When The Heart Guides The Mind…

by Tess on September 23, 2009

Wilma and Ann-Marie talking

Today I have invited Wilma (on the right) from Wilma’s Blog to be my guest. Wilma and her friend Ann Marie are co-bloggers and also have a program for women called “Women Like Me.”

I love everything about them… their unique writing styles, their commitment to live in integrity, their stories (they tell on themselves all the time) and the fact they are Kiwi’s from New Zealand!

This quote sums up in a couple of sentences…their mission: 

So we say to all you conscious women out there, who stand shaking at the cliff edge… “YOU CAN DO IT!” and we’re right there with you through this blog.” Bridge the gap from knowing to doing; become a woman you are proud of.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Wilma is writing today. I’ll feature Ann Marie when she returns from her trip to Ireland.

Life had become duty, work and fearful.  I had the odd vague yearnings of my heart, stirred by books, movies, music and nature. But they were short lived and I had no way to nurture them.

Thus life was grinding on until that blessed day my heart spoke up.  It did on the day that my clever heart saw John.

My heart saw him at work on a yacht owned by David Lewis, a well known sailor close to 80 years old who completely followed his heart and I could see that John did too.

Little did I know that from then on things were set in motion that led to remarkable results. Soon John and I lived together and my heart started to strengthen and got heard. On that day I began my new dance.

To illustrate what an incredible powerhouse the heart is I share one of its many stories.

One day, not being together that long we were sitting in our home, when I said to John; “Wood is no comparison with this carpet, don’t you think?”
Of course John thought the same and as a man of action suggested ripping up the carpet.

Well, on hearing this, the mind which then had not lost its pizzazz yet, went; “What! This is perfectly good carpet, get real! Think of the costs, no way I will let this happen!”

Ha, but the heart had an alley, John and before the mind knew it, the carpet was gone and parts of wooden floor were being revealed. Parts is right, because shock horror, the old part of the house had indeed beautiful floors but the later additions had not and were a mixture of wood and particle board.

But a man with a heart knows how to fix wooden floors so for several months we lived in a mess and funnily enough enjoyed every minute of it. We ended up with the most beautiful floors ever. 

wooden floors When The Heart Guides The Mind...









My heart sang every time when the sun was playing with the wood and my feet were dancing on the floor.

Having required a taste, the kitchen became the obvious next target for the heart.  “Oh no, I know what you are thinking” the mind protested feebly; “That kitchen is perfectly fine and good for another 5 years at least. You’ve gone crazy; stop it!”

But the heart and I had gotten bolder AND we knew we had John.
John keen to experiment with building a free standing kitchen for a possible boat design project – but that is another story – immediately responded; “Right, I am in, let’s play!”

And it did literally feel like playing, working on this combined house and boat project the way we did.

We made prototypes, we endlessly tried and tested things and had the most glorious time experiencing this whole design and building process.

Instead of having a nightmare story to tell about renovating, we had great things to share and as a bonus I discovered my design talents. 

It was a blast to work in such harmony, building upon each other strengths and being so relaxed in the midst of chaos. We rocked.
And one day we had this most beautiful kitchen.

kitchen mar08 015 trme When The Heart Guides The Mind...









This time my heart sang because during cooking or baking I never ever ran out of space, thanks to its huge wooden spacious kitchen bench.

Life flowed calmly until next door two townhouses were being built. They took out most of our view of a nearby rain forest. On top of that John had run out of space to plant trees and shrubs.

My heart started to long for more nature. It dreamed of fruit trees, quiet surrounds and views of trees instead of town houses.

The timing was right too, we were building an online learning business so we could leave the city.

By now the mind had a measure of the heart and silently went; “Oh no, something is up, I can smell it. This kitchen, the floors, the garden, all this work AND money down the drain, I can see it coming. We are letting it go, right?”

Right was right. The house went on the market and we were moving to live in nature, a childhood dream coming true.

this is the house our heart got us to When The Heart Guides The Mind...







We were in.

As for our house! We found the best tenants ever, appreciating our lovely house.

So that is how an open heart and doing love in action can unleash a magical choreographed dance. 

