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Life can be simple and bold, or it can be complicated and fearful. I make the choice.

Today I chose fear

I woke up feeling tired – unwilling to move or get started.

There was no one to blame. I was responsible; I decided to hold back, get in my own way, whine, sit on the pity pot, and wallow.

It's because of times like these that I write wild and inspiring things on index cards: affirmations, quotes, and other inspiring stuff.

This morning I did the very thing I fight doing. Even though it’s been proven to help, even though it’s worked before, I still fight it.

I decided to sit with my feelings for one hour. I did nothing but breathe. I got still. I calmed my mind. 

Next, I opened a favorite book for a little inspiration and found one of my random index cards in it. Turns out it was three powerful quotes. Just what I needed.

"When you're not practicing, someone in the world is. Put in the disciplined effort. Be willing to pay the price.”

“I'm going to get it done, no matter what it takes, no matter what comes up. It's a done deal.”

“You are responsible for the results you intend. No excuses." 

When life has you down, try implementing the following steps:

Get quiet and let it be. Don't beat yourself up. Take a break when you feel discouraged or drained. Don't use force. Instead, be gentle and kind. Take time to breathe.

Bet on yourself. Bet on your dreams coming true. Bet on someone helping you. Bet on your ability to receive. Bet on the universe meeting you halfway. Bet on your ultimate success.

Believe the very best. Believe in your value and worthiness. Believe in your talent, abilities, and gifts. Believe in a life filled with love, joy and happiness. Believe it's already yours.

Make things happen. It's time to move forward. Seek uncomfortable change. Move to the next level. Dare to discover new horizons. When you get to the edge, go farther. Risk.

Create your love story. Invite love into your life. Sprinkle kindness everywhere. Send loving blessings to others. Overcome fear.  Write a happy ending.  

Turn a loss into a win. Investigate what went wrong. Take responsibility. Decide what you can do differently. Choose to learn your lesson. Go in a new direction. Be confident. Stay strong.

Call in backup. Reveal your fiasco. Request a mentor. Ask for help. Receive support. Invite a fresh perspective. Get out of your own way. Breathe.

You have permission to shine. Show up. Brighten up. Use your light. Make the world a better place. Reap the rewards. Sparkle and shine!

Give thanks. Write in a gratitude journal. There isn't one excuse worthy of not shouting from the rooftop about the abundance in life that flows freely, seeping out everywhere, with more on the way. Be grateful for blessings in advance!

When you have a bad day be willing to do what it takes to turn it around. Make each day the best of your life. You have the power to do it by changing your energy, perception and actions. Let's be committed to turning every bad day into a good one!

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21-Steps to Claim Your Courage Series

Are you scared to do your own thing? Scared to ask for what you want? Scared of rejection, failure or success? Scared of the opinions of others? Scared of change? 

If so, it’s time to claim your courage and grow your comfort zone!

Everyone is afraid, but not everyone allows fear to hold them back from their greatness, brilliance and dreams. Fear is the only major limitation that stops you from being the amazing person you already are, and doing the awesome things you want to do.

With the 21-Steps to Claim Your Courage Series you’ll learn how to go beyond fear, unlock the power of courage and achieve outstanding success. And it's my gift to you! Free.

Goodbye procrastination, anxiety and playing it safe. Hello confidence, courage, liberation and freedom!

21-Steps to Claim Your Courage Series will show you how to:

  • Build a courageous mindset
  • Gain greater clarity and confidence
  • Conquer your fear of failure, as well as success
  • Change what you need to change
  • Confidently risk, act and fail forward
  • Challenge what’s possible with a mind free from doubt
  • Live boldly in the pursuit of your best life

I share with you powerful stories, exercises, homework, insights and tools that will give you the courage to speak up, stand out, claim your brilliance and take dream-building risks to seize the opportunities all around you. 

You’ll learn techniques for eliminating negative barriers and letting go of negative thoughts and patterns that prevent you from attaining your goals. You'll live the life you want to live!

All of this is brought to you in 21 small chunks over several weeks. The steps enable you to transform “what could have been” into “what will be.”

Don’t allow your fear and insecurities to block your creativity and courage. Own your power. Take a stand for greatness! 

Make a contribution and a difference. Take this journey with me toward a future that inspires, and discover all that life has to offer! Claim your courage. Sign up below. I promise you won’t regret it.

“But what if this doesn’t work? What if I completely and miserably fail? What if no one appreciates what I do and I waste years of my life trying to do it?” 

If you don’t try, you’ll never know. 

Your first Claim Your Courage Step will appear in your inbox a few minutes after signing up!

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by Tess

final retreat header blog post

You’re Invited…

Join me for the Art of Being Fearless Virtual Retreat on October 19th, 2014. I’m inviting nine like-minded people to join me for this one-day virtual retreat! 

**** Register Today And Get The Early Bird Special! ****    

It’s an opportunity to break through fear and claim your courage while receiving the right guidance and support. I’ll give you the tools you need so you can finally revel in the bold and happy life that you deserve.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Release outdated, destructive fear patterns
  • Increase your confidence and courage
  • Be wildly creative and design the life you want
  • Speak your truth and feel great about yourself
  • Claim your personal power and freedom
  • Make the impossible possible

You can have the life you want and deserve: one of courage, confidence, playfulness, meaning and success however you define it. Most of your fears place you in the future with a sense of lack. You may fear that you’ll never have enough time, money, friends, support or love.

