Decide to Change: Make Action a Habit and 30 Days of Bold

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Life doesn’t change much unless you decide to change it. Once you decide, really decide, there’s no going back. You craft a plan and take action.

Sometimes your action will be in the form of small steps. Sometimes you’ll leap. As long as you’re consistent, it doesn’t matter. You just keep taking action.

And more action. Or as Anthony Robbins says, “You take massive action.” 

The following inventors and creators have decided. They’ve taken action. 

Angela Artemis decided and has written several books that have become Amazon sellers. She is now a Kindle Book Coach. I know she’s good. She’s coached me in the past!  

Jody Chapman decided and became the writer and creator behind Soul Speak. I’ve watched Jodi take massive action in the past year that’s literally changed her business and life. If you want to know how she does it, join her elite mastermind program, Soul Shakers. Jodi will show you how to make your dream a reality. Tell Jodi that I sent you. 

Alex Blackwell decided and has been invited to be part of Belief Net. You can find him at Everyday Inspiration three days a week. Alex is an amazingly loving guy and friend! 

Victor Schueller decided and created his own radio show and recently ran his first marathon. This guy is on F-I-R-E! 

Cathy Taughinbaugh’s daughter is a recovering drug addict. Cathy decided and is coaching parents all over the world to cope with their own addicted children. She’s partnering with well-known experts and doing meaningful and life-changing work!

Betsy McKee Henri decided and gives inspiration and advice to parents. Her book Zen Tips:Daily Inspiration Meditations for Happiness and Fulfillment has been a big hit. I have my own autographed copy.

Fran Sorin is a gardener gone wild. She decided and has an Amazon best-seller Digging Deep. I love, love and love the book! I’ve not read another like it. Seriously! Fran and I are the same age and we share an “aging” bond. 

Vidya Sury decided and works as a freelance writer and professional blogger. She also works with an independent ethics committee that reviews protocols for human clinical trials.

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt decided and survived anorexia. She works as a body image expert and a self-love advocate. She’s the author of Love Your Body the Way It Is, a guide to a love-filled relationship with your body.

Zeenat Sayal decided and offers online counseling via Skype, to explore your emotions and find a new way of looking at your life. 

Elle Sommer, of Reflecting a Life, decided and teaches others how to live consciously, tap into their unlimited power and make their dreams a reality. 

David Stevens decided and works as a life coach, helps you get over your excuses and get on with your dreams. 

Millions of people are doing great things. Every day!

And you can too!

If you are:

  • Hanging on by a thread
  • Tired of feeling incapable
  • Unworthy and insecure
  • Sick of being stuck in jobs, relationships and routines
  • Doubting, missing out and holding back…

30 Days of Bold: The week by week breakdown

Week 1: Bold: An Attitude, Belief, and Lifestyle  We begin where we are and go at our own pace. We’ll discover how to think, speak, act with courage in order to do the things we have delayed for so long. We’ll learn how to change our story, let go of limits, calm ourselves and transform our negative sense of self.  It’s time to eliminate barriers, stay inspired and be unstoppable as we mold our lives like we desire.

Week 2:  Face Your Fears and Change Your Life We’ll use the tools, guidance and wisdom needed to transform fear and doubt into powerful allies and messengers that lead to greater confidence, self-worth and deliberate action.  In a safe environment, anything is possible.

Week 3: Create Your Vision, Map Your Strategy, Take Action Plan  Our vision is a reminder of our long term benefits.  We’ll plan the steps and activities that will lead us from impossible to possible and from fearful to fearless. Finally we’ll create an action plan that will help move us forward in any area of our life. We’ll gain the skills needed to never feel powerless again. 

Week 4: The Guts to Be Extraordinary. Claim Your Power, Magic, & Genius We’ll cover how to control our response to the fears that we’ll inevitably come up against as we push the boundaries of our horizons. We’ll learn how to turn our fears into strengths as we persist in the creation of our reality. We embrace our abundance and create more love, trust, and satisfaction in life. We won’t get somewhere new. We become someone new. The only thing left to do is to soar!

Days 29 & 30 Review and Wrap Up and Celebration  We strengthen our inner clarity and commitment as we become witnesses to our success. We honor ourselves with appreciation, commemoration, and gratitude. We are impressed by the gap between who we used to be and who we are now.

Connect. Share Receive a Ton of Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Support 

Every Monday you’ll receive directions in your inbox, with tools and techniques for rolling with comparison, rejection, attachment, grasping, desperation, jealousy, struggling, straining, demanding, and plotting. All those egotistical ways we self-sabotage.

