Welcome Caroline from NoWordz Photography! I flew to meet Caroline after hiring her to do my new header and a photo shoot. We had so much fun it was really a big laugh fest! Today she's with us for an interview.

Caroline's blog is Whimsy Wispers check it out, you'll find a gifted photographer and artist. In fact when my daughter and grandson come for the next visit we may go back!

Tell us something we don’t know about the woman behind the camera that we love so much.

Ha…I feel like I say so much (maybe too much!) on my blog ;).  Okay, seriously…I am very very determined!  When I have an interest in something, I have to know everything about it. 

When I got my first camera, I had no idea how to use it.  I only knew how to use a pocket camera.  But I was determined to learn and know everything I could about the camera.  So I hit the books, watched youtube videos, and practiced, practiced, practiced. 

I seek knowledge and love learning new things.  I am the eternal student.  I loved school…especially late night cramming (I was in the zone).  Oh yeah…did I mention I am procrastinator?  I thrive on pressure and often leave things to the last minute!  And I love Bollywood music! 

The Bold Life: What would your business look like if you had a bold focus, discipline and passion? Is she inspiring or what. Caroline often puts music on her blog which makes it even more awesome.

What came first your camera or your blog?

My blog.  My first blog was "The Zen In You"  I started it 3 years ago when I moved to California.  I felt like I needed a place to share my views and I wanted to be part of a community of like minded people.  I have changed a lot since then and let that blog go about 9 months ago.  Now I have Constantly Evolving…it's perfect for me. Always changing.  You never know what you might find there from day to day.
The Bold Life: That's the Truth! It's what keeps us coming back for more. My creative juices flow when I'm looking at your photos and reading what about you. I want to tell the world about you. But I'll allow you…

 What do you want tell the world about your “photography for the soul?”

What I see through my lens is pure beauty and spirit.  Photography is my way of expressing the grace of this world (and people) that you can't see with your eyes.  My hope is that my photography makes you pause…if just for a moment…and breathe or smile.  I want my photography to touch your soul. 
The Bold Life: You've certainly touched mine. And I do think you captured the core of me which is beauty and spirit. It's something nobody can take from us no matter what we do.   

Tell us about your positive and powerful word for 2010. What has it meant to you in the last six months?

This year is all about blooming for me.  I chose the word BLOOM to carry me through this year…and so far, I can say that I am blooming (and so is my work). 

One thing I really wanted to do was focus on doing portraits for women.  This is near and dear to my heart.  I love taking photos of women (because most women dislike how they look in photos…and my goal is to make them  feel beautiful…to show their spirit and soul).  

The Bold Life: You found your niche and I think your work is so needed. Everyone who sees my photos wants their photo taken by you. I'm ecstatic I made that choice.

What is the story behind your daily photo?

I am not sure there is a story.  I just love to take photos and I need to keep my creative juices flowing.  It's not easy to post a photo everyday…but it's immensely rewarding.  Also. It helps me to open my creative channels and push myself. 

The Bold Life: There's the story and the lesson for those in a rut. Caroline, you've pushed yourself through labor and have birthed a new career.   

Most people fear change. You say you like it.  Have you always liked change?

I love change!  I think I have always been like that.  I think I get bored easily and like to experience new and different things.  Life is short…and change is good to mix things up.  It does not always have to be BIG changes.  It can be little things.  Like today, I wore a flowery summer dress.  I never wear dresses…it was a nice change.  See…little things.. 😉

The Bold Life: You're such an example. Hold on while I change into a summer dress as well;) This is so fun.

 You often put music on your blog. What are your 5 favorite songs of all time?

Oh gosh…now this might be the hardest question!!  I love so many songs…Well, right now here are my top five.

1. Under the milky way by The Church
2. Desperado by The Eagles
3. In God's Country by U2
4. Caught up in you by 38 special
5. My ever changing moods by The Style Council 

The Bold Life: Caroline emails me a question:

Can you add one more song? (I just can't do 5!!!) 
6. Rosemary by Lenny Kravitz

What is the last big risk you took?

Officially starting my photography business.  For so long I didn't really try to promote my work.  I feared the competition.  I feared not being good enough. I feared failure.  But then I decided..what the heck! 

Make it official…put yourself out there.  And so far, I am getting lot's of bookings and even have an Art Showing on July 1st.   So…I am following my heart…and not listening to those negative thoughts.

Thank you Tess for having me here today.  I so am honored to be part of your blog community..there is so much wisdom that you and your readers share.  It's a blessing to know you!  *mwah*  You're the bomb!

The Bold Life: You're such a Bold Life kind of person. That's why we love you! Thank you for "going for it" and brightening our world!