And here we are, John and I, having an amazing  time in this Garden of Eden, growing veggies, fruit from our own orchard and ready for more adventures. What next?

When is the last time your heart danced?
When have you been in the flow due to putting your love in action ?

Please share your thoughts below!

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    { 38 comments… read them below or add one }

    Peggy September 23, 2009 at 7:33 am

    Thank you Tess for introducing us (me?) to Wilma! What a truly beautiful article.

    I’ve been allowing my heart to lead (which is a complete practice in awareness and being able to let go) since the first part of my life ended in 2002. My love in action is going stronger than ever…humming at full speed…creating…guiding…leading…and my life is all the better because of it!
    .-= Peggy´s last post…The Scar =-.


    Lance September 23, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Hi Tess,
    What a wonderful guest you have here today!

    Hi Wilma,
    So good to see you! And what a great story of listening to the heart, and really of two hearts working as one. So often, the heart knows…and following it is such a good thing to do.
    .-= Lance´s last post…Laughter Revisited =-.


    Carolynn September 23, 2009 at 11:46 am

    I’m practicing doing this more & more. Still waiting for the magic to unfold, however, I am enjoying the journey and can feel myself growing stronger and more firm in my Beingness.
    .-= Carolynn´s last post…Be. Do. Have. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Oh Peggy, thanks for really listening to the heart of my story and isn’t it great that you can live from being love in action.
    I do acknowledge your courage and your accomplishments because of it.
    I love that you said the first part of your life ended in 2002, it feels like entering another life doesn’t it?
    I feel sooo fortunate to have acquired this awareness because for a long time I was actually stumped in knowing what MY part in life was and what I was supposed to do to live a life I really could respect. It has been a real eye opener for me while living with John to see how many bad habits, beliefs and thought patterns I had acquired over the years that were barriers to doing a great life.
    I do so congratulate you on having become aware, I know what it takes.
    Thanks Peggy for chiming in, it is this encouraging each other that is so what we need.
    Hugs Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…The benefits of doing completion. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 12:51 pm

    Hi Lance.
    It is amazing how the mind is such an obstacle in doing things and experiencing life in a way we can respect ourselves as the adventurers that we are. . We can all see that in Lisis story too.
    The mind can conjure up fearful stories like the best Hollywood horor story script writer and when the heart is not strong enough we have no show to live a life that we are meant to live.
    It is an interesting journey though, with frights when you are confronted with the unexpected consequences of your actions. It is the unexpected results that can give us a fright in the moment when they happen, like Lisis and I not being able to seel our houses.
    But as we learn to laugh (as per your own blog post) and get light and beyond the limitation of the mind, we can get on with solving the unexpected .
    It is then that I have seen possibilities arise that I could not have foreseen in advance.
    But you cannot know that also unexpected opporunties and possibilities arise until you go out and experience life.
    Oh the vicious circle of that. That is why Ann-Marie and I say, go for it and JUMP, that is the only way to find out.

    And yes Lance, working with two hearts makes for a powerhouse, I can tell you. I enjoyed to see that you noticed that in the story, hugs to you, Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…The benefits of doing completion. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    Hi Carolynn.
    Becoming aware of who you are being and what you are doing as a consequence of who you are being is so powerful. In the end what you have comes out of that and is usually far more than you ever imagined.
    It is a real journey living like this instead of rushing to a goal with a linear mind set and waiting to enjoy life until you have that house, money or certificate.
    To let life unfold is so much fun AND to live like that requires practice indeed.
    However I was so unsure at first with knowing what my part in this journey would be. I am getting more and more that it is about living daily life in a very authentic and integrity way. If you own house is not in order at a very daily level, you will trip yourself up all the time.
    The fact that we did what we did with accountability and ownership coming from love, did so pay off.
    We would not have had great tenants if we would not have prepared the house in the way we did. Unexpected yes, frightful at first yes, but we trucked on and the results were fantastic.
    I know what you say about results though, sometimes during the journey it is so unclear where you are going and you really can get despondent.
    That is where the learning AND the practice AND a community around you comes in to keep you on your journey in the way you intent to.
    I admire your steadfastness to learn who you are being, that is where is all starts, you are base camp.
    Thank you for Be-ing so generous and lovingly sharing your response.
    Love Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…The benefits of doing completion. =-.


