8 Ways To Overcome The Excuses That Steal Your Dreams

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Excuses. Fears. More excuses. What stories do you tell yourself about your dreams  and goals? Why do you believe that you can’t have what you want?

Excuses are all about fear. Fear of not being capable. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of looking stupid. Fear of success. Fear of change.

Without fear there is no excuse.

The biggest fear of all? Fear of the unknown. We want to see the big picture. We want to know that it’s going to work out.

Dreams don’t come with guarantees. They don’t come in pretty packages.

Fear of the unknown will keep you focused on what can go wrong instead of what can go right. It will keep you safe but dissatisfied and feeling powerless.


Stop with the excuses!

No more justification. No more blaming. No more alibis. No more stories. No more lies.

Create more positivity. More faith. More time. More trust. More opportunity. More meaning.

Shift your perception to what your new life might look like. Think of your life as expansive. See yourself with enough time, money and energy.

What do you tell yourself about what you want? What excuse do you have that keeps you from it?
Below are some popular excuses. Decide how you can overcome each one by completing the sentences.

Excuse: I don’t have time.
Get it done: In order to make time I can ________________________.

Excuse: I don’t have enough money.
Get it done: I can find the money by______________________________.

I don’t have the right connections.

Get it done: I can make more connections by _______________________.

Excuse: I failed before and I can’t risk failing again.
Get it done: I can regroup and try again. The lesson I learned from my failure is ____________________________________.

Excuse: I’m too old.
Get it done: There is no better time than now to begin. My first step will be

Excuse: I’m too young.
Get it done: I’ll get a mentor who is older and wiser than myself. With their help I’ll ____________________________________________________.

Excuse: I’m not smart enough.
Get it done: I’ll figure it out. I’ll take a course or a class in _____________________________.

Excuse: I’m bored. I’m tired. I don’t know what I want.
Get it done: I’ll make a list of everything I’ve always wanted to do. _________________________________________________________.

You are here for a reason. You are here to create. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way.

Create good habits

Rise early. Exercise and eat healthy. Spend time in nature. Drink water. Surround yourself with people who move forward in spite of great difficulties. These good habits are like excuse repellents.

Don’t dwell on past losses

Forget about what you had. Focus on what you have and where you’re going. Tragedy, natural disaster, job loss and death are part of life. When the world as you know it changes, give yourself time to grieve. Make a plan and move forward. If you need help, find a support group.

Allow yourself to be a beginner

Try something different. Learn something brand new. Learning something new can be exhilarating. Allow things to be difficult. Challenge yourself. Study hard. Do your homework. You’ll get better. You’ll grow. You’ll cross the finish line!

Begin now

What action can you take today to get one step closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Do what you don’t feel like doing. Do what you don’t think you can do. Make a plan. Your new life begins today.

Commit to your success

Decide you’re going to accomplish your goal. Have faith in yourself. Trust that others will be put on your path to lead and help you. Listen to podcasts. Read about the victories of others. When doubt creeps in, think about all of your past accomplishments.

Put yourself on the line

Allow yourself to make mistakes. You can’t succeed without failure. Give yourself 24 hours on the pity pot. Then get off. Then look for your lesson. What can you do differently the next time? Don’t worry about what others think of you. They’re focused on their own business. No time for yours!

Bust out of your comfort zone

You’ll never discover new people, joy, wonder and adventure if you live your same life year after year. Cancel your cable. Give away your recliner. Stop sitting in front of a screen and make your plan. You’ll attract unknown opportunities when you are willing to become courageous.

Appreciate how far you’ve come in life

Be grateful for everything you have. Be a generous person. Give up thoughts of scarcity and lack. Give back. Give when you don’t think you can. Help others get what they want. With gratitude, there’s no room for excuses!

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