Overcoming Fear to Redesign A New And Uncertain Life

Guest post by my good friend Dorene Wharton.

Hi. I’m Dorene. Like you, I have a busy life, with lots of commitments, obligations and a busy career. Not long ago, life took a turn, which forced me to reset and change my life.  

After 20 years in a career in the same industry, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure where to go next, but I knew I had to find a different path for my career and my life. I don’t like asking for help, but I approached networking for a new job as a safe way to reconnect with past colleagues and to learn something new. It’s amazing how corporate life trained me to be so fixated on my job that I lost touch with what was going on in the world! As these networking meetings progressed to interviews, I was disheartened as people told me I didn’t have transferable skills to get into a new industry. 

Really? Twenty years of marketing, sales, project management, managing change, planning, and presenting ideas, products and strategy – those skills aren’t applicable in other industries? 

I felt lost and afraid, determined to find something that would prove this comment wrong.

I learned quickly that there was only one way to get to my next career challenge – by learning new things. I also realized that was once I got back into the workforce, I would still be missing out on my dream life.

What was holding me back from designing the life I wanted?
The fear of failure. Am I good enough? Will I know what to do? Will I know what path to take? The reality was I was holding myself back. I was missing the confidence I needed to move forward with what I really wanted to do. I felt all of these things often.

World Dommination Summit 2014

Overcoming my fear to redesign life on my own terms I needed a few things to get over my fear of failure.

1. Inspiration
I became a sponge. I listened to TED Talks, read books, took online courses, really did anything that would inspire me, open up my mind and help me get out of my rut. My husband Troy and I started watching The Good life Project – awesome (and free!) interviews with inspiring people by Jonathan Fields. There are very powerful messages here from people doing great things. 

2. Confidence & skills 
That inspiration led to meeting others to talk about our dreams and ideas. I started off easy. I met with people I already knew – mostly past colleagues and acquaintances who had made big changes in their lives – with the goal of reconnecting. I asked a lot of questions. Why? How? What steps did you take? And I listened a lot.

That led to us meeting new people, of all ages and backgrounds, but like-minded people who were doing interesting things and had either found or were working on their purpose. Opening up and talking to new people has made all the difference – from inspiring us to giving us new ideas.

Through all these connections, we found other great groups and courses, like Live Your Legend by Scott Dinsmore. We surrounded ourselves with new people who have dreams and are working towards them. All of these people have their stumbles and fumbles, but they keep on going with determination and perseverance. Like us, they didn’t know their path when they started.

The connections we made helped build our confidence in our abilities. If we put as much effort into something we build together as we put into our past careers, we can do ANYTHING!  

3. Accountability

We’ve realized that we’re accountable to those same people – those who are supporting us and challenging us through good and bad patches and who are helping us change our lives into lives designed by us.

Having a partner and friend in my life like Troy is also critical. He actually convinced me we can do something on our own, and we feed off of each other. 

So what is our new career and life?
We’ve sold everything we own, simplified our lives and are leaving in January for a long-term life of travel! We also started Travel Life Experiences to talk to people about our journey to this point and our desire to live a life of more travel. 

We’re not sure where this decision will lead. It may lead to online business, a cause or another unconventional career path. We’re completely open to what’s next and have the confidence to go for it! Even though we don’t yet know where our journey will lead, we look forward to the adventure that comes our way!

My e-courses are available at over 70% off! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get beyond your fear. Grab one and begin now!

My best work is my course, 30 Days of Bold: Feeling Excited And Ready. Check it out. Today is the best time to begin something new!

About the Author
Dorene Wharton is a Co-founder of Travel Life Experiences.
Dorene & Troy are currently on a quest to leave it all, and redesign their lives for a life of more travel. Please join us on our journey at Travel Life Experiences! Follow Travel Life Experiences on Facebook

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