    Angelia Sims September 23, 2009 at 1:34 pm

    Hi Wilma! Beautiful story! Beautiful floors! What a fine job you both did with all your hearts. I love the new nature home, just breathtaking. My heart dances every day. I have moments when it doesn’t (ok maybe hours), but that beat just comes back and keeps keeping on. Your post makes my heart dance for you and for everyone that reads it and finds the dream in their own heart. My flow in life is always for the good. Thank you for sharing your story!
    .-= Angelia Sims´s last post…Who had the right of way? =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Angelia.
    I loved those floors too!
    You are a champ to have learned how to keep your heart so strong, it is uncanning how through life our hearts get battered and bruised; it gets wounded more severe than we think. Then we wonder why the heart has become so quiet and how the mind has got such a stronghold. The mind is getting strengthened in this day and age all the time and the heart gets left behind. And thus we live this limited life and feel unfulfilled.
    So I do admire you for having found ways to fuel the heart and recognizing its true value. The heart is sure the intelligent one, the solution and ideas it comes up with are so amazing, it certainly has made my life full of joy, beauty and adventure.
    I share your take on keeping up our vigilance when it stops dancing, even if it is only for hours.
    Angelia, thanks for letting your heart speak up, mine loved it.
    Hugs Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord September 23, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    What a wonderful post – so full of hope and love.
    To be honest, I’m just starting to learn how to dance now. For years, I sat on the bleachers, watching and waiting to be asked to dance. Now I’m finally taking those first few slightly unsteady dance steps and trying to sway to whatever music I hear. Your post ties in quite well with the dance I’ve just started doing, so I’m hoping that’s a sign of what’s to come!
    Thank you, Wilma!
    And thanks, Tess, for featuring such a great writer!
    .-= Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last post…Feeling Prosperous =-.


    CherylK September 23, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    The floors are beautiful, the kitchen is gorgeous! I can see how it would be hard to leave. But you’re even happier, now, so that’s perfect. Listening to the heart is brilliant. I’m going to do that more from now on.
    .-= CherylK´s last post…Lensography of CherylK =-.


    Jocelyn of I TAKE OFF THE MASK September 23, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    The heart can really do amazing things once set free and allowed to do its wonders! What a lovely place you’ve got in there ;-) The last time my heart danced was when I was in vacation at Sydney, even though I was alone exploring the city, I felt guided, I felt everything I needed was being provided to me. I also felt like a child again, lost in the wonders of a new world before me.
    .-= Jocelyn of I TAKE OFF THE MASK´s last post…What If I’m Afraid to Love? =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    Hi Megan.
    How can someone as gorgeous like you not dance. I had to laugh how you too had been waiting to be asked, I can relate to that.
    And Megan, you do not need a sign to keep dancing, just keep doing what feels good to do and keep swaying to the music.
    I am sure that you will strengthen your heart that way, you will uncover more passion that way, just like that has happened to me.
    It is amazing once you start you get bolder and bolder and soon you will dance full out.
    People will see you and watch you and come and dance too.
    Thanks for picking up on the love and on the hope that unfolding possibilities are.
    Hugs to you, Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    diantha September 23, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Ah, the heart leading the mind! Love it! It does make for a beautiful dance of life! Thanks for sharing your story and the photos of your awesome creations as you dance through life! A wonderful example of how to live well and “in the flow”! Blessings to you in your new home! xo


    Mary B Sheffield September 23, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    This is an awesome view on life. To dance to your own heart and have such a wonderful partner to teach and lead the new dance . Such a strong presence and a wonderful new life of adventure.
    Wilma I could read your words for hours. The rythm of your writing is
    truely a gift .
    Thank You Tess for sharing the magic ! :)
    Mary Beth


    suzen September 23, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    Hi Wilma! I can just see you dancing on those beautiful floors! I love the way you told this story – I SO enjoy your writing! It is a very liberating experience to let the heart lead instead of the mind. I’ve had the most beautiful days, the most creative ideas, and the most soulful laughs whenI let the heart drown out the monkeys in my mind!

