5 Awesome Steps to Chase Your Fears and Live Your Dreams

chase your fears live your dreams

Fear is part of being human. You will never get rid of it, but I’ll bet you can reflect on your life and note how many times you were afraid and kept going anyway. Meanwhile, you lost your fear.

As you reflect on those successful events and experiences, ask yourself, “What did I find inside of myself that allowed me to take action anyway?”

I’ll bet you found strength. You pulled up determination. You became willing. You thought about the people you loved and allowed that love to motivate you.
Guess what? The same strength, determination, willingness and love are still there, deep within you, waiting to be called forth.

In your journal, make a list of everything that you fear, the fears that you’re working through and the fears that you’re denying. Draw a line down the middle of the page and to the right of your list write down the payoff for overcoming each fear.

Declare that 2015 is the year you’ll embrace and chase your fears. Embracing your fears allows you to sit with them, lean into them and move through them.

Chasing your fears gives you the motivation and inspiration to achieve your dreams, do great things, leave your mark, leave a legacy, and most importantly, to feel alive!

The Courage Coach offers you some techniques to embrace and chase your fears.

Acknowledge your fear

If you don’t feel peaceful, you’re afraid. If you’re whining, complaining or procrastinating, you’re afraid. If you’re stuck, avoiding or overwhelmed, you’re afraid.

Get to the bottom of your fear. Ask your fear what it needs to quiet down. Do you need to take a break, be mindful, call a friend or meditate? Any of these activities will shrink your fear.

Turn your fear into excitement

Fear is excitement that forgot to breathe. Both emotions cause your heart to race, palms to sweat and butterflies to dance in your stomach. The tendency you have is to force yourself to calm down. Do the opposite.

Repeat the mantra, “I’m excited,” until you feel excited. Don’t calm down, harness your energy. Do five jumping jacks or run around the block. Remember all the positive things that are going to happen because you’re taking action.

Befriend your fear

Get in a quiet place and sit with your fear. Notice the story in your head. Stop it! Just end the story each time your mind wants to visit it. Pay attention to the physical sensations of fear. Notice if your shoulders feel tight.

Is your body quivering? Are your hands cold? Just notice how your body feels; breathe into the feelings, relax and release your story. Thank your fear for showing you how brave you really are.

Be willing to really live

Be willing to be challenged, embarrassed, frustrated, judged, confronted, vulnerable and happy. Feel your emotions. You won’t break, melt or shatter. Be willing to really dare. Do the unimaginable; attempt the impossible. Choose to grow.

You only have to take small steps. Penguin steps. Inch your way forward, one step and then another. Fumble. Jumble. Leap. Live!

Understand that fear is part of the journey

Notice how other brave and courageous people handle fear. Listen to Ted Talks, join a meet-up group, read biographies, study people of character, find a mentor. Befriend people who do great things in spite of their fear.

There are over 7 billion people in the world; include some of the brightest, funniest and courageous ones in your life. Let go of the ones who don’t fit the mold.

Understand the preciousness of your one wild and adventurous life

Each moment of our lives is a gift. And we get to decide how to live it. We can numb ourselves with business. We can choose to live in the pain of the past or the fear of the future. Or we can be present, love, connect and enjoy every second of our journey.

There is no such thing as a good day or a bad day. We have days when we’re present and feeling joyfully alive, or not! The beauty of life is that in each moment we have another chance to decide how to live.

Always be willing to embrace and chase your fear. Fear is a part of life. It’s an indicator that you need to change a habit, do something different, take a risk or let go of the old.

This is how you step out of your own way. This is what will lead you to the life that you desire. This is what will lead you to greatness. This is how you dance with life!

What are you willing to do to live your dreams?

With tons of love and support,


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