Now is the best time to do something about it.

Get help the help that you need. Create space for more love, joy and success in your future.


In order to invite more love in your life, make space for it by becoming a more loving person. Begin by increasing your self-love. Think and speak lovingly to yourself and to others. Become kind and generous to yourself and others.

Create boundaries for yourself and others. Love is a daily practice. When you mess up, simply begin again. A love-filled future is something to get excited about.

Make a plan

The process of writing things out makes it “real.” Write down your plan. Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years or 10 years? Write is all down. Write down your successes and failures. Write down your lessons and your blessings.

When you feel lost, overwhelmed or like you want to give up, write. Write for your sanity. Write for your wild and precious life!

your one wild and precious life

Crack your comfort zone

Take action. Without action, change can’t happen. You only need to take penguin steps. If you need support or guidance hire a coach. Join a support group. Small steps and gentle progress are the key to long term change.

Take time today to decide how you want your future to be. Then choose the biggest problem area in your life and do something about it. It’s the problem you’re most familiar with.

The one that makes you feel crazy and unconnected. The one that steals your happiness and joy.

Your future can be anything you want it to be. It doesn’t depend on the state of the world, the economy or what anyone else does. It has to do with you and your choices. It has to do with your willingness to act, dare and risk.

Invent your wild and precious future.

Make space for it today!

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