    Tess, love the blog – and your choice of guest blogger as well! I’m in!
    .-= suzen´s last post…Affirming Appreciation and Respect =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 8:22 pm

    Ah Cheryl, it was so much fun creating and I could not believe the results either. But you know, creating that results was so much fun that in the end the results were great but not all that important to hang on to.
    What all this has done, it has given me every confidence that I can make a wonderful place again.
    Your remark “listening to the heart is indeed brilliant”, is an essential point and you got it in one.
    It is brilliant because it creates beauty AND it has given me the confidence NOT to cling to material things.
    The heart is not fearful and does not know of lack. It knows about beauty and wherever it goes it knows that it can create beauty . . . AND my heart and I have!
    Look where we live now!
    I am blown away by the whole process and how going for what you love without being stingy with your efforts, your design ideas and the choice of materials, always seem to work out for the better in the long run.
    You said it and I agree, listening to the heart is brilliant and you are brilliant for picking that up.
    Love Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Hi Jocelyn,
    Oh you must have had an amazing time in Sydney. Children’s hearts are still strong and don’t they enjoy the wonders of this world. If we can get our adult mind to follow the guidance of the heart, life can become how it is meant to be.
    It took me a while to understand that though until I realized it was NOT all about behaving like children, it was accessing the heart as children can do so well AND moderate the mind chatter so it did not kill off the heart’s contributions. It is indeed about freeing the heart and making it strong again after its abuse from all the minds around it.
    It is then that we see possibilities because the heart can go to places the mind can never go. The mind is like an overprotective parent who will spoil all explorations and adventures.
    I would have missed out on so much if I would have let the mind call the shots.
    I can see that you get that and as a result you did Sydney justice. I bet you have got some marvelous photos to share as well.
    Let’s rock on, Jocelyn, heart first and mind as a good servant.
    Hugs Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Ah Diantha, before when people talked about the flow, I thought WHAT flow! But now I know and it is only consciously accessible when you dare to let the heart speak up. It took me a while to get the heart strong though, before all this my mind had been firmly in control most of the time.
    I think the fact that I loved nature as a child has saved my heart from totally shriveling up and now having so much nature around me gave it such a boost that it could quiet the mind and go for what possibilities it saw.
    Thanks for your blessings on our dance and this new home. May they come back to you and shower your dance with love, hugs Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Oh Mary Beth, this new view has certainly changed life.
    The things a heart can see that are closed to the mind!
    That is why playing with children is so much fun, if you let them they take you into a fantasy world that is awesome.
    When John and I were beautifying the house we had so much fun playing around with the possibilities, the whole process felt light as dancing.
    And although we had the usual mess renovation creates, somehow it didn’t bother us and we flowed through.
    Oh life like that is so beautiful and thank you so much for sharing in my delight and your generous words about the writing.
    It looked like our hearts danced together via the story, lots of love, Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 9:04 pm

    Hey SuZen, no surprise that that dancing on the wooden floors speaks to you. I think we could have had a good ol time, you and I dancing in candle and moon light on that very floor. Moon made that wood absolutely magic too.
    It is indeed so liberating to let the heart speak, it liberates us from the restrictions we have slowly accumulated over the years and which have become so invisible to us.
    That bugged me so much, I had no idea how much of a spoil sport my mind had become and how much I could have missed out on, if I had not caught it in time.
    I would have had so much regrets on my death bed, oh, I shudder when I think about that, so I won’t.
    The funny things is letting go is not hard when the heart is at the helm. It is the mind that wants to cling to people, things and thoughts and thinks you can never do anything again that well.
    Man, is that dibilitating or what?
    You got it sister, liberating it is and drowning the monkeys in the mind.
    Big hug to you SuZen, also for your praise about my writing, Tess knows how much that means to me.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Barbara Swafford September 23, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Hi Tess and Wilma,

    You gals are a winning combination.

    This was such an enjoyable story to read. I love how you and John created a home filled with beauty, one step at a time, and then realized it was time to start anew.

