Together We Can Make the Impossible Possible

30 Days to Bold offers you the opportunity, the tools, and the plan for you to believe in yourself, discover your innate courage, follow through with your desires and live a bold and awesome life!

If you are:

  • Hanging on by a thread
  • Tired of feeling incapable
  • Unworthy and insecure
  • Sick of being stuck in jobs, relationships and routines 

  • Doubting, missing out and holding back 

Hang Out With Me For 30 Days And Turn Your Fear Into Adventure!

I believe in you. I'm here for you. I support you. 

It doesn't matter how fearful you are, what has happened in your past or how many times you've failed before.

I have created this course because I want to offer you the help and support you lack, the expertise you're unable to find and a supportive community to embrace and help you grow. 

  • You can eliminate the baggage and blocks that hold you back.
  • You can be wildly creative and amazingly brave.
  • You can fill your life with  love, passion and meaning. 
  • You can believe in yourself and design the life you want.
  • You can learn how to be confident and stand in your strength.

  • You can speak your truth and feel great about your self!

This is your opportunity to become bold in the face of your fears and finally learn to:

Be A Mover. Shaker. Risk Taker. 

  • Venture beyond known territories
  • Navigate uncertainty 
  •  Make clear headed choices
  • Live in a peaceful positive state
  • Manage overwhelm
  • Make difficult choices with ease
  • Find solutions and do the impossible. 

The world needs your gifts and talents. It's your time to shine! One of the worst things we can do is dare to dream big and then hold ourselves hostage by clinging to our same old routine doubts, habits and fears.

With 30 Days of Bold You’ll Discover How To:

  • Get clear and commit to what you really want for yourself
  • Make fear work for you instead of against you
  • Go from imagining the worst to expecting the best 

  • Unearth your innate strength and freedom
  • Find a sense of safety while living in a world of fear
  • Step beyond your limitations and experience your true self 
  •  Be confident. Live without apology, explanation or apprehension.

Please don't give up on yourself …

  • What if you could turn worry into wonder?
  • What if you could turn clinging into detachment?
  • What if you could turn isolation into connection?
  • What if you could turn judgment into acceptance?
  • What if you could turn your reaction into a response?
  • What if you could turn your sadness into gladness?
  • What if you could turn your striving into thriving?
  • What if you could turn your competition into collaboration?
  • What if you could turn your procrastination into fearless action?

We’re going to show you EXACTLY how you can be THAT Bold!

Who this course is for? You. Yes. You. 

  • Anyone who is tired of false beliefs and facades and wants to live authentically. 
  • Anyone needing practical tools and concrete tips on how to grab hold of their fears—with a sense of power, excitement and bold.
  • Anyone who is interested in joining a community of people who are not waiting for “someday” to change their lives.
  •  Anyone who wants to overcome excuses, rejection and failure, and move from victim to creator.
  • Anyone who wants to loosen the grip of doubt and tap into their inner resources.

  • Anyone who is sick and tired of paralyzing fear and is ready for success, love and happiness.

This Is What You’re GETTING In 30 Days of Bold…

Every Monday you’ll receive directions in your inbox, with tools and techniques for rolling with comparison, rejection, attachment, grasping, desperation, jealousy, struggling, straining, demanding, and plotting. All those egotistical ways we self-sabotage.

30 Bold Days of genuine community and connection, guidance and inspiration and resources to kick start your bold and courageous life. Learn how to remove self-imposed barriers, avoid potholes and pitfalls, make fearless choices and flex your get-up-and-go muscles.

Access to the password protected, members only page, at The Bold Life, where you have access to everything. You can come back as often as you like. Lifetime access!

A Series of Personal Heartfelt Videos by "The Fearless People,” who share their stories on how they overcame their biggest fear and tips on how you can do the same.

A Series of Video Interviews by myself, and other trailblazers who went from fearful to fearless. We  will inspire you and encourage you to move forward.

4 LIVE group-coaching Calls where I will offer guidance and answer questions.

Access to a private, life long, Facebook group, a place in which to thrive, receive ongoing positive support, discussions and for reporting brave moves.

My stories/guidance/wisdom Each week I share personal stories of difficult times, how I overcame them and achieved success.

Weekly, worksheets, lessons, activities, and encouragement for strengthening your courage muscles with small acts of bravery that will you lead to giant leaps.

