10 Tips For A Great Day!

If you are feeling blah, down or just unmotivated you can always choose to do things that will pull you forward. Positive people think a certain way, talk and even move a certain way. Think of the most positive person you know. What characteristics make this person memorable?

Being positive and making the most out of life even when things aren’t going good takes effort, energy and willingness. Make your day exciting and bright by taking the following simple steps.

1. Notice your thoughts first upon awakening. Become aware of what you are you telling yourself. If it’s negative you can practice flipping a switch. Imagine a light switch. With one flick you can either make the room bright or dark. It’s the same with your mind. When you catch yourself with negative thoughts and feelings, flip the switch to positive thoughts and happier feelings.

2. Take action. Get your things ready the day before so you can hit the ground running. Have your exercise clothes layed out the night before. Make your “to do” list the night before as well. Prioritze your list and work on the most difficult tasks first. Eat a healthy breakfast. Keep your gas tank half full. Allow nothing to delay feeling good. Don’t pull the covers over your head and hit the alarm again.

3. No complaining. Become aware of how much you complain. Stop for thirty days. Each time you catch yourself you have to begin your 30 days over. You will notice you complain about the same things over and over. Take action and make some affirmation cards. They will lift you up when you are down.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Why would you even consider being with anyone else. Negative people will pull down your mood and energy. You have control over this. Choose wisely.

5. Refuse to gossip. Make your words soft and sweet. When someone looks for you to comment on something negative say, “I don’t have an opinon on that” or “I don’t know anything about that.” Again move on.

6. Stay in the present moment. If you want to be happy refuse to live in the fear of the future of the pain of the past. In the present moment you feel safe.

7. Remain calm and centered when conflict arises. Never allow someone to take you off your balance.
Spending time in silence each day will help you stand back and stay out of conflict. You can’t reason with others when they are upset.

8. Smile. It’s difficult to be low when you have a smile on your face. Smile while you speak with others both on and off the phone. Your smile will light up the room.

9. Laugh. You can tell how healthy a home or workplace is by the amount of laughter. Create a fun and pleasant atmosphere. You will become a magnet for others that are positive.

10. Serve others. Go the extra mile. When you are asked to do something go beyond what is needed. Anticipate what needs to be done and begin. Be the first to volunteer. Help those who can’t or won’t repay you.

Being positive is a choice. Positivity breeds success. Don’t allow others to kill your joy. Rise about the economy, the naysayers and anyone else who wants to hold you back. This is your life. Make it great!

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