7 strategies to suck the marrow out of live

It’s easy to feel like your good life is lacking in every area when you dwell on the visions of the false reality portrayed on social media and television. The downfall happens when your mind becomes obsessed with all of the fame, money, hype and glamour that you think you need, but don’t have. You ... [Read more]


6 Fearless Tips For Living Courageously

6 fearless tips for living courageously

The No. 1 reason people don’t trust in themselves, sing their hearts out, speak up, use their talents or do what they love is … drum roll please… FEAR! Fearlessness is a mind-set. To be fearless means you have faith in yourself, faith in the moment and faith in what you’re about to do. You know deep ... [Read more]


life is good

I love the company, "Life is good." It was started by Bert and John Jacobs in 1989. While living out of their van, they started hawking tee shirts in the street in Boston and along the East Coast in college dormitories. They worked hard and had good times but they didn't make much money. They continued ... [Read more]


embrace fear enjoy the ride

Everyone has fear. Some of us choose to ignore it, deny it and stay stuck in it. Others learn to embrace fear, befriend it and move beyond it. You might envy people who are reaching their goals and living their dreams. You might ask, “Why not me?” “When is it my turn?” The difference between ... [Read more]


wild and precious life

If you really want to live your one wild and precious life, you have to be bold enough to overcome fear. If you don’t, you’ll never know your strength or your capabilities. You’ll never actually appreciate and enjoy your life. When you have a fear of intimacy, success, failure, change or the future, you’re missing ... [Read more]


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