Wonderful Goodies from my friends, who want to share their love and boldness, cheer you on, and contribute to your success.

Access to myself, via the private, Facebook group, where I comment and connect for throughout the 30 Days.Buy Now - Button Orange

30 Days to Bold: The week by week breakdown

Week 1: Bold: An Attitude, Belief, and Lifestyle  We begin where we are and go at our own pace. We’ll discover how to think, speak, act with courage in order to do the things we have delayed for so long. We’ll learn how to change our story, let go of limits, calm ourselves and transform our negative sense of self.  It's time to eliminate barriers, stay inspired and be unstoppable as we mold our lives like we desire.

Week 2:  Face Your Fears and Change Your Life   We’ll use the tools, guidance and wisdom needed to transform fear and doubt into powerful allies and messengers that lead to greater confidence, self-worth and deliberate action.  In a safe environment, anything is possible.

Week 3: Create Your Vision, Map Your Strategy, Take Action Plan  Our vision is a reminder of our long term benefits.  We’ll plan the steps and activities that will lead us from impossible to possible and from fearful to fearless. Finally we’ll create an action plan that will help move us forward in any area of our life. We’ll gain the skills needed to never feel powerless again. 

Week 4: The Guts to Be Extraordinary. Claim Your Power, Magic, & Genius We’ll cover how to control our response to the fears that we’ll inevitably come up against as we push the boundaries of our horizons. We’ll learn how to turn our fears into strengths as we persist in the creation of our reality. We embrace our abundance and create more love, trust, and satisfaction in life. We won't get somewhere new. We become someone new. The only thing left to do is to soar!

Days 29 & 30 Review and Wrap Up and Celebration  We strengthen our inner clarity and commitment as we become witnesses to our success. We honor ourselves with appreciation, commemoration, and gratitude. We are impressed by the gap between who we used to be and who we are now.

Connect. Share Receive a Ton of Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Support 

5 Reasons to Buy the Course 30 Days to Bold

1. This course is interactive. You will be part of a community where we’ll create the essential space for honoring and recognizing who we are now and who we will become. We’ll build a solid foundation for a bold life.

2. You can’t think your way out of fear. You must act your way through it. With a ton of roll-up-your-sleeve support you will free yourself from the mental prison fear creates, tap into the power to resolve scary situations head on and take action.

3. 30 Days of Bold is straight forward, and rooted in reality. In this invigorating and inspiring course, we share profound lessons of courage that provoke thoughtful self-examination that will help us learn to trust and unearth our brave and fearless self.

4. Through this course you’ll discover how to cultivate courage by getting clear, creating your vision, mapping your strategy, and establishing your action plan. You will learn how to live boldly and be in the world in a bigger way.

5. So Happy Together. In 30 Days of Bold, each day is an opportunity to surround yourself with people who will encourage and celebrate your growth. The opportunity to create friendships and partners is in itself… priceless! This is your opportunity to connect. Connect. Connect.

This Is My Story

My name is Tess Marshall and I’ve been where you are, and I understand what it is like to be paralyzed by fear. In the past, I made mistakes, I spent my time freaked out, playing small, denying and hiding from fear.

I sunk into depression and I hated my life.  One day when I couldn’t stand the pain, craziness or drama any longer… I reached out for help. I hired a therapist, attended a support group, found a mentor, hired a coach, and put into practice what I learned.

Little by little, I turned my life around. I created a new story. The payoff of my post-fear life… I raised my family, I saved my marriage, became a successful therapist, a coach, an author, a professional speaker, a blogger, a writer…I achieved things I never would have thought possible. 

A successful career, 20 years of experience, a master’s degree in psychology, proven methods that have worked for hundreds of clients…  This course is the culmination of everything I’ve learned. For those of you who want to know how I did it, this course is for you! 

We must start now. There is no later date. There is only now.

Want to Stop Fear From Running Rampant In Your Life?  Now You Can! 

The Fearless Contributors Welcome You to 30 Days to Bold:

Lori Deschene

Arvind Devalia

Farnoosh Brock

Leo Babauta

Tim Brownson

Angela Artemis

Mona Polacca

Jen Saunders

Sibyl Chavis

Dave Ursillo

Cathy Taughinbaugh

Jodi Chapman

Paige Burkes

Mary Ann Halpin

Victor Schueller

      Your Path to Greatness Is Waiting. Change Your Life Forever!

