10 Courageous Things You Must Do To Live A Bold Life

10 things to live a bold lifeDon’t be afraid to be courageous!

How often do you remain quiet when you have something to say?

How often do you ignore your intuition when you need to take action?

How often do you hold back when you know it’s time to move forward?

How many times do you fear that you’re not smart enough or good enough?

You must have courage in order to take advantage of the unlimited opportunities that life offers you. You must exercise courage in order to live up to your full potential and leave your mark on the world. You must have courage in order to get up again after you take a few blows, fail and fall down.

It’s time to grab your potential by the tail and run with it. When you live a courageous life, you feel alive!

The following 10 acts will help you live a more bolder, more meaningful life:

Have the Courage to Jump into Life

Today is the best day of your life. If you’re not making the most of it, what are you waiting for? Face what’s stopping you and go make your mark on the world. Don’t settle for mediocrity or the status quo.

Grab the reins. Go somewhere new. Do something different. Surround yourself with the best. Dive in with both feet. Carpe Vita!

Have the Courage to Ask For What You Want

Instead of whining or complaining about your needs, learn to ask for what you want. Don’t expect others to read your mind. Learn to clearly communicate your desires. Be bold. Be assertive. Assume that people want to help you.

Expect things to go well. If the answer is no, ask again. There are more than 7 billion people in the world. Someone will say yes!

Have the Courage to Stand in Your Power

Like bees on honey, humans are drawn to external power such as money, beauty, sexuality, jobs, possessions and physical strength. External power is seductive and can be compared and measured. Real power comes from within and is equally available to everyone.

You can’t buy or lose authentic power. Examples of authentic power are compassion, harmony, inner peace and wisdom. When you center yourself in these, you’ll win every time.

Have the Courage to Forgive Yourself

Don’t allow your ego or smaller self to keep you stuck in regret or self-hatred.  Remember you are not your mistakes. You have to forgive yourself. Forgive the situation. Let go, or you won’t be able to move forward.

Honor yourself. Let yourself off the hook. Stay out of the pain of the past. Put your energy into doing something positive. Move on.

Have the Courage to Act with Love

Love is a verb, and an act of courage. Love is a commitment to yourself and others. Learn how to be compassionate and empathetic. Think loving thoughts, speak loving words and take loving action.

Keep loving until all else falls away. Anything unlike love is fear. Do what it takes to shift out of fear as quickly as you can. Love is a moment by moment practice. Practice it often.

Have the Courage to Be Generous

Learn how to give from your heart. Give without expectations. Do not give because you want acceptance, love or admiration. Do not give in order to gain recognition or power. Learn to give from a place of love and joy.

Believe you have more than enough. Give money and time. Share your talents. Give the benefit of the doubt. Give praise and respect. Just give.

Have the Courage to Own Your Fears

Fear can be your greatest teacher. Fear exposes your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and the life that you’re creating. Own your fears. Learn from your fears. Move through your fears.

Grow through your fears! Be open to your fears and the lessons they are teaching you. Living in this way will allow you to create the life of your dreams.

Have the Courage to Live an Abundant Life

Believe that the world is plotting to do you good today. See the universe as a friendly and providing place. Trust that all is well. Believe that there is enough for everyone. Your gain isn’t somebody’s loss.

Count the grains of sand or the waves in the ocean. Sit under the stars at night. Notice the different shades of green in nature. Be grateful for everyone and everything in your life. Live in a state of gratitude. Give thanks in advance for solutions, goodness and wealth coming your way. The best is yet to come. Count on it.

Have the Courage to Be Daring

Be daring. Choose to make your wild and precious life a big adventure. Be brave. Be bold and authentic. Accept your greatness. Your life is your own. Remain open to your own power, trust yourself, and ask for what you want.

Unleash your burning desire to go after your dream. What you do today determines your future. Take action in joy, knowing that the universe will meet you halfway and that people will be put on your path to show you the way and take you to the finish line. Dare.


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Have the Courage to Trust the Process

Learn to trust life. Trust that things have a way of working themselves out. Trust that you’ll pick yourself up if you fail. Trust that the right people will be put on your path. When you trust the process, you’re able to live in the present moment without worrying about the past or the future.

We are meant to be out there living our dreams and making the world a more loving place. We were born to take risks, grow, and expand. It’s time to be courageous and reap the benefits! That’s my plan. I invite you to join me.

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