How To Stand In Your Greatness And Set The World On Fire

Show courage

If you want to stand in your greatness you have to be willing to live up to your full potential. If you want to set the world on fire you have to be willing to go beyond fear, take risks and live boldly.

We avoid our greatness by numbing out on food, alcohol, work, shopping and other bad habits and addictions to avoid pain or fill a void. We avoid our greatness by doubting ourselves, ignoring our intuition and living in our comfort zones.

We can’t set the world on fire when deep down we feel like we aren’t good enough, we don’t do enough and we don’t have enough. With negative beliefs like these it’s impossible to sustain the motivation to do so.

We can’t set the world on fire by wasting time on television, social media, bad habits or addictions will keep you small and unfocused.

Making excuses and comparing your success to others is a complete waste of time. Criticizing and condemning yourself for not being further along on your journey is soul-sucking.

If you want to stand in your greatness and set the world on fire there’s no room for holding back and staying stuck. There’s no room for excuses, bad habits and addictions.

It’s time to give life all you’ve got! When you want something different it’s necessary to do something different.

Want something different? Do something different!

Observe life with the wonder of a child

Become childlike and think thoughts of wonder. Be curious. I wonder how my life can get even better than it is. I wonder how I bold I can be.

I wonder how a new source of income can show up in my life. I wonder what I can do to experience more fun and laughter.

Be who you were born to be

Where are you holding back? Be willing to step into your greatness in every area of your life. Hide less and expose more. Fear less and risk more. Judge less and love more.

Live on purpose. Hold a grand vision for yourself and your future. This is what you’re here for!

Be awake in the moment

When you live with focused attention every area of your life is affected. You find a great sense of peace and joy. Be aware of the invaluable nature of life. Everything is interconnected and ever-changing. Give up control and savor each moment. Find beauty in the ordinary. Awareness will feed your soul.

Accept your humanness

Let yourself off the hook. Surrender mental torture. Forgive yourself. Meditate on your goodness. The energy it takes to condemn yourself and others can be spent on living today and appreciating your abundant, vibrant purposeful life.

Practice non-attachment

Don’t get emotionally hooked into negative media or energy of others. Detach from family, work and modern life. Avoid the darkness. When we are attached to people, places or things we cause our own pain and suffering.

Nothing is permanent. All things come and go. Release. Relax.

Stop judging and start forgiving

Stop all judgment. Forgive yourself. Forgive everyone. Carrying around resentment and bitterness is exhausting. You live in darkness and past stories while missing out on opportunities and miracles available to you right now.

Take your blinders off.  Love is all that matters. Let everything unlike love go. This alone is life-changing. This alone allows you to stand in your greatness and set the world on fire!

Dare to get help and support

If you find it too difficult to make the changes you know you need to make get help! If you could figure this out for yourself, you would have by now.

Seriously, how many times have you promised yourself that you would change and haven’t?

Don’t continue to let yourself down. I know you that you can be successful. Free from bad habits and addictions. Confident and brave. Creative and happy. I know you want something different. It’s time to finally do something different. I’m here to support you.

Begin now. Expect a miracle. Everything is possible. Anything can happen.

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