10 Tips To Living A Big & Bold Life

by Tess

If you find yourself envious of somebody and think, “Oh I wish I had their life” or “They’re so lucky look at what they get to do for a living” then it’s time you get braver and bolder and figure out a way to do what you really want to do.

What keeps you from taking risks? What stops you from stepping out of the mundane and going for something that makes you feel more alive? This doesn’t necessary mean you want a different job. It could mean you want to change the way you spend your free time or the relationship you’re in. You may envy people who are eating healthy and working out. Now is your opportunity to go for the bold. What have you got to lose?

Living a bold life means being uncomfortable, taking risks, creative challenges and detours in life. If you want live a bold life you have to think big and dare to take action to do things differently. Each step you take and each change you make will offer you a lesson, increased confidence and energy, and a life that’s more fun, interesting and meaningful. This is your life. This is your time to decide. It’s my pleasure to guide you!

1.  Change one thing in your daily routine. It’s been said before you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results. Small steps are always a good way to begin. For example, get up and go to bed an hour earlier, eliminate bread and eat more fruit. Save $5 daily. Take a new route to work. Change the way you wear your hair. It’s these small changes done 365 days a year will add up to big changes.

2. Introduce yourself to someone bold, someone you admire. Choose someone who has bold qualities (daring, spontaneous, outrageous, brave, and confidence). You will that notice bold, live-out-loud people, think, talk and do things differently. Watch how they never miss an opportunity to introduce themselves to someone or offer compliments. I guarantee you they also have a strong hand shake and a big smile. Bold people are inspiring. They are guilty of being outrageous, gutsy, and daring. They participate in unique things. They believe in themselves and they believe in their dreams.

Bold people can be friends, family, authors, artists, infopreneurs, bloggers, inventors and engineers. You find them on TV, the internet, advertisements, books, movies and videos.

3. Don’t hold back. It’s so easy to pass up opportunities out of fear of rejection. Ask for the date, give an apology, lend a hand or volunteer. If you want a referral, ask. If you want help ask. If you want the job, ask. If you want to try something, dare. People want to know you, help you and be a friend given the opportunity. Make a list of things you hold back from. Pay attention to the lost opportunities when you hold back. 4. Don’t take things personally.

Learn to take constructive criticism. Bold people not only handle it they want it. Think of it as free help or advice that will put you further ahead. You don’t have to always agree with it, however, if you are willing and open to ponder it and get the lesson you will soar!

5. Do one bold thing everyday. Be the first to say hello. Make the cold call. Sign up for a workshop. Flirt. Attend a new event. Try a new food. Talk to your boss. Express yourself. Do one fearful and/or out of your ordinary thing daily. You will build courage and confidence each step of the way.

6. Learn something new daily. America has 16,543 public libraries, each contains a wealth of resources. You can search any topic online and find workshops, ecourses, videos, books and magazines. Choose a topic you are curious about or interested. Learn to paint, cook or speak a foreign language.

Is there something that would help you in your work that you’ve delayed learning? Learning new things keeps us active, alive, interesting and fun. Learning keeps us younger and helps prevent memory loss. Write down everything you’ve learned in the last six months. Learning new things will help you change and grow. Bold living requires keeping your mind open to new opportunities and new experiences. 

7. Decide what you want for your life. Create a list of people you want to meet and places you want to go. List the habits you want to quit and the habits you’d like to gain. List the skills you’d like to have and the methods you need to learn them. Decide on volunteer work you’d like to do or how you would like to give back. List your dreams that have come true and milestones you’d like to reach. You can record all of these and your progress in a journal on or off line. There is power in writing things down. It makes it real!8. Keep Your Commitments to Yourself & Others.

8. Keep Your Commitments to Yourself & Others. It’s easy to give up when things get tough, when you don’t see immediate  results. Be prepared for moments and days like this. Don’t ever give up on yourself or your bold life. Take 100% responsibiliy. Write down all of your commitments, both to yourself and others. In our busy world it’s easy to forget what we promised somebody.    

9. Believe in yourself. Add up your successes over the years. Refer to this list when you become fearful or lack faith. Trust your gut. Look for signs. Seek adventure. Gain the support of other bold people.

10. Mistakes make you stronger. You are human you will error. Making mistakes doesn’t mean failure. Not trying at all is failure. Learn from your mistakes the first time. Then they won’t be repeated.

Bold people are not weighted down with fear, worry, ruts and routines. They know it’s their responsibility to make their exciting, meaningful and enjoyable…a daring adventure.   

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Lauren April 5, 2010 at 4:48 pm


Very awesome! Living life in the BOLD! My favorite part is about observing bold people – people who are willing to live larger than life. And your invitation to us to do something bold daily!

I do tend toward the bold somewhat and although there are moments I think: “Oh Jesus, did I just say – or do -that?” I wouldn’t change it!

I want to live fully and embrace all that life has to offer. I want to live large!

Excellent topic – well done!


quickbooks remote hosting April 7, 2010 at 4:38 am

Hi, I just wanted to comment on the first blog post you wrote (this is the first one, yes?). You write amazing now and you wrote really well then. I love this list and reading this was very inspiring for me. My favorite line has to be “you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results”.


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