A Fearless Guy and 13 Tips for Bold Living

Back in 2004, a flip on skis gone tragically wrong broke Josh Dueck’s back and left him as a T11 — full paraplegic. For the past 8 years one of his dreams has been to do a flip on snow again. On February 3, 2012, Josh became the first person to perform a backflip on snow in a Sit Ski!

When you let go of fear, anything is possible!


I love inspiring videos. They inspire, motivate, and light a fire inside me. Allow the following tips on bold living to do the same for you today!

1. Keep a journal.

Write about what you fear, the origin of your fear, and how it has held you back in the past. Without judgment, reflect on what you’ve written for the next 24 hours. You gain insight and loosen fears grip by observing it. 

2. Befriend your fear.

Do the things that frighten you. Action builds courage. Tell yourself, “This fear will pass.” Your world expands as your courage and willingness expands.

3. Calm your body.

Unclench your jaw, open your fists, slow down your pounding heart, and breathe. Lean into a relaxed state.

4. Keep a success journal.

Take an entire day and strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on each decade of your life and every success you’ve experienced. Write it all down. You’ll be inspired, motivated and amazed.

5. Stop your story.

What stories are you telling yourself about the past and the future? Either change your story or drop it. Get over it. Move on. You’re free!

6. Laugh.

Make fun of your fear by laughing at it. Break out into a loud roar. Really let it rip. Try and see how ridiculous it is to hold back and give your power away to something that doesn’t exist!

7. Dwell on abundance. 

Learn to think, speak, and live as an abundant person. Turn off the news. Celebrate what you have. Be generous. Give. Donate. Share.

8. Live vicariously.

Study the success of Bill Gates, Southwest Airlines, Steven Spielberg, and other greats. Take note of the courage they developed and follow their path to greatness.

9. Believe you are worthy.

Focus your attention on being ready, willing, and prepared for the beauty, wonder, connections, good fortune, and favorable circumstances that are yours if you are willing to work and be open to it.

10. Learn something new.

Do you lack information or direction? Listen to your intuition.  Figure out what you need and take a class. Be a life-long learner. Give it all you’ve got. Burn the midnight oil. Study. Put your heart and soul into it.

11. Get over it!

Take your fear and shove it! Let go of feeling embarrassed, looking silly, being hurt, and facing rejection or possible failure. What others think of you is none of your business. 

12. Help others.

Give to others what you want for yourself. Be a good leader. Take others with you and help make them successful. You’ll never regret it. Never. 

13. View life as a creative and wild adventure. 

Life can be brimming with easy times of beauty and light or overflowing with hard times of dark and difficulty. Choose to stay present through it all. Appreciate the varied landscape and enjoy the ride.

What fear is stopping you today? How Can I help you? 

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