30 Bold Days of genuine community and connection, guidance and inspiration and resources to kick start your bold and courageous life. Learn how to remove self-imposed barriers, avoid potholes and pitfalls, make fearless choices and flex your get-up-and-go muscles.

Access to the password protected, members only page, at The Bold Life, where you have access to everything. You can come back as often as you like. Lifetime access!

A Series of Personal Heartfelt Videos by “The Fearless People,” who share their stories on how they overcame their biggest fear and tips on how you can do the same. We  will inspire you and encourage you to move forward.

30 days of bold

Weekly, worksheets, lessons, activities, and encouragement for strengthening your courage muscles with small acts of bravery that will you lead to giant leaps.   

30 days of bold

Fear is the hidden, powerful factor that stops us from finding simplicity, happiness, pursuing our passions. Tess has created a tool to help you dig up the hidden fears and finally conquer them. You’ll be liberated and empowered, and finally at peace. ~ Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

Come join us. Commit to pushing through to the other side. Remember you have what it takes.
 You are not alone! There’s an entire community to support you!

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More Tess-timonials!

Whatever you do, take Tess Marshall’s e-course – it’ll change your life, because it’ll change you. It is one of the few courses I’ve taken that has had a huge impact on my self awareness, and the image I hold of myself…moving me into a braver, bolder state of mind. And from that place magic happens. ~ Elle Sommer 

Thank you so much for 30 Days of Bold. It was the perfect challenge for me. The workbooks gave me the clarity I needed to overcome my resistance, create a strategy and continue in the direction of my dreams. I found the affirmations and videos a gift and intend to continue using the course material to take risks and move forward. ~ Olav Osttveit

Thank you Tess for your wonderful “30 Days of Bold.” I’ve begun a new life believing “I am not my fears,” and “I am enough.” I found the weekly workbooks and worksheets extremely helpful and I will refer to them again and again. I shall be forever grateful for your wisdom. Thank you for crossing my path! Anyone who takes this course will become a happier and bolder person. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to finally believe that they can accomplish anything! ~ Debbie Bills

Tess Marshall’s course “30 days of BOLD” isn’t about sitting back to read or watch videos about being BOLD…it’s about taking ACTION, in small steps (penguin steps and at your own pace) to move you in whatever direction is holding you back or making you stuck. Sometimes, you just have to get out and DO IT no matter what results will be, as this is how we learn to be BOLD. Walk through fear…Tess’s material and motivation are AWESOME as she shares information and ideas to help you along your way to achieving your dreams and becoming BOLD. ~ Janet Strang 

In “30 Days of Bold” I found what I was looking for–a safe place and the tools I needed to identify how my fears were holding me back and how to move forward. Tess has a warm and infectious personality which permeates every aspect of the course. I cannot recommend the course (and Tess) highly enough!” SB.

Participating in Tess Marshall “30 Days of Bold” program taught me to acknowledge my fears, set them aside and let my courage and boldness shine through. Tess is a caring and down-to-earth coach who not only encourages you to believe in your dreams, but helps you gain the confidence to believe in yourself. Thank you Tess! ~ Sandra Gardner

30 Days of Bold taught me to look at fear differently, to face it head on, showing me that my own ideas about fear have been stronger than fear itself. The course is engaging, entertaining, easy to use and most of all, helpful in tackling the fear demons that might be lurking around. Tess Marshall’s approach is interactive and positive.She boldly challenges in a way that instills confidence and courage to live with spark, determination and a spirit of unstoppable boldness. ~ Brenda

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course…it challenged me and helped me to see things from new perspectives. I really grew to understand just how much “fear” was running my life and stopping me from doing things. Even little teeny weeny things. I started with baby steps…and hope to take bigger and bigger steps in the future as I get used to moving through my fear. I also found the videos helpful. Tess is a wonderful inspiration and her enthusiasm is contagious. I am really glad I did this program. I boldly recommend this course to others.” ~ Wendi Davies

“Tess Marshall has illuminated a universal force we all have in dealing with personal, public and business relationships, fear. Tess has created an interactive course that is motivation in understanding this force and how it relates in real life situations. “30 Days of Bold” opens up a honest dialogue within yourself and others in dealing with fear. At the end of the course you will have a much clearer understanding of yourself as well as a box full of tools to use as you continue to navigate the winding path of living.” ~ BobBuy Now - Button Orange

To see a video and more about the course click here. 

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