You may fear you'll never live a bold life. You may be afraid that you’ll always be stuck in the same job, relationship or place.

 living fearless retreat

You can know…

How awesome it feels to take risks, be confident, courageous and act in spite of your fears.  You can know what it feels like to wake up with energy and do the difficult tasks that need to get done in order to succeed. 

I know that you’re worthy of your dreams and your best life, however you define it.   I know that you have what it takes to become the courageous and confident person you are meant to be!

That’s why I would love to have you join me in this retreat!

It’s a time and a place to honor yourself, go within, open up, connect with others, be seen, be heard and be accepted. 

The Art of Being Fearless Virtual Retreat  DETAILS…

The Date: October 19th, 2014, from 9 am – 4:00 pm Pacific Time

It’s a 7-hour block of sacred time that you can set aside for yourself. We will alternate between doing a series of sessions and exercises offline, coming together as a group for check-ins, discussion and support. We’ll offer each other feedback, new insights and fresh perspectives.

There are stretching breaks, writing breaks, journal prompts and other exercises you’ll love. We’ll meet in a private group via Skype where we’ll be able to see each other.

I’ve had experience leading groups both on- and offline throughout my career. I will create a safe atmosphere where we can share authentically. 

Join me and the other participants for a compelling and life-changing experience.This is an awesome opportunity to work directly with me. 


From the coziness of your own home!Wear comfy clothes, make your favorite beverage, light a candle, close the door and shut out the rest of the world.  The retreat skips the expense of a plane ticket, hotel, meals, rental car or hassle of travel.

The Art of Fearless Living Retreat is for you … 

If you want to break out of monotony and mediocrity. If you want to explore new ideas and unknown territories. If you feel jealous of others who are doing great things. If you want to take action to overcome perceived limitations. If you want to go beyond fear and pursue your dream and succeed.  

Agenda  We’ll start out with a circle of sharing: introductions, intentions, hopes and dreams. I’ll be discussing the importance of welcoming, uncovering and reframing the fear that is sabotaging your life. You’ll learn how to use fear to your advantage and how to take action in spite of your fear.

Throughout the day, I’ll be sharing 5 powerful life-changing practices to break your fear patterns.

These are the same ones that helped me get over my own fear!

You’ll have time on your own to work on the practices that I share with the group.  I’ll also talk about the importance of believing the best is yet to come and how to recognize and claim the unlimited possibilities that are available to you 24/7.

It will be a non-judgmental, relaxed and peaceful space where we can be ourselves and help each other move forward in this awesome journey!

What you will receive

  • Membership to a private Facebook group before and after the retreat ends.
  • 5 powerful, life-changing practices to break your fear patterns.
  • Exercises and writing prompts.
  • The opportunity to share, and give and receive support.
  • Wisdom, guidance and support from me.
  • A special gift bag delivered to your doorstep prior to the retreat! 

Tess-timonials Tess explores all aspects of fear, helping us understand it, challenge it, and act in spite of it to live the lives we about. With action steps and worksheets throughout, Tess provides a detailed road map to move beyond the limitations we consciously or subconsciously set for ourselves.  ~Lori Deschene

My dear friend suggested Tess Marshall to me.  Wow!  What a difference working with Tess has made!  Her skill at listening between the lines and then asking just the right question at just the right time is remarkable and revealing. Tess helps me stay focused, positive and intentional, learning and strengthening my capacity for success with every step. I value the experience and treasure the relationship. ~ LaDonna Coy

Tess, you've done it again. Your writing is incredibly inspiring. YOU are incredibly inspiring. Everyone in the world should work with you to overcome their stuck places and get moving with their happiest lives. (DID EVERYBODY HEAR THAT?!!!) ~ Megan Bord

Tess Marshall has taught me to acknowledge my fears, set them aside and let my courage and boldness shine through.  Tess is a caring and down-to-earth coach who not only encourages you to believe in your dreams, but helps you gain the confidence to believe in yourself. Thank you Tess! ~ Sandra Gardner

When love is at the center of our minds and hearts, life becomes joyful, bright and beautiful. Love is truly the answer to everything. Thank you, Tess Marshall for being there for me at exactly the moment when I needed it most. ~ Marcia Quinn Noren

Questions and Answers 

How do I learn about Skype? Go to the website and download Skype and set up your account. It's free and easy to use and there's help available if you have questions. Send me a friend request. The day of the retreat I'll call you. You click on the green button that says "answer with video."

I'm an introvert, I'm nervous about speaking in front of others. How do I get over that?Everyone is nervous the first time. You'll find everyone friendly and supportive. You'll be surprised how comfortable you feel once we get going. Trust me. Take a leap. You'll be fine.

What if I can't commit for the entire time? It's not absolutely necessary. Things do come up. That said, it's important to carve out this time for yourself in advance. It's the ultimate self care!

Will the retreat be recorded? Yes. You'll receive audio recordings after the retreat. You'll have access to them forever. It’s time to turn around and confront the things that frighten you, so that you can move beyond them.

The special price is just $97 (regular price is $149). There is only room for nine people!

Click below for The Art of Living Fearless Retreat Special Offer!

the art of fearless living retreat

Don’t let fear win. Choose to take action. Choose adventure over your comfort zone. Choose to give your attention, time and energy to your dreams! Come grow with us. You'll never regret it! I promise.

I can't wait to meet with you and introduce you to a fearless way of living. A bold world! I'd be honored to be your guide! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me! 

For more about Tess click here. Questions? Contact me.

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