How to Move Beyond Past Failures and Forgive Yourself

move beyond past failures


It’s time to forgive yourself and move beyond past failures!

In order to focus on where you want to go it’s necessary to free yourself from what’s holding you back. Without knowing it, many people hold themselves prisoners by staying stuck in their past failures.

They beat themselves up and relive their mistakes, again and again. They are victims of their own making and lack the self-confidence and courage to progress in life.

Don’t allow past failures to block you from your present progress, and your future abundance and success. Give yourself permission to begin again.

Reflect on the times you’ve failed in life.

Create a list. Write down all of your past failures, or at least the ones that you keep reliving. Refuse to surrender.

Begin as early as elementary school. Maybe you were singled out for failing a test. Or maybe you failed to stand up for your brother when he was being bullied.

List your failures in high school, college and everything in between. List any failed relationships, failures in raising your children, failures in jobs or projects. Write down whenever you felt like you missed the mark.

Failures are opportunities to learn.  When you learn from your mistakes, you become wiser and you change your behavior in the future.

Next write down what you learned from each failure.
For example:

When I failed at math, I took the class again and received a better grade.

When I failed at keeping a budget, I learned that I could track my expenses daily and know exactly where my money went.

When I failed at my marriage, I learned to take responsibility and change my behavior before I got involved with another person.

Write down anything you failed to learn from past experiences, and what you are still working on.

For example:

I failed to lose weight last year and I’m still struggling with obesity. I’m working on my self-worth and I’m exercising more now.
I failed to spend time with my children when they were young, I’m working on spending more time with them now that they’re adults, but my work still gets in the way.

Forgive yourself for failing.

When we know better, we do better. When we’re ready we change. It doesn’t do any good to continue to punish yourself for things that didn’t go well in the past.

Give yourself a break and move on.

Fill in the blanks for each failure.

“I forgive myself for failing at ______________ and I forgive everyone else involved.”
“I forgive myself for failing at ______________ and I forgive everyone else involved.”
“I forgive myself for failing at ______________ and I forgive everyone else involved.”

Repeat this exercise for as many failures as come to mind.
Get in touch with your losses.

It’s necessary to get in touch with the buried grief that you have from your past failures so that you can move on.

Loss: I feel empty when I think of the years I lost with my children because of my drinking and drugging.
Affirm: I’m mourning. I’m in recovery and I’m moving forward with my life.

Loss: Five years later, I still regret not getting the help I needed to make my marriage work.
Affirm: I give myself permission to forget the past and accept life as it is today.

Loss: I have a lot of regret because I stayed in a dead end job because I was unwilling to take a risk and move on.
Affirm: I give myself permission to dream again. It’s never too late to change.




Concentrate on where you want to go in the future.

Once you have forgiven yourself you can focus on what to do next. You get to start with a fresh canvas.

Just remember that the choices you make today create your tomorrows.

Fear of failure is about the future. Remind yourself that you are good enough. You are trustworthy. You are okay.

Answer the following questions. Don’t be afraid of them. You can’t get them wrong.

Who would you like to become? What do you want to create? How do you want to contribute?

Give yourself some time and space when you find yourself afraid of failing again. Give yourself a break. What’s the worst case scenario? You’ll most likely live, learn and get through it. Life will go on. It always has and it always will! 

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