WTF: Working Through Fear

On some level, we believe that if we could predict the future, we’d be happier. If we could stay in our comfort zone, we’d remain safe. If we didn’t have to experience change, our lives would be easier. 

Personally, I find comfort zones monotonous and enjoy the feelings that anticipation and uncertainty bring. These feelings keep me working through my fear.

The scariest and most difficult times in my life have helped me feel strong, resilient and alive. These times have helped shaped a better me. 

The same is most likely true about you. Yet, too often, we continue to hold back. 

One way to get through fear is to have a better understanding of it. 

Almost always, our fear is caused by the way we think about things. If we want to work through our fear, it’s imperative that we learn how to think differently about it. 

The following facts and solutions will help you work through your fear. 

1. Fear is about the future. 

With the media bombarding us with messages of violence, destruction, power and negativity, it’s easy to live in a constant state of fear. 

Humans have a negativity bias. Our brains pay more attention to the negative situations, experiences and information in life than the positive. 

It’s easy to imagine a future of gloom and doom rather than a positive and happy one. 

Solution: Turn off the negative media. Drop all thoughts and talk of doomsday. Replace your scary stories about the future with ones of positivity, beauty and love. 

What if you really believed that the best is yet to come? Choose to anticipate and create an awesome future. 

2. Fear is about loss. 

Fear is about future loss. We fear change. We fear the end of things. We fear that someone we love will leave us or die. We fear losing a job, income or the pleasures we’ve come to enjoy. We fear losing our health, comfort and control. We fear we’ll be rejected. We fear dying alone. 

Solution: Change is inevitable; embrace it. Alan Watts said, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.” Live in the present moment. Let go of the things that you think you need. 

Fear challenges us to dare to go deeper and grow. 

In order to get where you want to go, you must act, speak up, take risks and do the very thing you fear the most. 

You are worthy of love, your dream and the best that life has to offer. Do the unthinkable. Try the unbelievable. Stretch and grow into someone you’d love to know.

3. Fear is an illusion. If you have your basic needs met, it’s unlikely that your fear is grounded in reality. 

Explore your fear. Bring it into the light. Peel back the layers. Name it. Interact with it. Look at it from a distance. Look beyond the smoke and mirrors. 

When you can walk through your fears, you become unstoppable. You can create a life of passion, meaning and service. The world becomes a better place. 

Solution: Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Remind yourself that your fears are simply thoughts about the unknown. Become aware of your surroundings and remind yourself that in the present moment you are safe. Breathe and keep moving forward.

4. Fear calls you to live life to the fullest. Fear will call you to use your gifts and talents. If you don’t answer the call you’ll feel empty and miserable. If you dare to move into the unknown, you’ll be uncertain but alive. 

When you live on the edge, anxiety is normal. The best things worth having and doing are frightening. Do them anyway. Endless possibilities await those brave enough to follow their heart.

Solution: Become aware, clear, engaged and focused. Take action in spite of your fear. Live out loud. Play full out and enjoy the process. 

Imagine the life that awaits you when you can embrace your fear, stand in the center of your dream and breathe life into it. That’s the life I want for you! And it’s available whenever you are!

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