13 Things To Do To Lose Your Fear And Carry On

Some days I wake up with low energy. I don’t feel like working. I just want to whine, feel sorry for myself and sit on the pity pot, stuck in my fear.

You know fears – we humans recycle them day after day.

Do the following fears sound familiar?

Fear of messing up.

Fear of abandonment.

Fear of being hurt.

Fear of going unnoticed.

Fear of taking risks.

Fear of more responsibility.

Fear that things won’t work out.

Fear of not measuring up.

I get stuck in fear for several reasons. I forget about my magnificence. I forget that I’m blessed. I forget that I'm bold and courageous. I forget about my past success. I don’t remember that I am loved. I don’t take the time to write in my journal, exercise or meditate.

I forget…

I have unlimited opportunities.

The universe is plotting to do me good.

I decide my future with my thoughts, words and actions.

Most problems aren’t as serious as I make them out to be.

I’m right where I need to be and everything is perfect in the present moment.

Fear increases your negativity and locks the door on your precious dreams. If you sit too long, fear keeps you stuck in a rut, feeling insecure and settling for the status quo.

13 tips to help you carry on without fear.

Set a time limit. Instead of pushing your feelings away, decide how long you want to feel bad. You might want to shift into a better place right away. If you need more time, set a limit. Give yourself as much time as you need. Go ahead and cry. Sulk. Be mad. Scream. But when your time is up, it’s over.

Focus on possibility and positivity. Get clear on what you want. Be open to new experiences. Dare to push the envelope, take action and live life with purpose and meaning.

Give yourself credit. Create a core of self-confidence and self-valuing. Recognize your brilliance. Reflect on the feeling of your past successes. Do something to create that again.

Set yourself up to succeed. Let go of the people, places and things that are holding you back. Surround yourself with brilliant people. Read about people who have done great things. Listen to TED Talks. Be bold. Take action.

Invest in your education. Know that life loves you. The universe has your back. Hold a view of the world as safe, unlimited in abundance and miraculous in its potential. Shift your perception when you are tempted to see only lack and negativity.

Count on good things coming your way. Take the first step. Identify it. Just do it. Start a blog. Hire a coach. Stop your addiction. Change your diet.

Take a digital break. Shut off your TV. End a relationship. With just one step, change happens. You know the one to take. It’s the one you’ve been avoiding.

Sit still and quiet down. Fear is a messenger, so what is it trying to tell you? Unearth what you have hidden over the years. Bring light to the darkness. Clear the way for your true self to shine through.

Let go. Surrender everything that holds you back: bitterness, resentment, comparison, jealousy, pain and anger. Stop fighting the world! Get yourself out of the way and into the flow.

Be of service. Give without selfish motives. Set an intention and open your heart. Do things out of love. Help others because you can. Practice putting others first and yourself last.

Release your attachment to the results. Declare your intention; let go of how you want to see it happen. Create a goal while remaining open to receiving this or something better. When you work without struggle or attachment, you make room for love, serendipity and surrender.

Believe that the best is yet to come. Release competition, struggle and lack. These concepts lead to isolation and disconnection. Instead, put your faith and energy into abundance, synchronicity and prosperity. Look for proof of these in your everyday life.

Quiet your inner chatter. Believe in yourself. You are unlimited, amazing, empowered and creative. If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect others to believe in you. Put your faith in your own success.

Trust the process. When you feel like you’ve been cheated or when what you do doesn’t seem to matter, surrender. Take a break and change your energy. Change the way you feel. Breathe. Carry on!

Remind yourself that life with all its ups and downs is really quite good and magical.

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