Can 2010 Be Better Than 2009?

by Tess on December 2, 2009

Warning! My blog will challenge you to be more, give more, live fearlessly, take more chances and show up in the world unstoppable, daring and bold.

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.
Creative Commons License photo credit: ManojVasanth

This may look like a short and sweet post but answering these questions can make a huge difference in how you experience 2010.

I want you to spend more time reflecting than reading so here goes:

What was the most important thing you've learned in 2009?

What did you absolutely love about 2009?

What do I want to do more of that I didn't do enough of in 2009?

What did I do in 2009 that I'll never do again?

Please share with us an answer or two!

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    12.04.09 at 10:25 am

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    Davina 12.03.09 at 1:22 am

    Hi Tess.
    Wow, what a gorgeous sunflower! These are all excellent questions and I’ll share an answer to one: What did I absolutely love about 2009? I loved testing myself about going with the flow and taking risks. I prefer thinking before I leap and like to feel that everything is under control. That’s been less the case this past year and I’m managing it much better than the “old me” would have.
    Davina´s last post…Poem #2: Grandmother’s Spark My ComLuv Profile

    Ideas With A Kick 12.03.09 at 3:03 am

    The answer to the first one was quite a revelation to me so I’ll share it: to take my development one step at a time. If I try to do it all at once, my progress is slower than if I actually take my time with each piece. Interesting how my most important lessons in the last couple of years are mostly about growth and attitude :)

    Ideas With A Kick´s last post…Personal development ideas I can do without My ComLuv Profile

    Julie 12.03.09 at 8:00 am

    I’m sorry, Tess. I didn’t reflect. It’s all just there, right at the surface. Here’s what I’m choosing to share: “What I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of…” is give myself more of what moves me, deep within. To do that, I will need to cement into place more of “…the most important thing I learned…”, which is that it’s okay to set aside what seems so important on the surface.

    For me, this means that I’ll do more being outside in Nature, spend more time reading for escape, devote more time to working with my horses (so we can actually ride them!); this “alone” time allows me to open the floodgates, allowing me to feel all manner of inspiration that flows…and I’ll actually get more writing done on my book. It’s just how it works for me. I need to give myself space to “hear.” To do that, I need to remember that blogging and social networking isn’t a competition, that I don’t have to “keep up,” and that the more I give mySELF, the more I have to contribute. I tried doing it all, and it just doesn’t work for me. My motor moves more slowly, I guess. Or else I just have a different one. ;) Julie´s last post…A Different Thanksgiving My ComLuv Profile

    Erin 12.03.09 at 9:06 am

    You are on such a roll right now with your writing! You keep it up girl.

    Was it Mark Twain who said, “If I’d had more time, I would have written less.”? I think today’s thoughts are more powerful for me because they are pure and to the point. There is no fat and no fluff; just simple and focused. Very nice!
    Erin´s last post…Advent My ComLuv Profile

    Tess 12.03.09 at 9:35 am

    How brave and fun for you! Giving up control takes letting go of fear and there’s real freedom in that. Yeah for you.

    There is wisdom in that…I think all real change is slow. That’s why people who lose weight so fast put it back on quickly.

    I think we can all take a lesson from your plan…to do more of what moves me deep within. I think the things that seem so important on the surface is ego stuff, telling us we don’t have enough, do enough or aren’t enough as we are. Oh and can I come and ride horses…I can even help you get them ready!
    All of our motors could use a gentle, slower pace.

    I’ve never heard that about Mark Twain. I’ll have to ponder that as I write more and more. Thanks Erin for your comments and time.

    Julie 12.03.09 at 9:47 am

    PS, Tess: I’m back from my morning chores, a walk in the 37-degree air, with camera in hand. THANK YOU. ;) Although I knew what to do, YOU reminded me. So thank you. And yes you can come play with the horses and me. I’d be delighted. I just thought it was too far for you to drive. Consider it an open invitation!
    Julie´s last post…A Different Thanksgiving My ComLuv Profile

    Kimm 12.03.09 at 10:11 am

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009?
    - who my real friends are

    What did you absolutely love about 2009?
    - not 100% sure

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009?
    - more time on the water coaching and or paddling.. was sidelined a bit this year cause of surgery

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again?
    - had my gallbladder removed… emergency surgery
    Kimm´s last post…Farewell Midwest, Hello Westcoast My ComLuv Profile

    Jannie Funster 12.03.09 at 10:25 am

    Hello, my little buttercup, I mean my little sunflower!

