How To Add More Love To Our World

by Tess on November 14, 2008

schoolgirls on a fieldtrip

 What is your general state of mind and mood these days? Are you sad, anxious or depressed?  Are you afraid because of the economy and your finances? I don’t know anyone who isn’t worried about their future. One of the best steps you can take if you want to change your state of mind or if you want to increase your abundance is to focus on giving instead of getting.

We confuse abundance with what we have but really abundance is about what we give. 

My friend Rachael shared with me a question she asks herself daily, “Am I “giving more” or “taking more” from world today?” She used the example of eating dinner out and leaving a generous tip. When the server picks it up he will walk away thinking happy thoughts about himself, his job and his customer. 

In today’s economy the tendency would be to tip less, I challenge you to tip a little more. It will give you the feeling that you have enough. It will give the receiver the belief that people are generous and there is enough for everyone. Chances are the server will spread that happiness to others throughout the day.  In this manner Rachael is “giving more” to the world. 

On the other hand if she justifies not leaving a server a tip that person will walk away thinking negatively and less of her. The server will have negative thoughts about his customer and will be more likely to pass the negativity on to others. Rachael would then be “taking more” from the world.  

How do want to be perceived by others?  How do you want to live. Because our world is love depleted Rachael’s intention is to add more love to the world by her thoughts and actions.  Her goal is to give more than she takes. Everyone she comes in contact with will experience more in their world becauseof her.
       How you act when nobody is watching defines your character, values and integrity.  

I believe one of the good things that can come out of our economic woes is the opportunities we will have to serve and help each other. Each one of us can decide in a personal way how we can give more than we take. Especially when our fear drives us to want too take, take, take. 

I challenge you to live like there will always be enough. This kind of faith and method of living will take you to another level in many ways, from your relationships with your family and friends to your business.
                                            What is your greatest giving experience?

My daughter Kara taught art to over nine hundred children in a low-income public school serving primarily the Latin community for a couple of years. At that particular school she painted a mural in a nearby park with her students in her spare time. She taught the importance of beauty. 

In Septembe 2001 she and the children planted trees in honor of those who died on September 11. Different classrooms adopted the trees and learned to care for them. Kara also started the schools first recycling program.  

Kara goes above and beyond what is required of her. Each student who had the opportunity to work with her was blessed.  Kara added love to a depleted neighborhood.  She modeled “more than” in an under privileged area. Kara left a legacy in very short time.  

                                                Their motto is “share the love.”

Today Kara works as a flight attendant for Southwest airlines. Their motto is “share the love.” As she does this she continues to “add more” to the world. I believe Southwest is successful due to their intention that is ingrained in every area of their business.  Today especially it’s too easy to fall into “woe is me.” I challenge you to think less about getting and more about giving.  Wanting to blame, be rescued or to feel like a victim amd entitlement is about “less than.”

The following are some ideas on how to take yourself to a new level:

Volunteer in the children’s cancer ward of your local hospital. 
Plant some flowers for your neighbor.

Buy a gift certificate and send it anonymously to a friend.
Stop talking about yourself and begin listening to others.
Share your sandwich at lunch. Give away your cookie. 
Seek three people out and praise them.
Make tipping 15-20% a habit.
Donate to a food bank.

Purchase cookies and popcorn from Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts
Allow someone to cut in front of you in traffic

Visit a nursing home.
Make a phone call to someone you’ve lost touch with.
Offer to coach a little league team.
Donate to a food bank.
Join the Red Cross.
Give blood.
Apologize or forgive somebody.
Talk less and listen more.
Clean your closet and donate what you don’t need or wear.

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    Eric Hamm November 14, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    “Am I “giving more” or “taking more” from world today?”

    What an excellent question to ask yourself every day! Wow, Tess, you’ve raised some great points and got me thinking about my part in the state of the world around me. Thank you for this! :-) Eric.


    Tess November 14, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    I’m glad I’m inspiring you for once! Oh and by the way I think you add to the world. I only know you because of your generous help for a determined blogger!


    Marissa February 13, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Tess,

    I’ve been strolling through your blog for the first time and this post particularly touched me. Yes – Smile, Share, and Listen more. There are alot of people hurting inside and I wish more people could be inspired to add more love to this world.

    People need to make it a habit to do the suggestions you mention, not just an occasional thing. BTW, that’s an excellent list.

    And I like how you used the word “legacy” in describing your daughter’s contribution. It powerfully expresses how our gifts to our community can have a lasting, inspirational impact.

    Count me as a new fan.


    Tess February 13, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Thanks Marissa! I appreciate your compliments and coming by!


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