Your Greatest Giving Experience…

We forget how much we have to offer others. Often those who have the least, you'll find giving the most. One of my favorite examples was Mother Teresa. 

When she was 14 years old, Mother Teresa had a dream while riding the train. She was told by God to build a mission in India.

She told her superiors in Rome of the dream and they asked her, "How much money do you have?" She answered them, "I have 3 pennies." Everyone laughed because they thought with 3 pennies she couldn't build anything.

The tiny nun, all four feet, eight inches of her stood up and replied, "With three pennies and God I can build anything."

Mother Teresa went on to build 517 orphanages, homes for the poor, AIDS hospices, and charity centers in 100 countries.

When you think you have nothing to give:

Give without keeping score
Give when you won't get back
Give the benefit of the doubt
Give love to those who deserve it the most
Give compassion and laughter
Go the extra mile
Make amends
Give so others feel good and believe they live in a kind world.

Action step: Do one kind act everyday, anonymously.

What has been your greatest giving experience?

Who needs you to give more?

What do they need?

When do they need it?

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