    With all of the love you put into your projects, you also created a home with good karma. I’m guessing the new tenants also feel blessed.
    .-= Barbara Swafford´s last post…When Real Life Friends Don’t “Get It” =-.


    Jodi at Joy Discovered September 23, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    Hi Tess, thanks for showcasing Wilma today!

    Hi Wilma, fantastic post! I love your story and how you told it. It is so funny how differently our mind and heart speaks to us. The more we can recognize which voice is which the more I think we learn to follow our heart and the more we have a life that is all about love and beauty, like yours! You and John have wonderful design taste!! Those pictures of your house are gorgeous. As for me and my dance…I’m doing it, for sure, but I am still reserving it for sanctioned times in my day or week. Eventually I hope to be dancing through my entire life. It’s slowly becoming more natural.
    .-= Jodi at Joy Discovered´s last post…Expressing Thanks =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    Hi Barbara
    Yes the tenants do appreciate the house and they are absolutely lovely too. When we could not sell the house, my mind had the most upsetting time about renting it out. It had all kinds of scenarios and all of the worst kind of course.
    But you are so right, the love we poured into that house attracted love and now they enjoy the house like we did.
    So interesting to see that work in your own life.
    And you are attracting the same with your blog, Barbara, the love you pour into that is sure attracting me!
    May we keep going on pouring love into what we are doing and keep attracting, as I do believe that is the real thing behind the law of attraction. Be love in action.
    Lots of love and hugs, Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 23, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    Jodi, you deserve to dance all the time, you are build for it and I am sure you will.
    The difference between the heart and the mind speaking is quite distinct, I have come to discover. When the mind speaks you feel like a lead balloon, it always goes to a negative place, no exceptions. It will never see possibilities of the positive kind, I think hire it out to Hollywood and let it write the most horrendous script you can think of, that is what it is good for. But I will not let the mind make MY life into one.
    When the heart speaks it feels good, it makes you smile and really uplifts you until the mind interferes again.
    I have had John who could keep the heart going and speaking up, alone I still would have the carpet.
    So I know what you are saying, and surrounding yourself with loving people has certainly helped me and I know the more you dance the more you attract those people.
    You dance, Jodi, you and I keep dancing on a virtual wooden floor, together.
    Love to you, Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Walter September 23, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    My heart flows with every word I write. It is amazing what one can achieve if he/she puts his/her heart unto it. You’ve got a nice home, I hope your heart will find more ways to fill your new house with love. :-)
    .-= Walter´s last post…Finding myself beyond my identity =-.


    Tess September 24, 2009 at 6:23 am

    Thanks you all dear readers for sharing your thoughts with Wilma. And what lovely comments she leaves back to you. I knew you’d love her!

    We have a cottage that we’ve rented out for 12 years and nobody has left us any problems or damage. In 12 years! Then we bought a home in Arizona knowing we would rent it until we moved permanently. It took us 5 years and in that time no damage. I believe we get what we give and that’s why we continue to get respect and appreciation! I love the photos and I’m coming to New Zealand to visit in the next 5 years!


    janice September 24, 2009 at 6:35 am

    I enjoyed this Wilma, not just because of the lovely writing, but because my heart voice is a great guide, too. She whispers such sense!

    I’m having a day of spookily timed blog reading; we’re currently in the hugest possible mess as we prepare to lay a new wooden floor throughout the whole house. This post reminded me that although our new floor may make my heart sing and dance for now, the music of life is always changing so it makes sense to sing and dance while we’re inspired.
    .-= janice´s last post…101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters =-.


    Nadia - Happy Lotus September 24, 2009 at 9:30 am

    Hi Wilma,

    What a great story. The pictures are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. It is wonderful that you and John are loving your lives and living in a manner that brings you joy. Yay! :)

    Being the flow is a way of life for me. Yes, some days are easier than others but for the most part, I truly love life every day. It took me a long time to get to this point but as a result, I really do what I can to live my life in harmony with my truth.
    .-= Nadia – Happy Lotus´s last post…The Diamond In You & How You Can Never Be Threatened =-.