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009?
    – that relinquishing control is really pretty easy to do, and makes for a much happier and healthier Jannie and folks around her.
    – coffee makers work much better if you put the filters in BEFORE adding the coffee.

    What did you absolutely love about 2009?
    – I was alive and muchly loved.
    –all the new donut shops I found, family owned and operated seem to be the best.

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009?
    – call home

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again?
    – have a PA in a room already set up nicely by design for acoustic concerts.
    – wear thong undies

    Jannie Funster´s last post…Getting To Know Him… Getting To Know All About A Wonderful Blogger. My ComLuv Profile

    Hilary 12.03.09 at 11:53 am

    Hi Tess.. 2009 has been a pretty odd year .. too many challenges - not of my making, a sad death, and much fun and support ..

    You can do it ..

    I loved my blog and the friends I met - it has given me a life outside of caring - my mother and my uncle

    Have a life - but that’s not down to me .. I must support my mother til her time comes

    Sadly I’ll never talk to my uncle, never find out his stories .. don’t let people go, who can tell their stories to you

    Do my best, be open, learn to meditate, get this life sorted .. my space within my house - declutter, ENJOY LIFE!!

    Love to all -
    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters Inspirational Stories
    Hilary´s last post…What Christmas memory comes back to you at the beginning of December? My ComLuv Profile

    Hayden Tompkins 12.03.09 at 1:57 pm

    “What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again?”

    Move into someone else’s home, even with the best of intentions!
    Hayden Tompkins´s last post…Engage Your Life, Rock the Universe My ComLuv Profile

    Lance 12.03.09 at 3:19 pm

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009? Relationships matter deeply. We are not an island, and when we can connect more deeply and authentically with others, it touches our own core.

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009? Take more risks.
    Lance´s last post…RAOKA: Beauty My ComLuv Profile

    Tess 12.03.09 at 7:17 pm

    When you assume things (driving) you say no before I have a chance! Did you decide on the hiking plan yet? Let me know.

    Oh yuk, I had that done like 25 years ago. I was young. An back in those days they slice you open. My scar is at least 12 inches long. I’m glad you’re patched up and ready for 2010.

    Please pass the donuts. I like Long Johns with CUSTARD filling. Hard to find in AZ. And if you really want to wear thongs. Try Hanky Panky brand (why didn’t we think of that;) They’re expensive but hey it’s all about comfort!

    You are so amazing. You just never give up and keep on movin’ forward inspite of all you’ve been through. You must have strong bounce back muscles! Thanks for being you and sharing with all of us!

    You go girl! Or should I say you stay girl;)

    You sure are clear. Watch Lance soar in 2010…..Lance wait for meeeeee….

    Helen 12.03.09 at 7:23 pm

    The most important thing I learned in 2009 is that I have gathered around me a very strong support system. 2009 has been a very challenging year for me, and my friends have seen me through. My gratitude is immense as is my awe of the power of friendship. I am filled with hope for 2010.

    Sandi Delia 12.03.09 at 8:13 pm

    Hi Tess…
    I wandered over from Megan Bord’s blog…lucky, lucky me!

    Before I answer any of your questions, I have to tell you that one of my very favorite questions is “What would you do if you were 10 times bolder?” And if you don’t have an answer, pretend you do!

    What did I love most about 2009?
    I started to question long held beliefs and cast aside those that were worn out. I’ve started listening to my soul and trusting myself. AND I started writing almost daily.

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again?
    Oh…there are lots of possibilities as this year had more than it’s share of really hard things. My dad was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in April - it’s treatable but not curable. I will never again take for granted that my parents will be here forever. I will never again miss the chance to show them how much I love them.
    Sandi Delia´s last post…Running With Scissors My ComLuv Profile

    Tess 12.03.09 at 9:06 pm

    How wonderful for you and the people in your support system are blessed by you also. If there is anything I can do for you let me know as well. I’ll be the first to say Happy, Healthy, Wealthy 2010!

    Karl Staib - Work Happy Now 12.03.09 at 9:14 pm

    I love my emotional development. I used to get very angry over little things, but I’ve curbed this impulse. Instead I take time to feel these feelings and just be with where I am at. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a great journey.

    I want to start creating products on my blog. I feel that I’m reaching a point where I can help more people on a deeper level.

    Great questions. I might have to use something similar on my blog.
    Karl Staib - Work Happy Now´s last post…I Can Solve Your Problems – Cartoon My ComLuv Profile

    Tess 12.03.09 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks for stopping by. If I can help you with your products let me know. God knows the world needs them. And you go right ahead and use my questions my friend.

