10 Practical Tips To Quickly Build Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. ~ Samuel Johnson

Your confidence is a key factor in your success. Self-confidence is real and attainable when you’re willing to be authentic, take risks, take action and be willing to quickly fail.

Comfort zones, over thinking things, and aiming for perfection all get in the way of becoming the confident and successful person you are meant to be.

Living in your comfort zone for too long will make life dull and keep you in a rut. Taking a risk in spite of your fear will keep you on your toes. You’ll improve, grow and feel more alive.

The best thing that you can do to overcome your self-doubts is to take persistent action. It’s the quickest way to build self-confidence. 

Confidence isn’t a given; it’s earned.

The most important thing you can do before you begin any endeavor is to be willing to fail. Begin to equate failure with progress. If you fail, learn from it and try something different. Eliminate the desire to be perfect and allow yourself to be good enough. Failing can be life changing.

1. Make your thoughts your friends. Stop ruminating. Negative thoughts, self-criticism and self-doubts keep confidence low. Write down your negative self-talk. Put it all on paper. Rip up the paper and throw it in the trash can. Learn to focus on anything positive: a loved one, a kind act or a new haircut. It will take you mentally and physically in a new direction.

2. Remember others. When you are afraid to move forward, think about how your actions will affect the ones you care about. If you ask for a raise and get it, your family will be able to afford a vacation. If you leave a bad relationship, your children will begin to thrive. If you learn something new, you’ll be able to pass your knowledge onto others. Thinking about how your actions can affect others will make you stronger and your life more meaningful.

3. Be the star of your own life. Don’t give the spotlight to your insecurities, faults and mistakes. Focus on what you get right. Celebrate your accomplishments. Note how intelligent and wise you are. Take in compliments from others. Toot your own horn. Give yourself the encouragement and compliments you want from others. Build yourself up!

4. Work it.  Self-confidence is a muscle that you must use. Be willing to learn and do new things. Practice taking risks. Start small. We tend to believe that good athletes are always naturals. Some are. But what all good athletes have in common is that they all take action. They spend their free time practicing; then they become great.

5. Speak with confidence. The only way to learn how to speak with confidence is to practice doing it. Start small. If you’re shy, begin by smiling at strangers. When you’re comfortable with that, begin to say hello. Increase your courage by beginning a conversation with others each time you wait in a line. Look around, smile and simply begin.

6. Start a new habit. Begin small and do it for 30 days. Drink more water. Take digital breaks. Begin to walk or run at your lunch break. Begin with ten minutes a day and gradually increase the time. After one month, reflect on how good you feel and how much your confidence has grown. Reward yourself and carry on!

7. Bet on yourself. The next time you have to take on a challenge, allow your first thoughts to be, “I can do it! No problem. I’m willing to do what it takes.” Convince yourself! Don’t wait for others to believe in you or to bet on you.

8. Surround yourself with the best. Believe that you’re the best one for the job and then prove it. Surround yourself with self-confident people who will support and encourage you. Eliminate every toxic relationship that you have in your life. Share your time and energy with positive and successful people who are going your way. Connect with confident people often. Why would you have it any other way?

9. Challenge yourself. Do the things that scare you. Do them well. Do them often. Never stop growing or improving your life circumstances. There is no good reason to stay stuck or settle for less. Every positive thing you add to your life, you add to the world. What could be better than that?

10. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for your courage and new opportunities. Be grateful for the people who have helped you get where you are. Be grateful that you have the chance to help others move ahead. Give more energy to gratitude and appreciation. Don’t take life for granted.

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