9 Awesome Personal Development Bloggers Give Away Their Best

Hello Sweet Friends and Readers,

My friend Diggy from Upgrade Reality has gathered 9 Top Notch FREE E-books from some of the best personal development bloggers online!

Check them out at the Personal Development Give-Away site.  

Sit and chill with a great book and a tall glass of lemonade. Enjoy and inspire yourself.

You can get them all or you can choose the ones that best fit your needs.

The fabulous books and bloggers…

  • YOU V2.0 (by Dirk de Bruin)
  • Peace, Love, Connection (by Tess Marshall)
  • Unleash Your Maximum Potential (by Vincent Tan)
  • The Super-Charged Guide to Smart Living (by Jeff Nickles)
  • The Book of Wisdom (by Anastasiya Goers)
  • 500 Simple Ways to Celebrate and Enjoy Life (by Marelisa Fabrega)
  • Why We’re Failing the 4-Hour Workweek (by Hunter Nuttall)
  • How To Build Reputation With Your Blog (by Dragos Roua)
  • Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps (by Annabel Candy)

On the give-away site you'll find the images of the books and a short description. Go see if there's anything there that will help you grow! (you do have to subscribe to these blogs in order to get the ebooks, but you can unsubscribe at any time:)


With love and appreciation!


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