Guest Posts

Guest Post Guidelines

The Bold Life welcomes guest posts. Please follow the guidelines below if you’d like to get your post on TBL.


  • Write a personal story about a fear that challenged you and how you got beyond it.
  • Use examples and anecdotes to clarify your points.
  • Create content that hasn't been offered before.
  • In order to submit a story you must be a blogger and own a blog.
  • Do not violate copyright laws.
  • You must edit the post for grammar, clarity and punctuation.
  • If your post does not follow the guidelines, you won’t receive a response.

Contact Me

Please send an email to TessMarshall5 at gmail dot com. Start the subject line with 'Guest Post.'

  • State who you are, the title of your post and include a brief outline with 4-5 bullet points.
  • Share how TBL readers can benefit from your post.
  • Attach the outline in a Word doc.

 The Process 

After your post has been accepted, send me the article in HTML and word.   


  • Have a title that rocks.
    Create a killer introduction that attracts interest and makes the post a must read!
  • Make it easy to read by using headings, subheadings and a bulleted list.
  • Write a conclusion, including a call to action for readers.
  • Make the post between 700 – 12,000 words long. 
  • Include 2-3 links from posts already published on The Bold Life to complement your article.
  • Write an author bio at the end. Include a link to your blog and a link to one of your free products.
  • Include and credit an image for the post.


  • Carefully edit and proofread your post.
  • Send your image as an attachment.
  • Commit to responding to comments.


Do Not

  • Include affiliate links or put the image in the post.

I retain the copyright of all material published on The Bold Life. You cannot republish your submitted guest post or submit a previously published guest post. The post will be unique to The Bold Life.

Thanks again for your interest in guest posting. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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