    Joy September 24, 2009 at 11:19 am

    My first thought was boy I wish I knew John–bet he could turn my boat to the treasure she longs to be:)
    Honestly, I read your post yesterday with tears streaming down my face so I had to go. And let it be part of what I needed to process for the day.
    Just as beautiful reading it again today. Love jumps out from the page/computer and is all around. I can envision the joy you have experiencing life together. The faith to step out together, the beauty you create together. My heart dances with you. Many blessings to you both….
    I was touched because love stories do that to me–pull right at my heartstrings. But also because I can identify. I had that love, a gift from God. I enjoyed it for the blessing it was then deflected it. Huge lesson on being a good receiver….Today I am thankful to have experienced it and I let it guide me throughout each day.
    It is my wish for every person to experience a love so strong, so enriching, so healing..the world would be a magnificently beautiful one to live in…
    Thank you for sharing….and so eloquently…
    Much peace:)


    Karl Staib - Work Happy Now September 24, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Last time my hear danced was when I was working on my book. The thought flowed like a raging river, my fingers had trouble keeping up. After the few hours were over I looked up and smiled. I felt like king of the world. So infused with energy.

    My heart lies when I create. I love everything there is to developing ideas that will help people become happier at work.
    .-= Karl Staib – Work Happy Now´s last post…Reader Dilemma – Would You Lie? =-.


    Jannie Funster September 24, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    My heart did a jig, the meringue, a robust salsa and some river-dancing all simultaneously earlier today when I read the wonderful sweet blog comments that came in on my latest post. My peeps are incredible wonderful!

    Also did similar happy wiggling on my walk today, which I almost skipped out of laziness. Glad I let myself once again immerse my soul in the beauty of the shocking greens now just starting to show the teeniest suspicions of muted fawn around some edges.

    Here is where I get to walk!! http://www.janniefunster.com/2009/09/02/ridiculously-green-austins-ladybird-lake-hike-bike-trail/

    I loves my river walks, Wilma. And your floors.

    And Tess!
    .-= Jannie Funster´s last post…Jannie Funster Blog Hits The Big Oh-1! =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Walter.
    It sure is amazing when you let the heart guide you.
    It is only then that you can see possibilities that are not accessible by the mind. It is only then that you can write awesome content .
    My mind can only access probabilities and possibilities are invisible to it and too unbelievable, that makes my mind on its own a very limited ally in living a wonderful life.
    So when I cannot let my heart guide me, my mind would only come up with reasons why I could NOT write that and it will only let me go for very safe content.
    Cool to see that we are on the same wavelength, I sure find it encouraging.
    So thanks a lot for this encouraging comment as it gives me faith that we soon will get to the 100th monkey to tip the world into a heart centered one.
    Hugs to you Walter and the monkey is not meant litterally but I guess you know that :)
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Hi Tess.
    As you all can tell I am having a great time here. I too am blown away by the responses as I do feel the heart of the post is being heard and that makes me so joyful and extremely greatful to you all who are commenting.
    You have no idea how this makes my heart sing, it nurtures it so much and it encourages me hugely.
    So thank you all and thanks Tess for giving me this challenge.
    I did spend a few sweaty days thinking and writing this, I’ll tell you.
    What I am getting from what is showing up here is that for a lot of us the heart is opening up.
    That means a lot as the heart is the only one who can change the world.
    The mind is not capable of seeing a possibility beyond what is currently in place but the heart certainly can. I cannot wait!

