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A Course On Love

Do you feel alone and disconnected from life and love? Do you shut down and push love away? Does it feel too scary to express love or live life any other way?

If so, A Course On Love is the perfect tool to help you live a love-filled life! 

There is a bigger life waiting for you. Fear is the only thing keeping you from the love you want to feel and the love you want to share. F-E-A-R. You know it. I know it. 

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A Course On Love: A Wise Heart for a Bold Life is the perfect tool to empower you to bring an open and loving heart to every aspect of your life. The tool was edited with the help of professional letter writer service.

You’ll increase the love in every area of your life including:

  • The relationship you have with yourself
  • Your significant other
  • Your family and friends
  • Your work and your community!

The quality of your life depends on your capacity to love. A Course On Love will help you:

  • Break through the walls that block love’s flow
  • Bring fear to the light, past negative experiences
  • Get beyond limiting beliefs and judgments about love
  • Dissolve self-doubt and fear of getting too close

A Course On Love will help you cherish who you really are, see your true beauty and magnificence and become a magnet for love!

When we remember our essence of love and live love, we become the happiest and most powerful people on earth.

Experience a level of life that most only dream about and create a lifelong transformation.

Are you ready?

This 4 – week course provides the following life-changing tools, wisdom and practices to help you grow in love and attract even more love:

You Get Four Workbooks:

Filled with writing exercises, questions for clarity, experiential exercises to practice being more loving and love quotes for deeper reflection!


Two Audio Meditations

Deepening your self-love and love for others and allowing an abundance of love to flow through your life!love-cds-image1

6 Heartfelt videos on different aspects of love!

Weekly Topics:

Week 1: It’s all about love. We begin by understanding our blocks to love, what love is and isn’t and how we can gain access to love in every moment.

Week 2: Radical Self-love This week we’ll commit to giving ourselves the love we deserve, not the love we think we deserve. You’ll know the difference between pleasuring and rewarding ourselves and deeply loving ourselves.

Week 3: Create Your Own Love Story This week you’ll learn to own your power and invent the love-filled life that you deserve. You’ll look to bring love to, rather than take love from, your relationships. You’ll love the love flowing.

Week 4: A Little Willingness In the final week of this course, you’ll understand how to access love anytime in any circumstance. You’ll boost the love power in all of your relationships in order to experience love and live life on a higher level!

Whether you’d like to love yourself more, be in a committed relationship or heal your relationship with your family and friends, this course provides the way to self-discovery, amazing clarity and an abundance of love.

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A Course On Love
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Let’s begin now and experience all the miracles that love has to offer us.

I can’t wait to hear about all of the love you create!

With love and gratitude,
Tess Marshall


lorithiessen“My first thought when I saw Tess’ “A Course on Love” was “I’m not in a relationship, how can this apply to me?” But this course goes well beyond just romantic relationships. It gets into the basics of the attitudes and habits we need to develop in order to love ourselves, and give and receive love from other people. This eCourse is beautifully laid out with stories, thought provoking journal questions, examples from Tess’ own life, and down-to-earth video lessons, plus bonuses. I highly recommend it for anybody regardless of your relationship status.” ~ Lori Thiessen
bethwilson“Tess Marshall’s four-week e-course called A Course On Love is an inspirational journey through our feelings, thoughts and attitudes about love. Her weekly videos, meditations and workbooks are a gentle, yet urgent plea to understand how we approach love. I was hooked halfway through the first video in Week 1! Tess’ simple (though not always easy!) suggestions are a comforting guide. Her teaching style is direct, fun, and of course, loving. I give two thumbs up to Tess’ A Course On Love and encourage anyone who wants to become more connected to love in their lives to check it out!” ~ Beth Wilson
marciaquinnnoreen“I am captivated by Tess Marshall’s Course On Love! We hear people talk about unconditional love so often, but where do we find that inside ourselves? How do we bring it into daily practice? Tess answers these questions, and provides so many positive, practical suggestions about how love can become our primary purpose. I have felt supported and inspired by her words and vibrancy. When love is at the center of our minds and hearts, life becomes joyful, bright and beautiful. Love is truly the answer to everything. Thank you, Tess Marshall for creating this Course on Love at exactly the moment when I needed it most.” ~ Marcia Quinn Noren

“A Course On Love has taught me how to love in difficult situations. When I can love myself, I can draw on the love from within. Tess Marshall’s lessons and ideas on loving others who don’t love you back and forgiveness are priceless. This is a great course for single people, couples or anyone who wants to learn how to nurture and strengthen their relationships and stay in the flow of love!” ~ Amanda Sloan