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Don't be afraid to be courageous! How often do you remain quiet when you have something to say? How often do you ignore your intuition when you need to take action? How often do you hold back when you know it’s time to move forward? How many times do you fear that you’re not smart ... [Read more]


amazing quotes on fear

If you're feeling stuck one way to pick yourself up is to read and reflect on quotes on overcoming fear. The following 21 quotes are by famous people and friends I admire. I hope they inspire you like they do me! Enjoy! 1. Fear wants us to become obsessed with some event or person in ... [Read more]


15 Ways To Show Courage

15 ways to show courage

It takes courage, commitment and determination to do what it takes to live an incredible life, filled with meaning and love. The courageous actions I’m referring to bring opportunities to change your thoughts and shift your perception several times throughout your day. They’re character building and take willingness and practice.  They support and strengthen the human ... [Read more]


how to be courageous

You are capable of leading a courageous life. You are strong, resilient and brave. It takes practice to overcome fear. It takes awareness to give up excuses. And it takes determination to move beyond obstacles and take action. There are unlimited examples of people accomplishing great things all over the internet. There are limitless opportunities ... [Read more]


positively present guide to life

A guest post by Dani DiPirro Everyone loves the idea of happily ever after, of embarking on a path of love that they hope will last forever. But whether you had to overcome obstacles to be together or your eyes fatefully met across a crowded room, what happens after that first momentary flush of love? How do ... [Read more]


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