    Peggy 12.04.09 at 5:34 am

    Hi Tess!

    I read this yesterday and I’ve been reflecting over my year anyways, because there are some tweaks that need to be made for next year :-) I’ll be thinking more about these questions as I sit down to write out my plans and goals for 2010!

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009? In my personal life, I’ve learned that being clear about what I want and the direction I want to move in opens up doors I never thought existed. The Universe really does conspire to help you achieve what you want most. The clearer I can articulate what I want or need, the clearer my outcome is.

    I’ve also learned that when grand babies arrive, it doesn’t matter if they’re step grand babies or bio grand babies - you fall in love hard and fast - and they simply become yours :-)

    What did you absolutely love about 2009? Meeting Olivia Grace 30 minutes after she was born. She’s almost 6 months old now and when mommy (my step daughter) brings her over, Livy raises her arms up for Grammie (ME!) to hold her. My heart melts as soon as I see her gorgeous face.

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009? Disconnect from my distractions - facebook, email, cell phone! There’s a time and place for everything and if I really want to write my books and articles, then the distractions have to go…

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again? Never? That’s such a tough word…but the one thing that I have to get better at is over-scheduling myself. I’d like to say I’ll never do that again, but I am getting better and perhaps in 2010 I will see improvement.
    Peggy´s last post…Invisible Lies My ComLuv Profile

    Julie 12.04.09 at 6:27 am

    Tess, yes you’re RIGHT! :( Not having much luck with the Internet search for maps. Wanna come do the PP trail? Means driving. :) Julie´s last post…A Different Thanksgiving My ComLuv Profile

    suzen 12.04.09 at 7:46 am

    Hi Tess!
    What did I learn the most in 09? Has to be all about the blogosphere - I didn’t know what a blog WAS til this year. WHAT an experience!
    What did I like most about 09? All the fabulous bloggers I’ve “met” on line! And also getting back to writing again - having the whole house to myself during the day for really the first time since I had kids - doing volunteer work in my community.
    What do I want to do more of in 10? Write and volunteer more!
    What did I do in 09 I’ll never do again? Loose my days, weeks and months on line and letting my life slip away! You know what they say about about too much of a good thing? I became way too caught up in blogs and leaving comments everywhere only to realize 2/3 of those bloggers never came to mine at all - I had to ask myself why - then why did it matter - then I looked at the clock and I knew! If I didn’t guard my writing time better I’d never get my book done !

    Thanks for this reflection - I thought long and hard to answer the questions, even though it may not seem like it by my answers. It is sure good to assess things this way - GREAT questions!!!!

    Now I want to hear YOUR answers! :)
    suzen´s last post…Millie Wisdom - Fa-la-la Let’s Shop! My ComLuv Profile

    Evita 12.04.09 at 10:19 am

    Oh Tess this is great!

    What did I learn in 2009? That it is possible to make one’s dreams come true and it is possible to detach ourselves from all that is safe and comfortable and venture into the unknown!
    It has been a great year, but I know the best is yet to come in 2010!
    Evita´s last post…Essential Energy with Cyndi Dale: The Dream of Love My ComLuv Profile

    Sara B. Healy 12.04.09 at 10:33 am


    Most important thing I’ve learned: Some love requires you to accept what the person can give and not what you want them to give.

    What did I love? Releasing my creativity and letting it be what it is.

    What do I want to do more of? Writing and photography and meeting kindred spirits online and in real life.

    What did I do that I’ll never do again? My mom taught me, “never say never.” This one totally stumped me:~)

    p.s. I just thought of one thing — I’ll never copy text directly from Word and put it in a widget…BIG MISTAKE:~)
    Sara B. Healy´s last post…Sitting Empty on the Beach My ComLuv Profile

    Angelia Sims 12.04.09 at 4:10 pm

    Tess, I love the inner probing of reflecting on this year. I used to say odd years were my bad years, now I know….I have no bad years. :-)

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009? I will never be perfect, but I can love my imperfections.

    What did you absolutely love about 2009? Finding such selfless love from Jason, and being able to receive that love from the changes I made within myself.

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009? Visit my family more, find the time to head home, even if just for a day. My Dad is very ill right now. I don’t want to have regrets. I leave tomorrow to see him.

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again? File bankruptcy. Fallout from divorce # 2. Never again!
    Angelia Sims´s last post…Timeless Affection My ComLuv Profile

    Tess 12.04.09 at 5:12 pm

    Sandi Delia
    Welcome, and I love that question and I think I’ll be pondering it for a while.
    Good for you for taking care of yourself.

