The 10 Most Important Bold and Courageous Steps You Can Take Today

Today is the best day of your life. It wasn’t yesterday. It’s not going to be tomorrow. It’s today, right now. You get to decide what your best day looks like. You’re the one who gets to design, live and enjoy it.

We don’t tend to think of our brand new 24 hours this way.

The Obstacles To Our Best Day

We fail to live our best day because we’re busy reaching, striving, planning or waiting for something better to happen.

We’re busy constructing and repeating stories of anger, complaints, resentment or bitterness. 

We can’t wait until we meet the guys, happy hour, the weekend or girl’s night out to begin.

We want the children to have better friends, better grades, be a member of the winning team, get into the best schools and always make us look good.

We want our spouses, partners or friends to help more, lose weight and change like a chameleon to meet our high standards.

We believe tomorrow, when we get the job, a new hairstyle or go on a trip will be better than today. We get stuck in the rut of “I’ll be happy when syndrome.”

This no way to live and deep inside, we know it

If we believed that today is the best day of our lives we’d be busy smiling, enjoying, laughing and celebrating—this moment, the small things, the big things and everything in between.

We’d grab the ordinary joy and the peace found in the present moment and run with it. We’d speak more words of love, do the most important things and let the rest go.

It’s time to let go of the pain of the past, the fear of the future and wanting things to be different. What would your next 24 hours look like if you made it the best day of your life?

Take your fear and shove it

 If this resonates with you here are some bold and couragous steps that will help you live your best life today.

Appreciate where you are now. Life is messy and unpredictable. Drop your expectations of yourself and others. Stop looking for perfection.  You’ll never get everything right. You’ll always make mistakes. I don’t know anyone who can walk on water.  You’re human.

Practice the art of allowing. Allow people and things to be as they are. Allow things to be easy. Do less and allow things to happen. Trust that things work out as they are meant to. Allow life to bring you exactly what you need. If you get out of your own way life can be magical.

Be grateful for your life and everything in it. Take time to look around and breathe in the blessings that surround you. You have everything you need in this moment.  Create a ritual. Each morning before you get out of bed count your blessings on your ten fingers. Walk with gratitude throughout this day.

Forgive everyone; hold on to nothing. Forgiveness is a process; it takes strength, bravery and time. We do it when we’re ready or when we are tired of being miserable. We all make mistakes. Look for the lesson. Learn from it. Let go and grow.

Stop looking for perfection. Stop looking for the perfect mate, job or home. Happiness comes from within. Nothing or no one can make you happy. Take 100% responsibility for life. Set an intention at the start of your day and decide to feel and live happy.

It’s all in your choices. Make life fun. Life doesn’t have to be difficult. You decide how much laughter and play is in your day. You decide if it will be light and easy or intense and difficult. Ask yourself, “What can I do to feel good today?”

Live a simple life.  

You can do this one choice at a time. Get out of debt. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. Get a roommate. Eat out less or not at all. Choice by choice you can make your life easier. You created the complexity and you can change it.

 Let go of what gets in your way. End toxic relationships. Love people from a distance. Quit an addiction. Change a bad habit. Stop bad food. Take a digital break. Spend time alone and reflect on the changes you need to make.

Love yourself up. Create the space you need to meet your own needs. Give to yourself what you want from others. Take time to meditate, pray and spend time in nature. See new things. Go new places. Fill your mind and life with everything good. 

Go out and fill your hours with everything loving and wonderful. Live your life. Don’t look back and don’t hold back. Everything else will fall into place. Live as if today is the best day of your life. Because it is.

Contact me and let me know what you think and need.  Let me know what you struggle with the most. Let me know how I can help you. I care! Tess x

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