How To Dream The Impossible Dream



I'm in the process of making changes for my business, "The Bold Life." At this time I will no longer be offering coaching.

If you or someone you know is looking for a life-changing coach I would highly recommend our guest today, Lana Kravtsova, from Dream Followers. 

Lana writes, facilitates and organizes personal growth group workshops in Atlanta, create products (new one is coming soon)  and does 1-1 coaching. 

All of this serves her one ultimate goal: To give You Clarity on who you are, what your purpose, passions and dreams are…

Clarity is a magical thing.

Lana helps you live more consciously and tap Into Your Inner Source of: … so you can find your way to live your life aligned with your True Self and your Authentic Vision.

In Lana's words "My blog Dream Followers is about getting in the flow.You get in the flow by knowing yourself first. It took me awhile to find myself taking layers and layers of fake stuff off.

Once I rediscovered myself, my passions and dreams –  ideas, people, opportunities started appearing in my life moving me forward toward my goals."


Do you remember a time in your life when you had a goal you were really excited about- your soul was singing, your whole being felt inspired and energized when you thought about what your life would be like when you reached that goal?

Then something weird started happening. You were still excited but you started procrastinating, postponing the action you needed to take in order for you to reach that goal. 

You started doubting your abilities, worrying and finding excuses why not to take the next step. 

Then a thought came to your head that maybe you didn’t need that goal to begin with. Maybe you’d be better off doing something else. 

Thought after thought and finally you were completely convinced that this was not your goal, that you’d be better off finding something else to do. 

I bet all of us have been in situations like this one.  It’s OK when it happens once or twice. But if that is what is happening over and over again in your life and you find yourself settling for mediocre goals more and more often, you have to do something to stop this self-sabotage. 

Is this your True Goal? 

First thing to do is to check and see if the goal was really your true goal, if it was the desire coming from your soul, from your True Self. 

Those are the only goals that can make us truly happy when we reach them and that are aligned with our higher purpose in life.  

How do you know if the goal is the true goal? 

Sit quietly, forget about everything but the goal itself. 

Imagine yourself reaching it. Get into that feeling that you would experience when you reach it. 

Listen to your feelings. What do you feel?

Does your soul still sing? Do you still get excited and inspired?

If you are in Atlanta join Lana's local meetup group or connect with her to find out about a big social she is planning for Atlanta business professionals in spring. Subscribe for Lana's blog’s RSS updates and/or her weekly email inspiration roundup.

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