Courage Coaching For A Bold And Brilliant Life

1×1 Courage Coaching + 60 Extraordinary Minutes = An Upward Spiral 

We all need knowledgeable and wise people to lead us out of the common pitfalls of paralyzing fear, constant doubt, hovering insecurity and into our amazing strength, uncommon brilliance, beauty and boldness that has been present all along.

You don't have to struggle alone!

Courage Coaching for Business and Life

I will help you find your own inner voice, discover your own inner business coach and take uncommon visionary steps leading to an explosion of amazing success, confidence, happiness and fun! 

You aren't here to do what has been done before. You're here to live the dream and do the work you came to do, in the way that you came to do it. 

The time is now to go beyond fear, stand in your strength and own your power and bravery. 

No matter where you are now, or what you're going through, you can come out on top! 

Smart people know they need help. Those who are wise and successful get the help and support they know they need!

I'd love to have the honor to guide you on your glorious journey and be your outrageous cheerleader.

I want to know you, inspire you and witness your walk into greatness. 

I want to encourage you to take inspired action like there's no tomorrow and to live from your splendor, glorious and unique self.

I want to point our your strengths as you step into new territory.

Now is your time. The world is your place.

I will hold your wild amazing vision, walk the edge with  you, and celebrate your extraordinary success.

It's your time to act, act, act — with everything you've got — creating everything you are here to create.

The time is now for your genius within to emerge, to birth your true mission, and to blaze your prosperous trail.

Give yourself a regal chance. Let's begin today!

Your Part (via Skype) :

Clock in with an unquestionable eagerness to upgrade the best version of your life, give birth to your highest potential, and set your wild and wonderful spirit free. Share your fear, doubt, discomfort, and issues. Express your joy, tears, and most magnificent dreams. Breathe. It's time to go for the life your heart and soul longs for, no matter what!! 

My Part (via Skype) :  

  • Ignite your mind with methods that can change everything.

  • Encourage you to own your awesomeness and power
  • Teach you to live a life unleashed from beliefs, assumptions, and limitations.

  • Drench you in encouragement, possibility-thinking, actionable steps and inspiration.

  • Guide and support you in your life of leaping.

  • Share my best knowledge and wisdom in order to bless your life and business.

  • Cheer you on! Set your soul on fire, and laugh and love you through it all!

Your Next Step

Purchase your session below and we'll set up your dreams in motion. You'll save yourself some moolah by purchasing more than one.


I met Tess at what I would term, "the lowest point in my life."  When I couldn't see a light within, she could. She has a way of asking questions that mull around in your head until the next mentoring session.  (When interacting with others, I still find myself quoting from her words of wisdom.)  She gave me the tools to find new, promising, exciting direction.  

Because of Tess, I not only found amazing strengths in my teaching career, but joy and laughter and peace with personal decisions.  She continues to influence my life with insight and a constant flow of creativity.  I think she is a wonder, a gift to anyone who is fortunate enough to receive her guidance and inspiration.

 ~ Linda Freed

When I met Tess Marshall my life was like an unassembled jigsaw puzzle! Worse, I was a highly organized multi-tasking, overachiever and having everything seem out of control wasn’t something I could handle well. 

The first thing I noticed about Tess was how happy she was. I realized how much I missed being happy. Tess helped me to focus, create boundaries and make and reach attainable goals. Her mentoring program helped me find my happy that I thought was lost forever. I learned that I was worthy of having and living the life of my dreams. The experience changed my life forever in a very positive way. I will always be grateful for that! ~ Amy Staskey

Tess Marshall's mentoring changed my life. She helped me get over being stuck physically, mentally, and emotionally. She was instrumental in my first steps towards creating the healthier life I now have by asking me challenging questions about my habits and helping me begin the process of change. I have since lost 150 pounds. She also gave me the guidance and support that I needed to finish my book. Tess’s blog continues to inspire me and challenge me to live a boldfearless life! I highly recommend Tess for guidance and support. ~ Millie Jackson 

If you have any questions email me at TessMarshall5 at gmail dot com

I look forward to working with you!

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