Take Your Fear & Shove It Course



I'd like to share with you these 5 reasons you should get the course today.tess ebook redo with name Take Your Fear and Shove It

#1: This course provides you with the tools and techniques you need to push fear aside and live a life of more beauty, humor, playfulness, and meaning. 

Fear robs you of that.

#2: Take Your Fear and Shove It is designed to provide you with what to do and how to do it, in order to be bold, play big and shine bright.

Fear is confusing, controlling, and all about, “I can’t, I won’t, or what if.”

#3: This course offers directions on how to be inventive, authentic, and simply positive about your future, regardless of what’s going on around you.

You can’t do that with anxiety, shortness of breath, and a mind spinning out of control.

#4. This course is designed to take you beyond your excuses, procrastination, and worries.

You’ll be able to fully embrace your brilliance, be in charge of your own life, and go beyond what you think is possible.

Fear doesn’t teach you that.

#5. Take Your Fear and Shove It includes action oriented steps to improve your mental, emotional, and physical state.

You get the same tried, tested, and the most effective techniques needed for life-changing action. I’ve used them with clients both as a therapist and as a coach.

Take Your Fear and Shove It Includes:

  • 8 Modules of information to move through fear 
  • 20 Downloadable Worksheets to apply knowledge
  • Over 100 suggested action steps for the bold-of-heart. Get past what's holding you back.
  • 153 pages, a complete set of tools, and techniques, that are simple, powerful, effective and enjoyable.
  • Resources, and materials complete with exercises that enable you to shove your fear aside and take back your life.

Module 1: Understanding Fear

Module 2: Four Methods to Dissolve Fear

Module 3: You Are Stronger than Your Fear

Module 4: Manage Your Fear

Module 5: When Bad Things Happen

Module 6: Step Into Your Power  

Module 7: The Fearless Life

Module 8: Living Love in a Culture of Fear

and Stepping Into Your Greatness

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

What opportunities do you miss because of fear?

Why listen to me?

A successful career, 20 years of experience, a master’s degree in psychology, proven methods that have worked for hundreds of clients…

This course is the culmination of everything I’ve learned. 

For those of you who want to know how I did it. This course if for you.

It's the only guidebook you need to help you uncover, unravel, and release your fear.

Begin today, one small step in the right direction, and the tools to make new choices!

I'm excited about guiding you through your fears
and look forward t
o hearing about your bold future.


Fear is the hidden, powerful factor that stops us from finding simplicity, happiness, pursuing our passions. Tess has created a tool to help you dig up the hidden fears and finally conquer them. You'll be liberated and empowered, and finally at peace.
~ Leo Babauta, Focus



The first time I read a blog post by Tess Marshall I was blown away by her insight, thoroughness, and generosity of spirit. Her eBook, Take Your Fear and Shove It, is everything I imagined it would be. Tess explores all aspects of fear, and helps us understand it, challenge it, and act in spite of it to live the lives we dream about. With action steps and worksheets throughout, Take Your Fear and Shove It provides a detailed road map to move beyond the limitations we consciously or subconsciously set for ourselves.
~ Lori Deschene, Tiny Buddha