The Pocket Guide to Manifesting: Interview With Megan Bord

by Tess


Today's interview is with my very good friend, Megan Bord. We met online over 5 years ago. Megan has always been a huge support to myself and my work. A few years ago, we met in California and joined other friends for a long weekend together. Megan is authentic, loving and fun. She brings joy to everyone!

Megan can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your new book?

I'm Megan Bord (by way of this blog post, it's nice to meet everyone!), and I'm an ordinary person living what I view to be an extraordinary life. I work a dream job, live in a beautiful home, have wonderful relationships, and absolutely love my life. 

It wasn't always this way, though. Before I stumbled onto the path of manifesting, I didn't enjoy life very much. It felt hard, unpleasant and like I'd never get what I really wanted no matter how hard I tried.

Manifesting showed me how to use my everyday thoughts & feelings to draw to me the things and experiences I most wanted, without having to work hard for them.

I simply think a thought, and that thought materializes in my life, sometimes within an hour or two. It's almost like magic, and for a girl who grew up watching American TV shows like Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie, that's pretty cool. 

My new book, The Pocket Guide to Manifesting, describes how easy that process is for anyone who's open to it. It's for people familiar with the Law of Attraction, or listened to Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley, etc., but perhaps still struggle with the concept of how to use their thoughts and feelings to get more of what they want and less of what they don't.

It's a fast, easy and fun read that cuts right to the chase.

If you want 2014 to be radically different and better than previous years, this book can help! 

Can you please explain what manifesting is for our readers who either don't know or who don't believe in it?

Manifesting is the act of creating something out of nothing. It works on the premise that everything is comprised of energy – you, me, the trees, the table I'm sitting at, the house I'm living in, interactions between people, etc.

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Our thoughts and feelings travel out into the world and draw to us similarly vibrating frequencies. We are like giant magnets: whatever we think about and feel most strongly about is what we will experience in our lives.

Manifesting is happening all the time, too, because we're always thinking and always feeling. Therefore we're constantly drawing into our experience the things, people and events upon which our thoughts & feelings are most strongly focused.

The Pocket Guide to Manifesting teaches how to quickly and easily get in control of that process so we can draw to us more of what we want in life, and less of what we don't. Many times people look at their lives with disdain, not realizing that they're the ones who drew to them everything they're experiencing.

That might sound dismal if you don't like what you see around you, but it's actually good news. If we're the creators, we can just as easily attract our dream life as opposed to its opposite. It's simply a matter of changing our thoughts.

What is the single most important step on can take when they want to make their dream a reality? 

Manifesting works on the premise that our thoughts become things (thank you, Mike Dooley!). Similarly, our beliefs – which are formed by repetitive thoughts and are stored in our subconscious minds – shape what we see around us.

That's because, remember, we're magnets and it's our thoughts/beliefs and feelings that attract to us the experiences in our lives. Knowing this, the single most important step a person can take when they want to make their dream a reality is to open their mind to the idea that all things are possible.

Perhaps that's not a belief that was ingrained in us growing up. Our job, then, is to change that belief. Becoming a good manifester has taught me that magic and miracles are everyday occurrences. 

If I can think it, I can have it. 

If I believe it, I shall receive it. 

Simple as that.

How and why do affirmations work?

Affirmations are a great tool when manifesting because they help us retrain our brain to become more positive. And when we're thinking and feeling positive, we're attracting more positivity into our lives.

When repeated frequently and fervently, affirmations can be used to change beliefs. Remember that beliefs are repetitive thoughts that get stored in our subconscious minds, and that affect everything we're attracting to us.

In my teens and early 20's, I held many fearful beliefs. I believed life was hard, that I struggled for money, that people would take advantage of me, that I wasn't good enough, and much more.

As a result, I experienced a range of negativity during that time period. I was robbed, my long-time boyfriend cheated on me, I worked at a job I hated, was sick a lot, got into car accidents, had to deal with highly confrontational people… the list goes on.

In my mid-20's, though, I started using affirmations to change my beliefs. I started affirming:

"People are good!" 

"I'm valuable just as I am." 

"I'm the wealthiest I've yet been and money flows easily to me."

"I am healthy, happy and my life is peaceful."

When I began using those affirmations, things changed.

Nicer people showed up and the not-so-nice people disappeared without my urging; my health improved; I was offered among the highest raises and bonuses at work year after year (unheard of for the position I held); I rarely heard arguments anymore, let alone was part of them!; and I went from being known as a solemn, serious girl to being called "The Joy Girl!"

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of affirmations. In the book, I offer suggestions on how to write the most potent affirmations to get what a person really wants in life. 

How do most of us get in our own way? 

Most of us get in our own way by allowing negativity, doubt, and fear to override the belief that everything is possible.

We allow our past conditioning to dictate our future experiences. Manifesting has shown me that's just not the way it is. I can create any future I want by focusing my thoughts and feelings *right now* on the things I desire.

Energy flows where attention goes, so it's important to keep our focus on what we want, what we like, and what's good – as often as possible.

What is the best way to get over our fear and doubts that anything is possible?

Your site is a terrific resource in overcoming fear, self-doubt, and feeling stuck. I'd also say that we can simply change our mind and decide today – right now – to be done with fear and doubt.

As Doctor Phil would say, "How's that workin' for you?" If fear and doubt aren't working anymore, ditch them.

Tess, you give hundreds of tips and offer eCourses specifically designed to help people do this successfully. Start here, start today. 

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

Manifesting is easy, fun and something that can be used in every situation in life. 

I used it when responding to this interview. 

I use it before I do my morning run. 

I use it to nab the best parking spaces. 

I use it to stay healthy. 

I use it to attract more money. 

I use it before I get in the car to drive anywhere.

People who have read The Pocket Guide to Manifesting tell me how it's filled in the missing gaps for them in terms of how to make manifesting work, and they're experiencing paradigm shifts in their lives as a result.

What do you want in life? 

Manifest it! Thank you so much for allowing me to share space here with you today!

Megan Bord is a Personal Manifesting Coach and published author. She believes everything is possible, including miracles, and that everyone has the ability to manifest easily, immediately and abundantly.

Known to her friends as the “Goddess of Manifesting,” Megan has personally manifested myriad experiences and tangible items in the areas of romance, finance, travel
and home.
She shares her manifesting skills so that all who choose may live the peace and joy of boundless possibility.

Make 2014 a breakthrough year!  Click here to purchase Megan's Book! 

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