Register today for the 30 Days to Bold course, open your heart, and take a leap of faith. See this as an opportunity of a life time, an amazing revolution from within. 

Our session will run from February 17-March 19 (30 Days of Bold).

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It’s time to say YES to life.

Participate. Take Action. Risk Greatly.

30 Days of Bold  Early Registration – Now Open!

Life is short. The world needs your voice. Come join us! 

Become involved and live boldly. Commit to pushing through to the other side. Remember you have what it takes. You are not alone! All that is right, bright, and true will support you.

Don't forget you will receive instant access to my course, Take Your Fear and Shove It, for registering early!

Fear is the hidden, powerful factor that stops us from finding simplicity, happiness, pursuing our passions. Tess has created a tool to help you dig up the hidden fears and finally conquer them. You'll be liberated and empowered, and finally at peace. ~ Leo Babauta, Focus

Buy Now - Button Orange Bonus Gifts: With appreciation for registering I offer these bonus gifts which you'll receive immediately. 

Early Sign Up Bonus  Take Your Fear and Shove It
by Tess Marshall
Bonus # 1 (Value: $8.99) Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the Art of Distraction
by Leo Babauta
Bonus # 2 (Value: $14.95) Get the Life You Love and Live It
by Arvind Devalia
Bonus # 3 Guided Meditations (Value: $9.97)

Two Guided Meditations from her album:
1. Getting the Answers from the Wisest Person You Know
How to Get the Answers From Complicated Questions in Life 
by Angela Artemis of Powered by Intuition

Bonus # 4 (Value: $10.00) The Best Self-Reflections from 108 Bloggers
by Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living
Bonus # 5 (Value: 4.99) Tiny Wisdom on Happiness: Tips for Joy
by Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha
Bonus # 6 (Value: $8.97) How to Stop Complaining and Start Living
by Sibyl Chavis of Possibility of Today
Bonus #7 (Value: $10.00) The Manifestation Set: Gratitude + Vision + Action
by Jodi Chapman of Soul Speak
Bonus # 8 (Value: $15.50) Zen Tips: Daily Meditations for Happiness and Fulfillment
by Betsy Henry of Zen Mama
Bonus # 9 (Value: $12.99)   Mindful Living Guide
by Paige Burkes
Bonus # 10 (Value: $5.00) Abundance: Get the Life You Love and Live It
by Jen Saunders of Wild Sisters Magazine


Bonus #11 (Value: $7.00) Fear-Elimination Map
by Adam Sicinski


These are FREE and available for immediate download after you register for the course!

Let Me Address Your Concerns

Why should you trust me? 

I have a lifetime of experience in overcoming fear and teaching others to do the same. In my work as both a therapist and a coach I’ve repeatedly witnessed results…success.

This course goes deeper and farther than any other resources I’ve seen on the topic of fearlessness. I’ve compiled all that I know and practice myself, and now share it with you!

Can I afford it?

Think of this as an investment in your future. How can you not afford it? It’s a small price to pay for a life of awesome. Skip date night and change your life today. It’s that easy. I offer a money back guarantee…you can’t go wrong!

Do I have the time? 

Busy? No worries! Every Monday you get the lessons for the week. If you're too busy you can download it and go at your own pace.  You will have access to the Facebook page and can participate there anytime. There are no restrictions.

Is it hard?

It’s easier than the fear-filled life you’re living now. You spend a lot of energy being frozen in fear, tossing and turning at night, doubting yourself, procrastinating, and holding yourself back. That’s hard!

Will it work?

Follow the directions and do the exercises. I have witnessed people change over and over again. Move one step forward at a time. If you do the exercises and take action you will discover that you will think differently, speak differently and do things differently than you’ve done before.

You will make changes that last a life-time. What you learn will stay with you forever. 

Say goodbye to fear and get gutsy, daring, and bold!

Stop allowing fear to ruin your life.

If you want a new beginning and to start living the bold life you've always wanted, this is your chance.

Come. We'll move forward together!   

Buy Now - Button Orange   You were not born to be engulfed in fear or be stuck in darkness, but to claim your full potential, innate courage, and the power of who you are now.