15 Ways To Show Courage

Show courage

It takes courage, commitment and determination to do what it takes to live an incredible life, filled with meaning and love.

The courageous actions I’m referring to bring opportunities to change your thoughts and shift your perception several times throughout your day.

They’re character building and take willingness and practice.

They support and strengthen the human spirit.

They not only give you peace of mind but they send out a ripple effect to those around you. They impact your present and create an amazing future.
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Give up your attack thoughts

When you’re upset, learn to get quiet. Ask for guidance. Stop. Look and listen. Let go of unloving thoughts. Repeat the mantra, “I choose love.” Surrender your negativity until only love remains.

Give up your need to defend yourself

A lesson in A Course In Miracles states, “In my defenseless my safety lies.” Our ego wants to get in the ring and fight. Our higher self knows to stay above the battleground. Get quiet. Stay centered. Go to higher ground.

Give up your need for approval

You only need to approve of yourself. Give yourself what you want from others. Praise and celebrate who you are and how far you’ve come. Be true to yourself. Stay focused on your own life and the universe will take you where you need to be.

Give up the need to complain

Complaining keeps you focused on negativity. Become aware of your complaints. Take responsibility for your life. Get clear on what you do want.  Replace your negative stories with gratitude and appreciation.

Give up the need to numb your pain

Get to know your grief, anger and sadness.  Allow yourself to name and feel your emotions.  You can handle it! Keep a journal. Meditate for ten minutes a day. Practice deep belly breathing. Release. Relax.

Give up the need to judge

Fall in love with every human being on the planet. Each one is a reflection of you. Add “just like me” to every critical thought you have of others. If you want to calculate how much you love yourself take note on how much you love others.

Give up the need to struggle

You are worthy of a good life. Let go of the people, places and things that bring you down. Choose to include more laughter and play in your day. Replace bad habits with good ones. Make choices that lead to a simpler life.

Give up your need to control others

Everyone has a right to live life their way. You don’t know what is best for anyone else. When you find yourself wanting to control others, take a fearless inventory of your own life. Focus on what you need to change.  Get started today.

Give up your need to be famous and in the spot light

Stop waiting for your big break. Don’t try to be someone else. Slow down, be present and become alive in your own life. Take one transforming step at a time. Use your gifts and talents to serve others. Allow your uniqueness to shine.

Give up the need to wear masks

Everyone is flawed. Nobody is perfect. I don’t know anyone who can walk on water or part the Red Sea. Allow yourself to be real. Be vulnerable. Let others see your humanness. You’ll be rewarded with deeper connection.

Give up your fear to take action

Don’t allow your doubts, fears and failure stop you from taking action. Make a plan. Working with your plan, write down actionable steps in chronological order. Make it clear. Begin now.

Give up your need to distract yourself

Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table. Keep it out of your bedroom at night. Limit the time you spend on social media. Take time to notice beauty everywhere. Make time for wonder.

Give up your need to find fault

Stop blaming your ex, your parents, your friends and boss. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let go of your story. Make choices that honor you. Change what you can and let go of the rest. Life isn’t fair.

Give up the need to be busy

Brene Brown says that staying crazy-busy keeps us from looking at the truth of our lives. Pull back the rug. Be willing to get honest with yourself. Examine what you would rather avoid. Be gentle but get honest with yourself.

Give up the need to compare

You are unique and irreplaceable. People need what you have to offer. You were born with gifts and talents that only you can share. Live your life. Don’t put off what your heart and soul are calling you to do.

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