Embrace Fear and Live Life Out Loud

by Tess on November 12, 2008

Risk: theme for AGDA 2008

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Fear can overpowerl your mind, confidence and your life if you allow it. How much of your day do you find yourself in fear and worry about your future or the future of our world? We have been jolted out of our comfort zone by the events happening in the world today. As a life coach I teach clients how to deal with their fears and continue to live with passion and purpose.

Fear Is Normal.  We are all afraid. On the top of our lists today is the fear we have for our future, our jobs and our families. As if this isn’t enough We are afraid of getting too closeto others and losing them. We are afraid that we will hurt someone or someone will hurt us. We are afraid of not knowing anything and knowing too much. We fear losing control and being too controlling. We fear good things won’t happen and bad things will. We are afraid of being alone and not being by ourselves enough.

We are afraid of who we are and who we could be. We fear change and we fear not changing. We fear what we know and we fear the unknown. WE fear failing and we fear succeeding. These are universal fears. 

Fear has a purpose; it keeps you from doing crazy things and prevents you from acting irrationally. Fear gives you time to thing before you act. Being in touch with your fears is part of being in touch with who you are. It is healthy to admit you are afraid, worried or anxious. To do so requires strength. When  you express worries and anxieties they lose their power. You will never get rid of fear. However you can learn to starve your fears with trust, confidence and courage. 

Allow Nothing To Stand In Your Way.  If we are going to live up to our full potential and fulfill our life purpose we have no choice but to work through fear. We do not reach our potential by playing it safe. If you are alive you have fears. It is what you do with them and how you handle them that makes all the difference in the world. When you are afraid, ask yourself, “Who will do this if I don’t?” 

The best advice in the world is to keep your attention on what is going right in your life and the joy of living. Refuse to live a life of quiet desperation. Take time to recognize your talent, gifts and blessings. Then stand tall and strong like a lighthouse and shine your love and light so others can find their way. Be committed to expressing your greatness! 

Lighten Up A Laugh. Laughter is an enemy of depression, fear and anger. You can judge the health of a family or workplace by how much laughter takes place. 

Focus On Success. Make a list of everything you have succeeded at in your life. Hang it somewhere you can see it for the times you doubt yourself. Think of all the difficulties you have come through. Reflect on other tough times and how you made it through them.

Get Creative. Draw or paint your fear. Dialogue with your fear. Ask with your dominant hand, “Fear, what are you here to teach me?” Answer with your non-dominant hand. Continue dialoguing until you feel at peace. 

Listen To Music.Music is healing. Clasical music can reduce stress. Rock gives you energy. Chanting brings you into a meditative state. Children’s music makes your heart smile. Joahan Paul Friedrich Richter said, “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” 

Delay Fear. Live the next seven days without fear. When a fear comes up jot it town in a notebook or journal and tell the fear you will get back to it later. 

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.  Let fo of life being perfect. Learn to roll with the punches. Read the cartoons and watch comedy. Put balance in your life. A mantra I use when a fear pops up (especially when it’s something our of my control) is “Oh well, so what!” 

Stop reading and listening to the news. If you aren’t willing to do this completely cut the time you do it in half. Don’t worry you won’t miss a thing. Someone will tell you about anything major changes. A news fast relieves me of anxiety, doubt and fear. It allows me time to do what’s really important with a laser focus. 

Take Action. What bold steps can you take today? Turn your fearful energy into action steps. If you want to live the bold life there it’s necessary to embrace your fears and move on.

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    Jennifer (Danifer) December 12, 2008 at 9:13 am

    I agree with all of this and hope to follow your advice. I have always been a fearful person, always anticipating the worst. It is a Virgo nature that was passed down to me by my mother. I grew up way before my time by worrying. But, on the other hand, I rarely make bad decisions because I look at the whole picture. Like your suggestion, I don’t listen or watch the news, it’s too scary for me. I have also included positive intentions on topics that scare me. Every time they enter my mind, I change it to a positive. It’s amazing how many times my mind wants to go to the scary places, but the positive is stronger.

    Jennifer (Danifer)’s last blog post..Tips For Remembering Names


    Dustin @ Beating the Grind March 3, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Excellent article.

    Fear has another valuable quality – it acts as gate keeper to success. Only those who are willing to pay the price of facing their fears recognize ultimate success.

    Fascinating stuff Tess, thanks!

    Dustin @ Beating the Grind’s last blog post..Fail as Fast as You Can!


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