10 Steps to Summon Mighty Forces and Live a Bold Life

mighty forces

Most of your fears place you in the future with a sense of lack. You may fear that you’ll never have enough time, money, friends, support or love. You may fear you'll never live a bold life.

You may be afraid that you’ll always be stuck in the same job, relationship or place. 

Think about your top three fears. 

Fill in the blanks: 

I’m afraid of __________________________.

I’m afraid of __________________________.

I’m afraid of __________________________.

What do they say about your personal beliefs? How do they keep you stuck?

Read through the following three fears and the possible negative beliefs behind them. See if you can relate.

1. Fear:  I won’t have enough money to support myself. 

Negative beliefs:

I’m not smart or talented enough.

Nothing ever works out for me. 

There aren’t any good jobs left.

There’s not enough to go around.

2. Fear: I’ll always be alone

Negative beliefs:

I’m unlovable.

I’m not thin enough.

Nobody cares about me.

I’m not pretty/handsome enough.

All the good people are taken.

3. Fear: I don’t measure up. 

I don’t have enough.

I’m not good enough.

I’m damaged goods. 

I’m not capable.

I’m going to be left behind.

Our fears create our reality. If you think you won’t have enough, you never will. If you think that you’re not lovable, others will support your belief. And if you think you don’t measure up, you’ll always feel inferior.

You have the power to invent a bold life. Canadian author and pastor, Basil King said, “When you live boldly you summon mighty forces.” 

10 Steps to Summon Mighty Forces:

1. Reinvent your reality.

You create the world that you see with your belief system.  Choose to surrender your old beliefs and invent new ones. 

2. Decide what kind of life you want. 

Get an image of it in your mind. Write down affirmations to support your new vision. Hold your vision. Never let go.

3. Map out a strategy. 

Decide what steps will take you to your dream. Give up what will get in the way. Take action.

4. Make new friends. 

Reach out to the people who will support your new beliefs and challenge your limits. If you get rejected, try again. On the other side of rejection is a life-long friend.

5. Make a commitment. 

Be willing to do what it takes. Every day, do your three most important tasks first. Track your time. Keep moving forward.

6. Prepare for the best. 

Do what it takes. Wake up early. Focus. Do your best work. Ask for support.  Surrender perfection. Plan to have a happy ending. 

7. Challenge yourself. 

Take a risk. Don’t avoid what’s difficult. Do something different. Put yourself out there. Walk on the edge.

8. You are OK. 

Bring to mind your past successes. Remind yourself of your strengths. Bring up the “feelings” that came with your previous accomplishments.  Sit in the “after-glow” in advance. 

9. Be grateful in advance. 

Write a letter in your journal and thank your friends and colleagues, in advance, for helping you accomplish your goal. 

10. Manipulate your mind. 

Learn to shift your perception when you catch yourself in doubt and fear. See your future through new lenses. Choose to believe that the best is yet to come. Look around and notice good things happening everywhere. 

If you live in a world of fear and scarcity you’ll attract more fear and scarcity. Choose to invent a new reality. Make it one of possibility, miracles and love. I’ll meet you there!

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  • Motivational Speaker | Craig Harper March 19, 2013, 6:05 pm

    Hey Tess.

    We’re all scared. Of something. Or things. I’ve never worked with a person who has no fear. As in, zero fear about anything. And I’ve worked with many. But then, in relation to our life, our future and what we might do with both, the issue is not really ‘fear’ (as such) but rather, what we do despite it.

    We can manage it or be managed by it.
    We can recognise it for what it is without being determined by it.
    We can feel it without falling into an emotional tailspin.
    We can acknowledge it or we can pretend it doesn’t exist.
    We can give up or get up.

    Of course, our responses are all optional but what’s not optional is fear itself. It’s an unavoidable part of the human experience. A daily reality.


    • Tess The Bold Life March 21, 2013, 6:56 am

      Yes it’s a daily reality so if you don’t learn how to deal with you live in it. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Cathy Taughinbaugh March 19, 2013, 9:53 pm

    Hi Tess,

    Fear can certainly stop us in our tracks. It holds us back from taking those steps that might lead us to that better job, a new relationship, inner peace, etc. Fear of the unknown pressures us to remain in our present state, because as happy or as miserable as we might be, we are familiar with our situation. It’s that unknown that is so frightening. When we gain self esteem and believe in ourselves, we can start to let go of the outcome and let go of our fear. Thank you for sharing some great tips to gain our mighty force. We all need that!

    • Tess The Bold Life March 21, 2013, 6:58 am

      HI Cathy,
      No sense holding ourselves back out of fear when the only thing we need to do is get to know it, embrace it and move on.

  • Debbie March 20, 2013, 7:41 am

    Love these 10 steps Tess. As you teach
    I am not my fear.
    I am willing to be free.
    I an not my fear. I am free.
    I embrace myself with Love.
    I am enough
    I do enough
    I have enough
    My future is bright.

    Thank you for helping me see what my fears are, facing them, standing up to them and over coming them one day at a time.

    • Tess The Bold Life March 22, 2013, 2:54 pm

      There is just no other way to put it…you’re awesome! Be brave and carry on!

  • Anne-Sophie March 22, 2013, 2:10 pm

    Our minds see what they want to see and we experience what we want to experience. If we want to see fear, we will see it. If we want to see obstacles, we will see them. Yet, if we want to see opportunity and love, we can see that too. Great post, Tess.

  • Tess The Bold Life March 22, 2013, 2:55 pm

    I’m going for opportunity and love. Thanks for your comment. I love your attitude and wisdom..

  • Charlotte Rains Dixon March 23, 2013, 11:13 am

    How about, “I’m afraid of everything?” I’m not, but sometimes it feels like it. I think that so many of are fears are based on not having “enough” which is a lie. There’s plenty of everything, we just have to claim it. And your steps are really helpful to do that!

    • Tess The Bold Life March 23, 2013, 11:44 am

      Hi Charlotte,
      I so agree. So many fears are based on “I don’t have enough.” As long as we have our breathe we have enough! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Chris March 26, 2013, 4:45 am

    To overcome fear and self doubt, I try to leave the comfort zone and just do it, no matter what result, no matter if its good or not… for me its always important to make the first little step and then keep going.
    But- its always a challenge 🙂
    Cheers, Chris

  • Shawn March 26, 2013, 5:22 pm

    My biggest fear is not having enough money to support myself. Recently I decided to reinvent my mindset on and way of thinking on this. Instead of complaining about it, I decided on a way to start making other forms of income, developed a strategy, and started taking action. I made a commitment and an doing something to get me toward that goal every day. I am definitely taking a risk but am preparing myself for the best and this blog is helping me manipulate my mind and shift my perception about myself and what I can achieve. I guess now I just need look into finding some more supportive friends and start a journal to write about my gratitude toward the people that help me reach my goals in advance!
    Thank you for this uplifting post!

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