2015 Is Your Year To Live Fearlessly: Make It Happen

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I consider myself to be a very blessed and fortunate person. This year has been great for me both in my personal life and business. I invented it that way.

I decided a year ago to make things different. I made a plan and stuck to it. I’ve met my fears head on.

I’ve failed at some things and I’ve succeeded at others.

I’ve made new friends and I’ve let go of others.

I’ve had some health challenges and have adopted a dairy and wheat free diet.

I bought a new pair of rollerblades after retiring from the sport seven years ago.

I started running again after mostly walking over the past year.

I decided to go on a Southwest quest. I’ll visit over 90 cities and five countries that the airline flies into. I’ll do it within the next few years. I’ve visited eight new places so far.

I’ve worked with many new coaching clients and created several new ecourses.
I closed my mastermind circle and canceled a retreat that never made it off the ground.

I allowed myself to fail and grow, to laugh and cry, to fall down and rise. I’ve loved it all.
Live Fearlessly in 2015

Spend some time in the next couple of weeks reflecting. Chris Guillebeau asks himself two questions every December:

What went well this year?

What did not go well this year?

Begin to plan your New Year.

Decide how you want to spend your time and what you want to invent.

Seize the day. Follow the advice a cancer doctor gives his patients, “Year by year, it’s all unclear but day by day we find our way.” Take one day at a time.

Work hard and include time for laughter and fun. Ignore the unimportant stuff. Live in the present and let the rest float away. Repeat.

Love joyfully. Love doesn’t hurt. If it does, it’s a sign that you need to forgive yourself and others. Don’t waste one day of your life withholding your love.

Some people aren’t meant to be in your life but you can love them from a distance, send them blessings, loving thoughts and prayers.

Be joyfully in love with yourself and the world.

Give up your need for approval. Most people are afraid to fail. They worry how it will look to others and fear being judged. Instead they stay stuck, refuse to take risks and complain about why life’s not working for them.

Stop the story! Nobody cares. Fail forward. Fail boldly. Validate yourself. Grow!

Color outside your comfort zone. You can’t expect the New Year to be any different unless you make it so. Do what frightens you. Make a new friend. Get out of debt. Invent something new.

Spend your free time doing what you love. Never mind the fear, dance right through it. Your future is determined by all the choices you make today.

Dream big. Dream bold. Push yourself to surprise. Find people who do what you desire to do. Follow them. Observe them. Introduce yourself. Map out a plan. Write it down. Read about other successful people.

How can you improve what’s already been done? Imagine the unimaginable.

Dig for the courage to take action. Take calculated risks. Act on your dream. Break your plan down into chunks. Make it doable. Be courageous. Be willing to fail.

It will accelerate your results. Hire a coach. It’s an investment in your future. Get the direction and guidance you need to get on the right track immediately.

Don’t allow social media to steal your time. Create a clear blueprint. Allow yourself so much time a day for social media and be done with it.

If you don’t you’ll lose your time to exercise, eat healthy, play and really connect face-to-face and flesh to flesh with family and friends.

If you got the news that you had three months to live, I don’t think you’d spend it on Facebook. Social media will eat you up if you allow it.

Believe in your own success. Feel it in every cell of your body. Make no room for doubt. Do what it takes to keep your vibes high and mind strong.

When you falter, get back on track immediately. Learn to dream, think and speak about only succeeding.

You are called to rise. Accept that accidents, tragedy and disappointment are part of life. Things happen unexpectedly. You’ll fall, you’ll fail and you’ll hurt.

These are opportunities for you to gain strength, wisdom and transformation. Surrender what you can’t control. Do something about what you can. This too shall pass.

Clearly commit to making 2015 the best year ever. You’ll be tempted to quit, fall into old habits and back down when the going gets tough. Don’t back down.

Believe in what you’re capable of becoming. Fear is about the future, not the present. Confront your fears, embrace and move through them. Allow yourself to thrive.

Hold the faith and roll with it!

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Unstoppable courage club

Very soon, on January 4th, I will launch The Unstoppable Courage Club,   dedicated to helping you reclaim your power and build the life that you always wished you had.

From proven ways to overcome fear, to actions created for making progress on goals and dreams, to letting go of obstacles to help you become more prosperous. The monthly membership will inspire and equip you to become your strongest, most effective self.

Until then, spend some time reflecting on what life could be like if you really did have the courage and opportunity to change it all!

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