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Marc and Angel, a beautiful husband and wife team began their blog Marc and Angel Hack Life in 2006. Ever since they have been inspiring, teaching and coaching thousands of readers with stories of success, love, life and relationships

I had dinner with Marc and Angel last summer and found them as inspiring and authentic as they come across on their blog. I love following them on social media

They continuously post fabulous and fun photos of themselves enjoying life. They never fail to make me smile and wish that they were my next door neighbors!

They have 100 thousand raving fans, 1000 – 100 thousand subscribers, 100 million page views, and growing! 

Their first book, “1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently“ is a focused collection of short, concise tips and reflections on the little things that make a huge difference in our daily lives.  It’s available online on Amazon.

Note: And then there were three! From Angel’s Facebook page last Thursday: “It wasn’t easy… It was amazing. It was magical. It was worth it. Introducing Mac Austin Chernoff. Born Thursday, July 10 at 9:25 pm, 6 lbs 14 oz, 21 inches. We are in LOVE. 

Here are a collection of 16 inspirational Marc and Angel quotes that will inspire you to get over your fear and on with your dream! Don’t forget to share them with your friends.

Marc and Angel Quotes

1. Your biggest fears are completely dependent on you for their survival. Marc and Angel 

2. Regardless of fear or actual real world barriers, whenever you want to achieve something, you have to envision it and declare it. You have to keep your eyes open and focused specifically on what you want. It’s simply impossible to hit a target you haven’t declared, or get anywhere worthwhile with your eyes closed and your vision blurred. Marc and Angel

3. Don’t be afraid of facing your fears. They’re not as scary as you think, and they’re not here to stop you. They’re here to let you know that what you want is worth fighting for. Marc and Angel

4. So get up, get out in the stormy weather of the real world, and kick fear as hard as you can right in the teeth.  Do so by staring at it dead in the eyes and then walking right through it into the storm. Let the rain kiss your skin. That’s the first step. Because once you’re wet, you won’t fear the rain anymore. Marc and Angel

5. Failure is not falling down; failure is staying down when you have the choice to get back up. Ultimately, what you need to remember is that you are in competition with one person and one person only – yourself. Your toughest competitor is simply the voices in your head. Marc and Angel

6. You have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting every step of the way. Laugh at the confusion, live consciously in the moment, and enjoy your life as it unfolds – struggles and all.  You might not end up exactly where you intended to go, but you will eventually arrive precisely where you need to be. Marc and Angel

7. You want to be stretched to the edge of your ability sometimes. It needs to be hard and uncomfortable. That’s how your brain grows. We learn when we’re in our discomfort zone. Marc and Angel

8. Breath by breath, let go of fear, expectation, anger, regret and frustration. Let go of the need for approval too. You don’t need any of it. The world is as we are inside. What we think, we see, and we ultimately become. Marc and Angel 

9. There’s no use in wallowing in negativity. You simply can’t expect victory while planning for defeat. Marc and Angel

10. You need to take small chances every day. It’s the best way to face any problem, crush every fear and overcome life’s greatest challenges. And you get just about as many chances in life as you’re willing to take. So never let your fear decide your future. Marc and Angel

12. Because your obstacles are your opportunities. Obstacles are put in your way to help you determine if what you want is really worth fighting for. ~ Marc and Angel

13. Move forward with gusto. Remember that the extent to which we sometimes allow fear to rule our lives is truly startling and unnecessary. Especially when you consider one very important fact about fear: It’s a total figment of your imagination. Marc and Angel

14. Great challenges make life interesting; overcoming them makes life meaningful. When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever. In its place will be something that you have left behind. Let it be something worthwhile – something you are thankful for. Marc and Angel

15. When your efforts are met with failure, you know you are on to something; because on the flip-side of that failure is a real, substantial accomplishment that doesn’t come easy. Your failed attempt is simply evidence that you are reaching higher. And “higher” is always the best direction to travel in. ~ Marc and Angel  

16. If you only remember two words from this whole article, let them be: “Stretch” and “Observe.”

Stretch:  As in… stretch yourself. Always push yourself to the edge of your ability, so you can expand it and grow. 

Observe:  As in… observe your mentors and those who are more skilled than you, so you can take notes and emulate them. ~ Marc and Angel

17. Believe that the answers are out there waiting.  Believe that life will surprise you again and again.  Believe that the journey is the destination.  Believe that it’s all worth your while.


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  • Sandra Pawula July 13, 2014, 5:15 pm

    I love Marc and Angel’s blog too. Their advice is consistently deep yet uplifting. This is my favorite from the quotes above: “Breath by breath, let go of fear, expectation, anger, regret and frustration. Let go of the need for approval too. You don’t need any of it. The world is as we are inside. What we think, we see, and we ultimately become.” Thanks for taking the time to gather and share Marc and Angel’s quotes, Tess.

  • Sebastian Aiden Daniels July 14, 2014, 4:33 pm

    Thanks for the quotes. Marc and Angel have a great blog and I am so happy for them that they have a new addition to their family. The quotes about facing fear are spot on. Fear can be there but it only has power if you act on what it tells you to do. You have the choice to say no and do the opposite of fear : D.

  • Melissa July 15, 2014, 7:24 pm

    I love these guys! I see their stories on Google+ and will now check out their FB page 🙂 I think I also need to have their 1st book as well. Thanks for sharing this Tess 😉

  • Cathy Taughinbaugh July 16, 2014, 8:53 am

    Love these quotes – This one is particularly inspiring – “When your efforts are met with failure, you know you are on to something; because on the flip-side of that failure is a real, substantial accomplishment that doesn’t come easy.” They are doing wonderful work with their website. How fun that they now have a baby, as well as their book. Thanks for sharing, Tess!

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