Why Thriving Minds Rock: Interview with Martine Joseph

by Tess


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 Today’s interview is with my good friend Martine Joseph.

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I’m Martine Joseph, I’m an inspirational writer, idea maven, teacher, author, speaker and the host of Thriving Minds Radio. Four years ago, when I stepped away from a business career where I felt very limited and  immersed myself in the work I'm passionate about, my life-time struggle with depression disappeared.

What is a thriving mind and why do we need one?

Thriving minds are happy, healthy and brilliant. When you practice healthy and empowered thinking, you:  

1.   See the world with Love.

2.   Let go of all blame and guilt.

3.   Inspire yourself and others.

4.   Dare to be brilliant.

When you see with Love, you see yourself and others as Loving. An important step here is to forgive. This releases you and others from guilt.

Our minds are powerful. We are all One ultimately. When we blame and judge others, we blame and judge ourselves. When we see the Love in others, we honor and affirm the Love in ourselves.

We can master our minds. We can think in ways that invite healing, love and fulfillment. I’ve found this approach remarkably effective. There are still challenges and lessons, but I move through them more easily.

Others give us opportunities to forgive, learn and grow. They can reflect to us our own fears and limited beliefs. That’s why I encourage everyone not to dwell on upsets. We can learn from them and move on.

We are all teachers and learners to one another. By transforming our minds, we can change our lives.  
Who is 1001 Aha! Moments for?

This book is designed for you if . . .  

· You need inspiration, wisdom and healing;

· You’re healing from low self-worth, depression and/or anxiety;

· You want to express and share brilliance and inspiration;

·  You love brilliant, compassionate quotes.

Each section corresponds to a thriving mind habit. For example, in Success, Prosperity & Gratitude, you’ll find quotations on how to turn your mind and life around by practicing gratitude.

Why are we afraid to change the way we think?

We were trained to live in “survival mode” by dwelling on negative, painful experiences. This thinking stems from the primitive, limbic area of our brains.

Second, we were taught to listen to others complain. This habit deepens our belief in victimhood and struggle. Third, we were urged to fit in and not stand out.

All these habits contribute to low self-esteem, stress, anxiety and depression. When we follow our hearts and minds, we align with higher-order perceiving and thinking. We begin to think like masters.

Are we afraid of our own brilliance?

When we strive to fit in and not stand out, we may avoid jealousy and conflict temporarily. Yet suppressing who we are contributes to unhappiness and illness.

We are all gifted. Fearful people don’t realize this. When we see with Love instead of fear, we can acknowledge and share our gifts. It takes courage to step out of the known, and to think in powerful, new ways. As more people do this, it’s becoming easier.

We live in amazing times. More and more of us are daring to be authentic, creative and unique. Many of us are starting our own business or creative practice. We are not alone!

How can we learn to love ourselves?  

Affirm that you love yourself each day in the mirror. Read inspiring, empowering books and blogs. Meet like-minded people as you connect with coaches, groups and classes. Commit to yourself 100% by journaling, meditating or doing another practice 40 days in a row.

When we really know that we are Love, it becomes impossible to feel unloved or lacking in any way. We are One.

Martine Joseph is the editor of 1001 Aha! Moments and host of Thriving Minds Radio. Since her depression disappeared last year, Martine helps others to love themselves, align with healing, and share their brilliance. For Martine’s FREE eBook, visit 1001 Aha! Moments. 

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Robert February 10, 2014 at 10:50 am

What does it really mean to love yourself? It means to fully accept yourself the way you are, to fully allow yourself, to embrace yourself, to feel the essence of who you are and to be only your Self and nothing else.

You start falling in love with your Self, when you spend more time with your Self – in deep silence, in the here and now. When you let go of limiting beliefs, such as: you have to be, do, own… in order to be loved, respected, accepted…

There is nothing you have to be or do, except from being yourself. As long as you are not your Self, something will always be missing, something will always feel wrong – no matter how much you visualize, how many affirmations you use, how much you meditate… all those things are tools that can help to a certain degree, but the real transformation needs to happen from within.
Robert´s last post…9 Energy Vibrations To Completely Transform your Life


Martine Joseph February 11, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Hi Robert, I agree self-love begins from within! Getting in touch with our true Self is so important and healing. Martine
Martine Joseph´s last post…40 Day Challenge: Day 24 – Funny Poem: Faithful Hearts


Peggy Nolan February 10, 2014 at 4:11 pm

GREAT interview with Martine, Tess! Changing how we think is key to reclaiming the lives we were born to live. When I stopped dwelling in the negative, when I stopped making excuses and blaming others, my entire life changed!

Peggy Nolan´s last post…How to Create the Life You Truly Desire


Martine Joseph February 11, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Peggy, That’s so beautiful to hear about taking responsibility and seeing your life change! Feeling pain and negativity can be seen as the very first step in healing. I don’t recommend staying there for long! Martine
Martine Joseph´s last post…40 Day Challenge: Day 24 – Funny Poem: Faithful Hearts


Vironika Tugaleva February 13, 2014 at 6:30 pm

It was lovely getting to know you better, Martine! I am amazed at how similar your idea of a thriving mind is to my concept of The Love Mindset. I think the world is so ready for the idea of the compassionate warrior, the loving hero, the accepting scientist, the merger of West and East. Thank you for being that <3
Vironika Tugaleva´s last post…The Art of Breaking Silly Habits – A Story of a Plug, Wet Hands, and Living Without Fear


Martine Joseph February 15, 2014 at 8:33 am

Veronica, I love your book and can’t wait to speak with you soon at Thriving Minds! It’s exciting to follow the messages of “teachers of love” today, who are sharing unique insights on Love, self-acceptance and seeing the world with Love. To me forgiveness is a “homework assignment” on our journey to love. It need not be a struggle. In fact, it can evoke joy! Martine
Martine Joseph´s last post…40 Day Challenge: Day 28 – 25 Quotes on Love


Cathy Taughinbaugh February 21, 2014 at 2:05 pm

“When we strive to fit in and not stand out, we may avoid jealousy and conflict temporarily. Yet suppressing who we are contributes to unhappiness and illness.” – this line spoke to me. It is important to be ourselves and to not be intimidated by others. Great reminders here, Martine! Congrats on your book and your radio show!
Cathy Taughinbaugh´s last post…The World Is a Good Teacher If You Let It Be


Martine Joseph March 5, 2014 at 8:06 am

Thank you Cathy. It took me so long to realize that I simply needed to love myself and be my authentic self. I see future generations being taught this truth in early childhood, so they can live full, joyful lives without all the struggle!
Martine Joseph´s last post…Challenge Yourself! Thrive for Rich Rewards


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