A Day In A Life of Online Friends

by Tess


A couple of weeks ago Megan from It's All About Joy and I were invited to meet Joy, from Ethereal Joy and Jay from Porsidan in California. We both jumped at the chance and had a wonderful time getting to know each other in person!

Joy and Jay

blogging friendships

Megan and Joy


Meeting, hugging, already knowing each other

Walking and exploring the peaceful gardens

Eating seafood by the ocean

Being present…sharing stories

Somebody sleeping

Others eating Chinese take-out

Sleeping on the sailboat

Dreaming of future visits and laughter

Running 3.5 miles under the sunny blue sky

Drinking Latte and Chai at Starbucks

Mirroring wisdom

Finishing each other's sentences

Enjoying dessert at a French Cafe

Laughing until it hurt

Gasping for air and more laughing

Final moments at the comfort beach

Good bye hugs and promises to meet again

Moments in time etched on my heart forever

Happy Easter/Spring Everyone!

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