    Yes, love has no enemies, love commands and love attracts love.
    As we are all particles of a loving source, we are love and so is everything and everybody else. So as we respond to likewise, so will everything respond to love.
    It is that simple actually and yet not easily practiced in this mind dominating world. But when you do, the results are showing up like what is happening to you and your cottage.
    You are such a champ like that and your book is a great testimony as well.
    You rock Tess, and hey I cannot wait to have you visit us and dance together in this piece of paradise.
    Thanks again Tess, and a BIG hug to you.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Janice.
    You are creating a mess and a miracle at the same time, wooden floors thoughout the whole house without getting insane, yummy.
    And yes sing now and never ever let the mind spoil those glorious moments by thoughts of losing it.
    That has been an interesting observation throughout the whole process, to enjoy the journey of life and creating beautiful things and yet being aware of letting them go with ease when the flow of life calls for that.
    That has been a massive learning throughout this experience and I only really got to understand it by doing it.
    Knowing how to create without attachment to the result has been so powerful.
    I love that you picked that up from the story, it makes it more visible for me too.
    So thanks very much for your enrichment, Janice and have lots of fun with the floors. Love Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    Hey Nadia, it sure is a process and a journey of awareness increasing experiences to come to this point.
    What I got to see is that at some point you have to bite the bullet and ‘go do it’ to get a feel for how it is to live this way. Nothing else will do it and that is where I got the trembling at the cliff from, because sometimes doing it made me feel that way.
    But once you are getting a whiff of the flow you can do it more consciously and you know the trembling is part of it.
    For me the whole exercise has definitely strengthened my heart.
    I also start to realize that living this way is an inspiration, I love to read for example yours and Tess’ and many other people’s stories as they do inspire me to carry on.
    And it works both ways.
    By doing it and telling it, I get encouraged by the comments to keep going and soon the world will see that living from the heart is possible and wonderful as so many of us are showing it to them.
    Love in action always creates a win:win and harmony and I adore that too.
    Nadia, thanks so much for joining in, lots of love to you, Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Joy, you did it again. You always leave me speechless, with your own posts and now with your comment.
    You let me see the post through your eyes and I thought ‘wow’.

    Yes John and I are a mini loving community and if that could spread to how we all live together, our world would be heaven which I am sure is the intention all along.
    The world is too beautiful to have it as a waiting station on the way to heaven. Who wants heaven when you can see the world in all its glory from a place of love.

    Deflection, yes and I am watching that as well as the mind has been too long in power and the heart can still be timid at times. But having experienced it and knowing the consequences has made me more vigilant too. Thanks though for putting that in the equation as I do have to be mindful of that.

    You would love to have John there. John has built his own boat and sailed for 4 years in the Pacific, going from New Zealand via the Pacific Islands to Alaska and Mexico all on a 38 footer.
    That experience in his twenties made his heart so strong that he knows how to live from being love in action. His heart never got corrupted by manufactured identities that aim to have things to have that made up identity survive.
    I am so glad for that because I am getting the benefits by watching and learning.
    Your story, Joy, leaves imprints on hearts, must be a sailor’s role. I loved David Lewis as well, he was inspiring as nobody’s business and so funny to boot. You have never seen a more unlikely man to do what he did, so unpractical and yet he went from adventure to adventure.
    We are all going in the same direction, heaven on earth and sail on, Joy, sail on.
    Lots of fair winds and hugs, Wilma.
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 4:04 pm

    Ah Karl, when the heart chooses it is amazing how much energy that activity generates rather than takes.
    Doing mind stuff in Beta state is extremely tiring and the contrast of being in the creative flow is amazing.
    But daydreaming during work is NOT allowed, taking time off in nature is NOT showing how productive and an active citizen you are.
    Over stimulation is keeping our mind firmly fed and the heart undernourished and then we wonder how we have gotten ourselves in such a mess at work and at home and do weird things as expecting employees to lie for us.
    But the issue is that the heart is NOT as articulate as the mind, the heart feels rather than has eloquent reasons for its directions.
    That is something we have to work around, make the heart strong so it can stand it grounds even when it can not defend its case in court as well as the mind can.
    Thanks Karl for adding to the case to make the heart strong. We can sure do with that. Love Wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


    Wilma Ham September 24, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    Hi Jannie
    Isn’t it wonderful when people are prepared to share the love and comment.
    I know the feeling as many of us do, no doubt.
    I had a look at your river trail, wonderful, how can you NOT want to go out and enjoy the body doing its thing.
    It is amazing how being surrounded by nature can stimulate the senses and speak to the heart.
    I have noticed that living here certainly pulls at the heart strings and is making a difference. There is a lot less ‘must’ and ’should’ going on and as Karl has noticed too, it is energizing to boot.
    Keep on enjoying your park to the full, it is the environment the floors came from. Hugs wilma
    .-= Wilma Ham´s last post…When the heart guides the mind, the dance can begin. =-.


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