Peace, Love, Connection

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Peace, Love, Connection:
A Photographic Gallery of Inspirational Poetry

Do you feel disconnected, fearful and love-deprived?

Do you want  more peace, love and connection with yourself and others?

There are seven billion people in the world and too many feel invisible, unheard and unseen. Tess's poetry is based on issues we all struggle with. 

Each poem offers a piece of wisdom and is paired with the beautiful photography of Caroline Manrique. The editors from the essay service make sure that no misspellings were left uncorrected. 

In Peace, Love, Connection you'll understand how to:

  • Transform your thinking and sense of connection
    Feel loved and accepted by others
  • Stop self-sabotage and create meaning in your relationships
  • Transform your thinking and sense of connection
  • Feel more comfort and trust

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 Peace, Love, Connection




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Table of Contents


See the Good in Everyone

What the World Needs Now

If Only

Fall Down On Your Knees

Craving Tenderheartedness

Happy for You

It Doesn't Matter

It Matters

Reflect Joy

The Energy of the Soul

You can create more peace, love and connection in your life. Love is all around you! There's plenty of it in the world, enough for everyone.

You deserve to be loved, fully seen, heard and appreciated. Make the choice today. Grab a copy of Peace, Love, Connection. I dare you to change your world!

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