Digging Deep: Interview with Fran Sorin

digging deep fran sorin

Today, I interview my good friend, Fran Sorin. She is the author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening. Enjoy! TBL:  What inspired you to write Digging Deep? Fran Sorin:  I was on all fours in the garden weeding one day when out of the blue, I realized that the transcendent state that ... [Read more]



Life becomes less of a struggle when you realize that not everyone will like you and not everyone has your back. There will always be naysayers. Trying to figure out why is a waste of time. Trying to change these two facts is a waste of energy. I got pregnant when I was 17 and married ... [Read more]



Courage is a choice that requires action. Courage quotes will inspire you to do just that! You can't overcome fear without moving through it. Begin to think of yourself as courageous. When you're afraid to move forward, remember the times that you've overcome difficult challenges. Give yourself credit. Use the same strength to make courageous ... [Read more]

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How To Triumph Over Fear


Are you tired of living in fear? Are you ready to put your energy, time and effort into living a meaningful and successful life?  When you positively change your relationship to fear, your world becomes brighter. You have access to more opportunities and you have time to do what matters the most. When you are ... [Read more]


11 Ways To Be Fearless and Live Your Dreams


Are you so busy doing what you have to do that you don't get around to doing what you want to do? Do you allow time for wonder and spontaneity? Do you make room for joy? It can be tempting to live in fear, give up on your dreams and live a life without meaning, purpose ... [Read more]


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