    I know about the parent thing. My dad died in June and my mom is 89 and fell a couple weeks ago. Who knows what will happen. We’re not close in distance so I call her and my goal is to make her laugh 10 per call.
    So enjoy and love on!

    I’ve enjoyed watching you have a wonderful half year. When did we first connect. And yeah for clarity and intention.

    Oh and the grandbabies. Undescribable bliss is one way to describe it. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Mackenzie’s face. She’s 15 now and won’t becoming for holiday vacation because she’ll train for a life saving course. Happy her and sad me. I told her to stop growing at age 10 but she couldn’t resist.

    Oh and distractions? Good for you. I never got in to Facebook and just a little with Twitter. It’s emails for me. I’m going to stop as well. You just inspired me. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

    OK on PP I’ll meet you there. Day and time?

    I hear you! I’m going to be more efficient with my time on line. I read Z Habits and love his tips. I’m putting them in action. Thanks for answering I see myself in everyone. Guard time, write volunteer sounds like a wonderful life to me. Rock on!

    I can’t wait to see you soar! We all know you will my happy BB. Here’s to success in 2010, and fun, and laughs!

    Stacey Shipman 12.05.09 at 5:25 am

    Tess, great end of year questions. To answer your post title: Yes, I believe 2010 will be even better, but I always believe that each year will bring greatness more than before.

    The best part of 2009- filling in the missing link of my work and truly believing I’ve found my true calling. I have a lot to do in the next few weeks before starting the new year with a bang! And can’t wait. :-)

    All the best to you for a great 2010!
    Stacey Shipman´s last post…“Me-Time” The Last Affordable Luxury My ComLuv Profile

    Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord 12.05.09 at 9:53 am

    LOVED the sunflower image. Wow! I’ve had this on my laptop - saved and waiting to be read - for more than a day and I’m almost glad I did b/c the energy of that flower infiltrated my living space, I think!

    The most important thing I learned in 2009 was that I don’t have to go it alone in life. I can partner up with people and in doing so, my life shines more brightly. I am not an island! (But I am a woman, so hear me roar!)

    I loved that 2009 was my first ever sabbatical from “work,” and I learned that life — every day of it, if we so choose — can be FUN! I can do fun things and still live a meaningful life.

    In 2009, the thing I did that I’ll never do again is… Mmm, well I’ve learned never to say never, so that’s a trick question!

    Tess, thank you for helping all of us reflect on this past year, and for urging us to have an even better 2010. You’re awesome!
    Megan “JoyGirl!” Bord´s last post…7 Steps for Climbing the Staircase to Joy My ComLuv Profile

    Zeenat{Positive Provocations} 12.05.09 at 10:14 am

    Oh shiny Tess,
    Such awesome questions..with such a happy sunflower…my favorite :)
    OK heres me reflecting on your questions …

    What was the most important thing you’ve learned in 2009?-That there are other people in this big world who think like me and have some of the same motives :) {YOU}

    What did you absolutely love about 2009?-Starting my blog, meeting the lovely people in the blogosphere and I actually rediscovered my love for writing.

    What do I want to do more of that I didn’t do enough of in 2009?I think i need to lose more weight…havent lost enough this year ;)

    What did I do in 2009 that I’ll never do again? -ohhh…waste time…i think i have wasted a lot of time….I have already started working on that issue…will be all set by the new year..hopefully ;)

    Happy 2010 in advance sweet and shiny Tess :)
    Lots of love
    Zeenat{Positive Provocations}´s last post…RAOKA:Beauty-The Beautiful Smile Experiment My ComLuv Profile

    Liara Covert 12.05.09 at 10:17 am

    Tess, love your contribution to Megan’s blog. You remind people we do not teach with thought but by the way that you shine. That is, the level of joy, love and creativity in your life. You do not tell people something matters to them because it matters to you. Rather, as you do so well, you encourage people to reconnect to their own reality. Everyone is a master and a reflection of their inner self. You cannot make a choice for your highest good that is not automatically for the highest good for everyone everywhere. You radiate the light that inspires people to reconnect to the best in them. This is an energetic truth. Thanks for just being you.
    Liara Covert´s last post…Quicken your vibration My ComLuv Profile

    Jannie Funster 12.05.09 at 12:51 pm

    Hmmn, Tess, as I recall in Canada we did not fill our long johns with custard, well not if we could help it. And if we did, Mom would not be impressed with us. She had enough laundry to keep up with already.

    And I’ll have to check out those Hanky Pankys! Thanks!


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