The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things

We are living in times of great fear. Most people either fear "not having enough" or fear "losing what they have." Articles on abundance and prosperity inundate the Internet. Kathy Mattea sings a song,"Standing Knee Deep in a River…dying of thirst. 

Neil Pasricha,the author of the award winning blog,1000 Things and "The Book of Awesome" gives us the answers to life's woes.

In the book you'll find 200 awesome reminders of simple pleasures we take for granted. Things like "The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter." "The sound of scissors cutting construction paper." "Tripping and realizing no one saw you." "The sound of rain from inside a tent."

You'll learn to how to make sure there's ice cream left at the bottom of the cone and how to never again drive up to a gas pump with the gas cap on the other side.

My favorite awesome thing is "The smell of books."

"The smell of books reminds me of late nights cramming for biology exams between the library stacks at college. It reminds me of lying on my elbows on a warm beach towel by the ocean on summer vacation…the smell of books reminds me of learning to read and learning to explore the world.

The smell of books is the smell of us all coming together to document, entertain, and explain things for ourselves now and forever. It's a big sniff of humanity, a big sniff of wisdom, and a great big sniff of AWESOME." 

Neil's descriptions of "awesome things" are sometimes long and sometime short. His style is funny, entertaining and nostalgic. You'll find yourself reading with a smile. 

More AWESOMENESS can be found on Neil's blog.

Your mom’s love

Getting grass stains

Picking the perfect nacho off someone else’s plate

Wearing underwear just out of the dryer

News Flash for People Living In Fear: 
The sky isn't falling and we aren't dying of thirst!
We only need to stop, smell the roses and notice small miraculous moments. 
You'll want to keep a copy of "The Book of Awesome" by your bed or in your bathroom.
Gift a hospital patient or college graduate.
Read it to your grandmother on your next visit because you don't know what else to talk about.
Turn off the electronics and take turns reading it with your kids on the next road trip.
Purchase several copies for the times you need that perfect gift!
About the Author
Neil Pasricha works an office job in the suburbs, eats frozen burritos for dinner, and needs to go to the gym more. He's just a regular guy who loves the smell of gasoline, sleeping on the cool side of the pillow, and peeling an orange in one shot.
I'm closing comments so you can take the time to check out Neil's blog and book. The book will be available April 15 but you can pre-order it today on Amazon.

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